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The Best Christmas Tree Collars

Buying the best Christmas tree collars is an easy way to elevate the Christmas decorations in your home. A Christmas tree collar is a round decoration that covers unsightly tree stands and makes your Christmas tree look magazine-worthy. You can use a tree collar around the bottom of an artificial tree or a real Christmas tree. The goal is to cover the skinny base of your tree, so your eyes are drawn to the fluffy branches and twinkling lights of your tree.

Reclaimed Wood Tree Collar or Box – Rustic Tree Skirt Replacement Blocks Kids & Pets, Adds Farmhouse Charm to Christmas Decor – Natural, Hook-&-Loop Panels by BarnwoodUSA, 30x22.5 in., Whitewash

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What size Christmas tree collar do I need?

The best Christmas tree collars should be big enough to fit around your tree stand. Bust out the tape measure and measure the widest part of your tree stand to ensure your collar will fit all the way around it. Also, don’t forget to measure the vertical base of your tree. If a Christmas tree collar is too tall for your tree, you risk it not fitting vertically, even if it fits well around the base of the tree.  


Can you use a tree collar with a real tree?

Yes, you can use a tree collar with a real Christmas tree. If you’ve already purchased a Christmas tree collar before you head to the Christmas tree farm, it would be wise to bring a tape measure to ensure the height of the collar will fit well with the tree you choose. When you buy a Christmas tree, sometimes the seller will trim the end of your tree to give you a fresh cut. If they do that, just be sure they don’t cut too much off, so your tree fits comfortably inside the tree collar and doesn’t have a base that’s too short.  


How can I make my Christmas tree look better?

Put a tree collar on it! Also, I find that adding ribbons and mixing large and small ornaments can really elevate a tree. More is more when it comes to your ornaments and decorations. The fuller your tree is, the better!  


Can you DIY a Christmas tree collar?

You definitely can DIY a Christmas tree collar, but if you’re already overwhelmed with everything going on this holiday season, I’ve rounded up the best Christmas tree collars you can buy below.


Metal Tree Collar

The Best Metal Christmas Tree Collar

 Best Christmas Tree Collars


  • Crafted from metal and extremely durable
  • It comes in four different pieces for easy storage
  • Beautiful and trendy rustic farmhouse style
  • Great price point
  • Several different color options


  • Several reviews stated it was smaller than the measurements listed
  • It doesn’t come with assembly instructions

Review of the Metal Blissun Christmas Tree Collar

This metal Christmas tree collar has a great design style that would coordinate well with a modern farmhouse holiday style. Although it’s large in size, it breaks down into four pieces for easy storage. The price is affordable, and it has over 180 positive reviews. Overall this is a great alternative to Christmas tree skirts and will give your Christmas decor a nice, updated look.  

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White Tree Collar

The Best White Christmas Tree Collar


  • Beautifully hides the base of your Christmas tree
  • It helps to keep pets away from your tree
  • It breaks into 5 pieces for easy storage
  • Nice clean, crisp design style
  • A large diameter to fit most Christmas trees



  • Because it’s white, it shows dirt very easily
  • Some reviews reported assembly was difficult


Review of the White AuldHome Farmhouse Christmas Tree Collar

This white metal Christmas tree collar will help give your home a vintage farmhouse feel. It’s large in size and will fit most Christmas trees. Although you might initially think about purchasing a metal or a gold Christmas tree collar, you’ll find the white color of this one will bring a clean, crisp feeling to your Christmas decor. Although it’s large in size, it breaks down into four pieces for easy storage. The price is affordable, and it has several positive reviews. Overall this is a great alternative to a Christmas tree skirt and will give your Christmas decor a nice, updated look.   Buy this Christmas tree collar today.

Wood Tree Collar

The Best Wood Christmas Tree Collar


  • Beautiful rustic Christmas decor looks to add to your farmhouse style decor. 
  • Comes in four sides that hook together for easy installation.
  • Made of genuine recycled wood.


  • The price is higher than others on this list, but it also has far more positive reviews than the others on this list too. You definitely get the quality you pay for!
  • The reclaimed wood might create slightly different variations in wood tone and style, so all sides might not be exactly the same.


Review of the Barnwood USA Delux Wood Christmas Tree Collar

The best part about this wood Christmas tree collar is that it’s made of 100% recycled wood. This company, Barnwood USA, really appreciates upcycled wood and uses it to create beautiful home decor items like this one. This Christmas tree collar will last you for many years and will add superior design quality to your farmhouse style. This piece has great value and longevity and has nearly 200 positive to show for it. Overall this is a great, updated alternative to a Christmas tree skirt, and it’s perfect for those of you who love a farmhouse-style aesthetic.  

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The Best Christmas Tree Collars are Here to Stay

While Christmas tree collars are a relatively new design trend, it’s one we think is here to stay. No longer do people want Christmas tree skirts that wrinkle easily and look old-fashioned. These days, buying a Christmas tree collar is the way to go if you want an updated, elevated holiday design style.

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