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How to Stop Birds From Pooping on My Car?

It’s seriously the worst when you’re driving along, or getting ready for your long commute to work, minding your own business, and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a bird poops on your car. It’s like, what did I do to deserve this?! How to stop birds from pooping on my car? Good question. It’s so frustrating because it’s not like you can just go to the car wash and get it off, you have to actually scrub it off and it’s such a pain. Plus, it’s really gross. Nobody wants poop on their car. It’s just not cool. Thankfully, we have compiled a couple of different methods to stop birds from pooping on your car.

There are a few different methods on how to bird proof your car and things you can do to try and deter birds from pooping on your car.


Keep your car clean

First, you can try keeping your car clean and free of food debris. This will make it less attractive to birds looking for a place to perch and eat.

I know it’s probably best to park underneath the shade of that tree that perfectly covers that one parking spot, especially on hot days. But, if bird droppings are your main concern, and every time you park underneath that tree, you find bird poop covering your vehicle by the next morning light, then maybe you should find a new spot to park in.

Birds are attracted to food debris because humans often times use it to feed them, and if they are scavenger birds, it smells like delicious food to them. And once a bird eats food, well, it has to go somewhere. If your car is clean and free of food debris, it won’t smell as attractive, and will eventually stop birds from coming around that particular area.

Also, when birds see a car that is clean and free of food debris, they may think that the car is not a good place to find food and may avoid it.

Finally, birds may be less likely to perch on a clean car because it is more slippery than a car with food debris on it. When birds perch on a car, they often leave their droppings behind. If your car is clean and free of food debris, there will be fewer places for birds to perch and less opportunity for them to leave their droppings behind.


Use bird spikes

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You can also try placing bird spikes or other physical barriers on ledges or other surfaces where birds like to perch.

By physically blocking off the areas where birds like to perch, you make it more difficult for them to access those areas. This can make it less likely that they’ll choose to perch there in the first place, which reduces the chances of them pooping on your car.

Additionally, the spikes or other barriers can make the surface less comfortable for birds to perch on, deterring them even further. This method can also be visually unappealing to birds, making them less likely to want to be in that area at all.


Try rubber snakes, etc.

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You can try using visual deterrents like scarecrows, a rubber snake, or plastic owls to scare birds and make them think twice about landing on your car.

There are a few different ways to use visual deterrents to stop birds from pooping on your car. One way is to place a scarecrow or other life-size replica of a predator like a rubber snake, near your car. The bird will see the predator and it will scare birds away from your car.

Another way is to hang plastic owls or snakes from your car. The bird will see these and think twice about landing on your car. Another way is to cover your car with a car cover net. The car cover will not only keep the birds from pooping on your car, but will also protect your car paint from other damage.

Last but certainly not least, you can purchase commercial bird deterrents that release a loud noise or spray water when they sense movement. These will effectively keep birds away from your car, but won’t make you popular with the neighbors.


Try a new paint job

Think about getting a new paint job

Some bird experts believe that bright red cars attract birds more than other colors of car since the color red is often associated with food. Red cars attract more attention than any other color in traffic stops as well, so this line of thinking makes perfect sense. So, if you’re worried about birds colliding with or pooping on your car, you might want to consider choosing a different color!


Maintain with car washes

If all else fails, you can always just wash your car regularly to keep the poop from building up!

While this method may seem like the defeated approach, regularly washing and cleaning your car comes with its own set of advantages.

Cleaning your car regularly helps keep your car looking its best, which can improve its resale value. It also helps prevent corrosion and rust, which can damage your car over time. Regular cleaning also removes dirt, grime, and other debris that can build up on your car’s surfaces and cause wear and tear on the car paint job.


How to remove bird poop

There are a few ways that you can remove bird droppings from your car:

1. Use a wet rag or sponge to wipe bird droppings away.

First, you’ll want to make sure that the bird poop is wet. If it’s not, you can either wait for it to dry or moisten it with a wet rag or sponge. Next, you’ll want to take your wet rag or sponge and wipe away the bird poop. Be sure to do this carefully so that you don’t spread the poop around or get any on yourself.

Sponges or rags that are absorbent and have a rough surface work best to remove the poop. You should avoid using anything that is abrasive, as this can damage the finish on your car.

To remove the bird poop, gently scrub the area with the sponge or rag until it comes off. If necessary, you can use a mild soap and water solution to help loosen the bird poop. Be sure to rinse the area well after cleaning to avoid damaging your car’s paint.

2. Use a mild detergent or soap and water to remove the bird poop.

Many experts recommend using a mild dishwashing liquid to clean the bird poop with as this can be effective in breaking down the proteins in bird droppings, making them easier to remove. In addition, always rinse the area well with clean water after using any cleaner to avoid streaks or residue.

3. Use a commercial cleaner designed specifically for removing bird poop.

There are several bird poop removers on the market specifically designed for cleaning cars. These products usually come in a spray bottle and can be easily applied to the affected area. Some popular brands include:

  • Mr. Clean AutoDry Bird Poop Remover
  • Armor All Bird Poop Remover
  • Turtle Wax Bird & Bug Remover
  • Rain-X Spot Free Car Wash
  • Meguiar’s Quik Detailer Cleaner Wax
  • 3M Perfect-It Shampoo Plus
  • Sonaxbird droppings remover gel
  • Autoglym tar and glue remover
  • Gunk engine degreaser
  • WD-40 specialist spot blaster + trigger

4. Use WD-40 or another type of lubricant to loosen the bird poop so that it can be wiped away.

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There are a few reasons why WD-40 type lubricants can be effective at loosening bird poop before wiping it off your car. The main two reasons are that the lubricant can help to prevent the bird poop from sticking as strongly to the surface of the car, making it easier to wipe away. And the lubricant can help to protect the paint on your car from any potential damage that could be caused by the bird poop.

5. Use a power washer to remove the bird poop from your car.

Many people have found that power washers are very effective at removing bird poop from cars. If you have a pressure washer, it is definitely worth trying to remove bird droppings from your car with it. You may need to experiment with different settings and nozzle attachments to find the most effective way to remove bird droppings from your particular car.


How to identify bird droppings

Now that you know how to remove bird poop from your car, you need to be able to identify it. Bird droppings can vary in size, shape, and color depending on the type of bird that deposited them.

The three most common types of bird droppings are:

1. White or pale-colored bird droppings: These droppings are usually from pigeons or doves and are relatively small in size.

2. Dark-colored bird droppings: These droppings are usually from crows or ravens and are larger in size.

3. Green-colored bird droppings: These droppings are usually from parrots or other birds that eat seeds or fruits.

No matter what type of bird droppings you find on your car, it is important to remove them as soon as possible. If left unchecked, bird droppings can cause permanent damage to your car’s paint.

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Why do birds poop in certain locations?

There are a few reasons why birds tend to poop in the same place over and over again. The first reason is that birds like to roost in areas where they feel safe from predators. This means that they will often choose to roost on ledges, on top of buildings, or in other high up locations.

Another reason why birds poop in the same place is because they are attracted to the food that is available in that area. If there are a lot of insects or other small animals in an area, birds will be attracted to that area in order to feed.

Finally, birds also tend to poop in the same place because it is easier for them to do so. When a bird is perched on a branch or ledge, it can be more difficult for them to move around and find a place to poop. This means that they will often just relieve themselves where they are.

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