Welcome to Millennial Homeowner

We Make Homeowning Easy

Welcome to Millennial Homeowner

We Make Homeowning Easy

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What Would Help You The Most?

House Hunting

Searching for a new house can be tiresome and thrilling.

We’ve got a great house buying checklist that will help you narrow down your house choices.

Free Moving Labels

Moving is a big deal.

Let us help you out with our free moving labels. Simply download them and print them off.

Consider it a house warming gift.

New Home Checklist

This complete and thorough checklist has all the household items you need for your new place.

Download it and get shopping for your new place!

Where Are You On Your Journey?

Saving For Your First Home

Thinking about home ownership?

Here are the tools you need to get started with your down payment and getting ready to buy your first home.

Looking For Your First Home

Already have your down payment?

Way to go! Searching for your first home can be a challenge. Luckily we’re here to walk you through it.

Budgeting For Your First Home

Ready to figure out how much house you can safely afford?

We’ll help you figure it all out with a fresh way to look at house affordability.

Ready To Buy Your First Home

Being a homeowner is fun and rewarding.

Here is what you need to buy your first house with confidence. 

Already in a house? Check out these resources

Renovations? Use this!

Starting a home renovation of any size is tricky

Our home renovation budget template can help you organize your renovation and costs.

House Cleaning Checklist

Look cleaning a house is a lot to handle.

This house cleaning checklist will help you organize your house and keep it clean.

Product Reviews

Need things for you new place? 

We’re constantly reviewing products to help you make your best buying choices. Check out our product reviews

Figuring out your budget? These can help

Rent Affordability Calculator

Whether you are renting an apartment or a house, figure out how much you need using this rent affordability calculator.

Simple Mortgage Calculator

Starting to think about a house but not sure what the deal is? Our Simple Mortgage Calculator can get you started.

Mortgage Affordability Calculator

Figuring out how much house you can afford? Use this mortgage affordability calculator to help you.