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How to Clean Faux Wood Blinds

Have you had a hard time cleaning your faux wood blinds? Join the club. I tried so many different products to try to figure out how to clean faux wood blinds, but none of them worked. I tried regular cleaning wipes, all sorts of different sprays, and even all-natural solutions like vinegar with no luck. Some worked better than others, but none of them were able to cut through the grime on the faux wood blinds in my kitchen.


That is until I got a cleaning tip from another mom on Instagram that changed everything. The secret? A dishwasher pod.


Here are all the cleaning supplies you’ll need to clean your faux wood blinds successfully once and for all:


How to Clean Faux Wood Blinds: Supplies

  1. A dishwasher pod (I used Cascade Platinum Plus pods.)
  2. A scrub sponge (I used the green and yellow ones with the scouring pad on one side.)
  3. A bucket of hot water
  4. A clean cloth (a dish towel or microfiber cloth works!)


Here’s the great news: We are not going to remove the blinds, bring them to the bathroom, and put them in the bathtub to clean (like so many articles suggest.) That’s not a part of this process, and you don’t have to do any of that with this method. You can leave them right where they are hanging and still get them squeaky clean by following the steps below.



Step 1: Drop a Dishwasher Pod into a Bucket of Hot Water

Use a mop bucket and fill it 3/4 of the way with hot water. Then drop your dishwasher pod in the bucket and watch it dissolve like magic.

Now, you don’t want to burn your hand (that would be bad.) So, give your water a few minutes to cool off before you use your scrub brush with this cleaning solution.


how to clean faux wood blinds


Step 2: Scrub Your Blinds with Your Scrub Sponge

Dip your scrub sponge into your hot water and dishwasher pod solution and wring it out to where the sponge is only slightly damp. Then, starting from the top left corner and going down, scrub your blinds one strip at a time with the back of your scrub sponge. I found the best method was scrubbing in a circular motion, especially if you need to lift grease and grunge.

I like to use the green and yellow sponges because they have a scouring pad on them that is scratch-resistant. If the sponge package promises that they are scratch-resistant, then you can scrub your faux wood blinds without worrying about ruining them.

Now, I’ll be honest. The blinds in my house definitely required some cleaning effort. The blinds in the kitchen, as I mentioned, were the worst because they had grease build-up on them from cooking. But, I kept scrubbing them with the sponge, and slowly but surely, the dirt went away.


how to clean faux wood blinds


Tip: You might have to change out the water halfway through the process and drop a new dishwasher pod in clean water if the water you started with gets too dirty.


Step 3: Dry Each Strip with a Cloth After Scrubbing

Even if you were good about wringing out out your sponge after every dip in the cleaning solution, it’s still possible to get drips on your blinds.

To avoid this, I dried each strip of blinds with a soft cloth after I cleaned it with the sponge. You can let it air dry, but it only takes a minute to dry it with a microfiber cloth or dishrag.


how to clean faux wood blinds


Step 4: Maintain Your Blinds

Once you completely clean your blinds, get in a regular routine of cleaning them. The best thing you can do is regularly dust them, so you don’t get dust and dirt buildup like I did.

If food or grease splatters on them when you’re cooking (or if you have small kids), you can easily spot clean them before the grime gets totally out of hand.

But, luckily, if you do forget to clean your blinds or you don’t have the time, now you know you can always throw a dishwasher pod in hot water and go to town making them shine.



How to Clean Faux Wood Blinds: FAQ

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to cleaning faux wood blinds if you need advice!


Can you clean faux wood blinds in the bathtub?

Yes, you can clean faux wood blinds in the bathtub, but it’s a lot of work. You have to take them off your window, clean them, dry them, and then reattach them. Blinds break easily, and they are pricey to replace. For those reasons, I prefer the dishwasher tab method because I don’t have to remove the blinds and bring them anywhere.

How long do faux wood blinds last?

If you take care of them and regularly clean them, faux wood blinds can last 3-5 years, if not more. Keep dusting them regularly, and you might be surprised at how long they can last.

Are faux wood blinds better than real wood blinds?

The good thing about faux wood blinds is they still look like wood without the risk of getting warped or water damaged. For this reason, they’re easier to clean without damaging them.

What is the easiest way to clean faux wood blinds?

Check out the step-by-step guide above for the most effective way to clean faux wood blinds. It will take some time to clean them with this method if you haven’t cleaned them for some time. However, you’ll be surprised at how great they look when you’re finished.

Here is an in-progress shot of cleaning faux wood blinds with this method. The right side has been cleaned with a dishwasher pod.


how to clean faux wood blinds


What type of dishwasher pod should I use to clean my blinds?

I recommend Cascade Platinum Plus pods. I think buying name-brand powerful pods for this cleaning job is better than buying a budget brand because it will make cleaning your faux wood blinds faster and more effective. I’d rather spend a little bit more on a dishwasher pod and, as a result, spend a little bit less time cleaning.

How can I disinfect my faux wood blinds?

Your dishwasher pod will clean and disinfect your blinds. If you want to add an extra layer of cleaning, you can always go over your clean blinds with a Clorox wipe. (Don’t use a Clorox wipe first if there is dust on your blinds, as it will make the dirt build-up worse. Ask me how I know.)

How do you clean stains off faux wood blinds?

For stains that seem stuck, go over them several times with the scouring edge of your sponge after dipping it in the dishwasher tab and warm water cleaning solution. If that doesn’t work, try a magic eraser.

How often should you clean blinds?

Ideally, dust your blinds and get all that loose dust off using a feather duster every week to prevent dust buildup and address stains as they happen. For those of us who fail to dust every week, a deep cleaning a quarter using the method above should help them look brand new.

Can you clean faux wooden blinds with white vinegar?

Yes, you can clean faux wood blinds with white vinegar. If you make it a regular chore and add it to your house cleaning checklist, you can always stay on top of cleaning them. If you have a layer of grime on your blinds, you have to use the dishwasher tab method mentioned above first to deep clean them. Then, you can maintain them every week or two weeks with a vinegar cleaning solution.


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