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Free Home Renovation Budget Template

Free Home Renovation Budget Template in Excel or Google Sheets

Renovations bring up all kinds of exciting things. But excitement can lead to overwhelm, and it’s usually because you have no idea what your costs will be. That’s where you need our renovation budget template.

It’s a renovation spreadsheet that can help you budget expenses and labor costs and start your home renovation on the right foot. Then it will allow you to track everything that needs to be done along with the actual costs so you can see if you are coming on budget.


How Do You Plan a Home Renovation?

There are a lot of steps to planning a home renovation. It’s best to use a home renovation planner because there are a lot of different aspects before you get to the budgeting part. We have a home renovation binder that you can buy in our shop.

The first step is to plan out the look and feel you want. This comes from gathering up ideas from magazines and Pinterest, so you know what you want the room to feel like.

Once you have an idea of what you want, you will need to start to plan out the phases. This is where a budgeting template for your renovation comes in handy.

You can create a budget based on the square feet of the room or use an overall amount and break it down. It’s up to you how you approach budgeting for your renovation project.


What Costs Do I Need to Consider in My Renovation Spreadsheet?

This is a great question! Planning a renovation project is a key part of getting your renovation off on the right foot. There are usually several phases of a project plan like this. It’s best for you to think about all of them before you begin. You may be thinking of light fixtures right now, but there are many things that have to happen before that (like the electrical wiring for those lights).

All of the phases don’t need to happen at the same time, but it’s a good idea to start budgeting for them, and that way, you can decide what to do and when.

This renovation budget calculator serves as a one-stop tool for your home renovation. It’s a renovation budget template in Google Sheets ( but it can easily be exported as a home renovation template in Excel). This home renovation cost estimator spreadsheet will help you keep track of your budget, estimates, contacts, due dates, and job completion. Having all of this in one renovation spreadsheet will allow you to assess your renovation at a glance.

This is a great spreadsheet that will keep track of your construction budget. Whether you are organizing a small project or a large one, this is the perfect tool to create a budget for your home renovation.


Does this work with larger construction budgets?

Using our home renovation budget templates can help you keep track of all of your budget planning and costs in one useful spreadsheet. For larger construction projects like building a house, then it’s best to find software that will help you because there is more involved.

That said, you can always add more items to the checklist and edit them. The home renovation cost estimator spreadsheets are not protected at all, so you are free to change things around as you like. You could renovate the complete house with this spreadsheet; just create a separate room for each tab. You could do this for every room in a house. That way, you can track things like labor costs, appliances, and everything else that goes into a project plan.


Does this template help track my cost estimates for an individual room?

Yes. This renovation budget template is a master sheet. You can make multiple copies of it for each room and track the progress of all of your items as you go. You can use it as often as you want; it’s our free excel sheet for you.

You can easily track your house renovations on separate sheets. You can do your kitchen renovation on one tab and then set up another sheet for your bathroom renovation. This way, you can keep on top of your remodeling budget and your cost estimates for each area separately.

It also shows you if you are going over or under on each category, in case you are working with a tight budget and need to handle some items on your own. Often when you take on any type of renovation, a good cost-effective measure is to do the easy items on your own and hire someone to do the things you cannot.


Will this renovation budget calculator work for my whole house?

Yes, this spreadsheet can work for the whole house. It has a renovation checklist in Excel or Google sheets that allows you to track everything. It will work with any type of renovation.

Best of all, it’s free.


Example of using the home renovation budget template

When we started our basement renovation, it was years ago. We wanted to get the basement to a usable state. But because we had young children, we knew that we only needed to bring it to a certain phase and then pick it up later on.

We roughed in everything. I got the framing, plumbing, electrical, and drywall all costed out and then done. Knowing that when we wanted to finish the basement, later on, we could use this sheet to pick up where we left off.

Several years later, that’s what we did.

When we resumed our home renovation, we took out our budget and knew which phase was next and what needed to be done.

This renovation checklist was easy to work from. It kept all of our home renovation costs together, along with estimates and contractor information. We used it from the flooring to the drop ceiling.

See the Home Renovation Budget Template In Action

Here is a video walk-through of our Home Renovation Budget Template.

Is the Home Renovation Budget Template available in Google Sheets?

Yes, this master template for our home renovation budget is in Google sheets; that way, you can access it whenever you need it.


Is the Home Renovation Budget Template in Excel Free?

Yes, when we email you the template, it will be in Google Docs, you just need to make a copy, and you can download it in Excel. It’s super easy to do.

This template will help you break down the costs of your renovation and let you analyze what needs to be done and when you will do it.

So, in short, yes, this is a free construction budget template that is available in Excel.


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