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Free Moving Boxes

When you are moving out of your apartment, one of the first (and last) things you will need is moving boxes. But if you buy them, you will pay a premium. That means finding places to get free moving boxes is a must. But if you were like me and wondering where to get free boxes, don’t worry. I found some great places. Here are some places you can go to get free moving boxes for your upcoming move.

Before we dive in, remember that all boxes are not created equal. Make sure that the boxes you are using are sturdy and able to support your items. Cheap moving boxes don’t always mean reliable moving boxes. Alright, let’s see where you can get free moving boxes.


With everyone getting everything on Amazon these days, people you know likely have boxes coming through their place every week. Ask them to save their empty boxes for you and be prompt when picking them up. If they don’t have any, make sure to ask them where they got packing boxes when they moved. It may reveal a hidden gem on places to get free moving boxes.

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If your friends are no luck, then the next stop on your moving timeline is Craigslist. Go and search Craigslist for “free moving boxes near me.” Check out the free part of Craigslist and see what you can find. There are tons of boxes on there, depending on the time of year you are looking around. You can also set up an alert or put something in the Wanted section of the site showing that you are in need of boxes.

Local Liquor Stores

This was our go-to when we moved. We would talk to the manager and find out when inventory came in. Then we would go and get free moving boxes that day. Depending on the time of year, lots of people might be moving and using this place, so try and get there as close to the right time as possible.

Personally, I love liquor store boxes because they are great for fragile items because of the dividers that come with all boxes. These little dividers are great for packing up a kitchen because they add an extra barrier for packing your breakables (glassware, china, etc…).

Fun Moving Box Fact: When I started to ask friends for free boxes near me, they all said the liquor store. It didn’t disappoint. I got tons of boxes for moving free of charge. They have a ton of extra boxes there, and you know that they are durable boxes because they ship glass and liquids in them. Double bonus!

U haul customer connect.

Does U-Haul have free moving boxes? Yes and possibly no. I just stumbled on this site. You can connect with other customers and exchange boxes (yes, they have a box exchange), as well as get other moving-related things. U Haul may also offer moving boxes free if you are using their services to move. U-haul free packing boxes may vary from location to location but go ahead and check them out. Here is the link for the U-haul box exchange.

Facebook Marketplace

People are always trying to get rid of stuff on Facebook. Your best bet is putting up a notice or looking for people who have moved so that they can get rid of their spare boxes. Just doing a quick search for this article, there were over 20 places that had free packing boxes for moving. You can also post on message boards to see if anyone has them.

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Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are getting boxes on palettes daily. This means that you can pop into your local stores and ask them when is a good time to get your free stuff (aka moving boxes).

Office Depot and Staples

You are liking going to need packing tape and other packing supplies to haul stuff from house to house. So ask the manager when you are in there if they have any free cardboard boxes available and if you can get them. Most of the time, they have to use their employees to flatten them, and this can save them time.

Storage Units

If you are going to rent a storage unit, ask them if they provide free boxes to their customers. As a paying customer, you may get the perk of boxes and possibly free moving labels too.

Community Groups

Search online for community groups that offer cardboard boxes for free or at the very least cheap moving boxes. There may be one in your area that has a ton of them!

Recycling Centers

If you aren’t getting boxes from any of these sources, reach out to the local recycling center and see if they can provide you with boxes, chances are they are flooded with them, and finding boxes there should be pretty easy.

Improvement Stores

Places like the Home Depot, Lowes, and Sam’s Club are great places to get free moving boxes. They are constantly getting in bigger items, so the boxes are heavy-duty and extra durable.


Can you get free moving boxes from Walmart? Another great place that goes through a ton of boxes; on your next stop there go into customer service and see if they have any. This should be a great place for finding free cardboard boxes for your new home. While you are there, pick up some bubble wrap too!


If you can’t get free moving boxes from Walmart, head over to Target and ask too. This is a great place to get everything for your new house and just about everything they get come-on boxes. Ask customer service if they have any and bring them back to your apartment so you can get your free packing boxes.

Barnes & Noble

Book stores like Barnes Noble are great places to get free moving boxes. They are constantly getting in new stock, and those boxes are going to go into the recycling bin, so you may as well ask and get them.

Dollar Store & Dollar Tree

Another place that gets a lot of inventory turnover is the dollar stores in your area. These places are always getting in stock, and they are a great place for you to be able to stock up on your free cardboard moving boxes.

Yard Sales

The best time to hit yard sales is in the morning; unless you want a lot of empty boxes, then it’s best to go at the end of the day. This is when most of their items will have been sold, and the boxes are just going to get thrown out. They may even have larger boxes that you can get, don’t overlook this!


Ok, you could have done this on your own by entering in “free moving boxes near me,” but Google is getting super good at local search, and moving companies and other places you may not have thought of can pop up in this search result. If that search doesn’t work, use the classic ” moving boxes for free,” and something should come up.

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Find Moving Boxes Near Me

There are lots of other places you can find moving boxes. Use the map below to find some in your area.


Click here to Find Cardboard Boxes Near You.

Final thoughts on getting free cardboard moving boxes

Check one of these places or check all of them. The key takeaway is that there are plenty of places where you can get free moving boxes or at very little cost to you. As long as they are sturdy boxes and you can fill them up with bubble wrap, you are good to go.  If you know of others, please share it with other Millennials in the comments below. We’re all in this together.

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