Welcome to Millennial Homeowner

Helping Millennials Become Smarter, Happier Homeowners

Welcome to Millennial Homeowner

Helping Millennials Become Smarter, Happier Homeowners

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Saving For Your First Home

Thinking about home ownership?

Here are the tools you need to get started with your down payment and getting ready to buy your first home.

Looking For Your First Home

Already have your down payment?

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Being a homeowner is fun and rewarding.

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The Only New House Checklist You Need (All 229 Essential Household Items You Need for Your New Place)

Moving into a new house comes with a lot of things to think about. The biggest part is making sure you have every one of the house hold items that you need (aka: household essentials). This new house checklist covers everything. From the home essentials, to a list of...

House Hunting Checklist (Free Printable PDF)

When you are looking for houses it helps to have a house hunting checklist. Something you can use to evaluate each house and make sure you are seeing it with your reality lenses instead of the rose-colored ones we usually see the "must-have" houses with. Why use a...

Home Inspection Checklist for Buyers (Free Printable)

Have you ever wondered what a home inspector looks at when they are doing a home inspection? Here is a complete home inspection checklist for buyers that you can use to evaluate a house to see if there is anything wrong. Some of the items in this home inspection...

Searching for the Home of Your Dreams? Do These 8 Things First

(Hey all! This is a guest post from Roger over at Blue Water Mortgage, as someone who has built their dream home I thought this would be of interest to a lot of you, enjoy!) Searching for the home of your dreams is exciting, but also challenging. After long hours of...

30+ Luxury Custom Home Features For Your Custom Built Home

Building a custom luxury home typically means making a lot of decisions. Heated floors? Real stone countertops? Stylish clawfoot bathtub? Super-size garage? Luxury custom home features are subjective, of course, and your planning will also touch upon less-extravagant...