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Free Printable Moving Labels: Color Coded Moving Box Labels

Free Printable Moving Box Labels

Are you looking for some free moving labels to go on your moving boxes? We have them for you in a free download, and we couldn’t be more excited to give them to you!

The moving process brings up a lot of different costs and can be stressful. It’s great when you can find something that doesn’t cost you money, like these DIY free printable moving labels.

These moving box labels are color-coded, so you can put them on each box and track how many you have in each room with your moving binder.

That way, when you get to the new house, you easily know where each box goes, saving you time and frustration of figuring out what you packed in every box. It’s the perfect complement to your moving timeline because it makes it easier for you and easier for your professional movers.

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Video Preview of our Free Moving Box Labels Printable

Here is a quick video so you can see all the moving box labels you get in this package.


What you need to use these labels

All you need to do is print them out on Avery #8164 labels which are 3 1/3″ by 4″. You can buy these Avery shipping labels here on Amazon.

Avery Shipping Address Labels, Inkjet Printers, 150 Labels, 3-1/3x4 Labels, Permanent Adhesive, TrueBlock (8164), White

After you download this printable, you need to print them and start packing your moving boxes. Each blank label allows you to add and number them and then track them in your moving binder.  So you know you will have everything together. It’s a much nicer way to pack for a move.

Plus, having these moving box labels will make it easier when the mover pulls up in the moving truck with all your boxes. You will be able to direct them to the right place and keep track of your moving inventory, ensuring everything arrives safely and is in the right room of your house.


Which Rooms are included in the free moving label package

We’ve included the following color-coded labels to help you properly label and track your moving boxes:

  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Bathroom (1,2,3)
  • Bedroom (1,2,3,4)
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Garage
  • Basement
  • Office
  • Fragile
  • Sentimental
  • Heavy
  • Important
  • Blank

Ensure you get all of your other moving supplies, such as friends, packing tape, and scissors, and we will provide these free moving stickers.

All you need to do is purchase the Avery sheets, print them off on your home laser printer, put them on your moving boxes, fill out the contents of each box (plates, dishes, clothes, etc…), and you are good to get moving!



Fragile Moving Labels

There are few things more frustrating than damaged goods. Receiving damaged items is always disappointing, whether it’s a spilled can of soup or a broken vase. When you’re the one doing the shipping, it’s important to take steps to prevent damage. One way to do this is by using fragile moving labels.

These labels clearly indicate that an item is fragile and should be handled carefully. As a result, your items are more likely to arrive safely at their destination. Fragile moving labels are a simple and effective way to protect your belongings during a move.

Fragile moving labels

Living Room Moving Labels

Moving is stressful enough, but when it comes to your living room the process can be even more daunting. After all, this is the space where you relax and entertain guests, so you want to be sure that everything arrives in one piece. We’ve put together a few moving tips specifically for your living room to make things easier.

First, start by packing up any non-essential items. This includes things like vases, picture frames, and knick-knacks. These items can easily be packed away in boxes and moved separately from the rest of your furniture.

Next, focus on your larger pieces of furniture. If possible, disassemble them before moving to make them easier to maneuver. Be sure to label each piece so you know where it goes when it’s time to reassemble everything in your new home.

Finally, don’t forget about the little things. From cushions and rugs to lamps and end tables, taking a few extra minutes to pack up your living room properly will ensure that everything arrives at your new home in perfect condition. following these simple tips, your living room move will be off to a stress-free start.

living room moving labels

Bathroom Moving Labels

You’ve purged your bathroom of all the products you never use, and now it’s time to move. Packing up a bathroom can be daunting, but it can be a breeze with a little planning.

First, inventory everything in your bathroom and decide what needs to go in which box.

For example, put all your toiletries in one box and all your towels in another. Once you’ve sorted everything out, label each box accordingly.

For example, label one box “toiletries” and another “towels.” This will save you a lot of time and frustration when you’re unpacking at your new place.

In addition, be sure to pack any particularly fragile items, such as bottles of perfume or cologne, in bubble wrap to prevent them from breaking during the move. With a little advance planning, packing up your bathroom will be a breeze.

Bathroom moving labels

Bedroom Moving Labels

Moving is a tedious task that can be made much easier with a few helpful tips. One of the most important things to do when packing up your bedroom is to label everything. That way, when you get to your new place, you can easily find what you need and put it in its proper place.

To save time, label each box with the name of the room it’s going in. For example, put a “Bedroom” label on all the boxes that will go in your new bedroom.

You can also use colored tape or markers to designate different rooms; for example, blue for the living room, green for the kitchen, etc. Once everything is labeled, the packing will be a breeze, and unpacking will be a snap!

Bedroom moving labels

Download These Printable Moving Box Labels 

To get these free moving labels, click here and enter your email or your email in the box below.  Once you have them, you can get all of your other moving essentials. Happy packing!

free printable moving labels

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