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The 5 Best Christmas Village Storage Ideas

Christmas villages are a wonderful holiday tradition. You can collect them over the years, and your friends and family always know what to get you. Kids delight in watching the village take shape as the holiday season begins, but what about when it’s time to take it all down?

It’s not a secret that Christmas villages are a pricey investment. So, you want to protect each piece with these Christmas village storage ideas until it’s time to take them back out again the following year.

Below are several Christmas village storage ideas that will help keep these breakable treasures safe for the next year.

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Top Choice: Heavy Duty Christmas Village Storage Box

This heavy-duty Christmas storage box is my top choice for storing your Christmas village. The primary reason is that it’s very durable and thick, great for protecting your fragile Christmas village.

I also like the options you can get to buy several of them at once and a variety of different sizes. They have 15-gallon storage boxes all the way up to 17-gallon storage boxes. Check out the options to see for yourself how you can get two, three, four, or even six of the same box as a set.

This enables you to have a nice, organized Christmas tree village. If you invest in several different sizes, you will not only have enough space to organize your entire set, but it will look nice and organized in your basement or garage. You can even take it a step further and get a label maker to mark which parts of your Christmas village are in each box. (This highly rated label maker allows you to use different colored tape, so you can really keep with the Christmas theme and have the most organized Christmas village storage in your neighborhood.)

Check out all the four and five-star ratings of this heavy-duty storage box here.


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Christmas Village Figurine Storage Box

This Christmas village figurine storage box is perfect for all the little people and trees that live in your Christmas village. It will help you keep all the small pieces separated and organized for years to come.

It comes with a nice divided compartment that you can even use for fake snow, tea lights, and any Christmas lights that you use to decorate your village.

The hardtop helps to keep dust out, whether you store it in your basement or your garage. It has a ton of reviews on Amazon as well. With 4.5 out of 5 stars and over 100 reviews, it’s a sure bet. You can read the 5 Star reviews here. 

The only drawback, according to some of the reviews, is that it’s not an especially rigid box. If you prefer that, keep reading for other options on your list. But, if you don’t mind the flexible structure and appreciate buying a product with so many positive reviews, this one could be for you. Buy it here now!


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Tall Figurine Storage Bag

If Santa or any other taller figurines live in your Christmas village, you might appreciate the size and shape of this Christmas village storage bag.

It has a charming, cheerful red and green color palette, and the handles make it easy to pull it out of your storage area.

Take a look at almost 1,000 reviews here.


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Under Bed Christmas Village Storage Box


Large Under-bed Christmas Ornament Storage Box Zippered Closure - Stores up to 120 of the 3-inch Standard Christmas Ornaments, and Xmas Holiday Accessories Storage Container with Dividers & 3 Handles. If you live in a smaller home like I do, you might be tight on storage space for your Christmas village. That’s why I love this under-bed Christmas storage box.

It comes in bright Christmas colors, either red or green, and has almost 50 reviews, with an overall rating of 4.5 stars.

With this product, you can keep the dividers in or take them out. This gives you several options, whether you want to use the dividers to separate Christmas village figurines or take them out so you can fit in some of the smaller houses. You might even be able to put your Christmas village back in their boxes and fit a few of the smaller ones in this box as well to keep them together.

Check out the current price of this bag here. 


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Gallon Size Utility Storage Boxes

This nice set of gallon size utility storage boxes is a heavy-duty solution to your Christmas village storage needs.

These are actually the #1 top seller for truck bed storage, so if it withstands the bumps in the road of a big truck, you bet these can keep your Christmas village safe year-round.

The main drawback to these is that several negative reviews reported that they arrived broken and damaged, but Amazon will likely send you replacements if they get damaged during delivery. Overall, they do have 4.5 out of 5 stars. Check the latest price here


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Christmas Village Storage Ideas: Keeping Your Christmas Village Investment Safe

Even though spending money on Christmas village storage ideas might seem like overkill, remember that it’s likely a one-time expense. You’ve probably spent years collecting your cherished Christmas village pieces. Maybe you even have some from your parents or grandparents.

Even if you keep all of the boxes your village came in, there’s still a risk that they will topple over or get damaged with water if you store them in your basement or garage. So, instead, purchase one of the storage options above to keep your Christmas village safe from harm. I recommend also purchasing bubble wrap or using old newspaper to separate the pieces of your Christmas village to ensure nothing gets chipped or harmed while in storage.

It might take time and effort to store your Christmas village after the holiday season is over, but it’s well worth it to ensure you can enjoy your Christmas village for many years to come.

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