Awesome and Unique Christmas Tree Toppers (you won’t want to miss)

christmas tree toppers

Written by Andrew

November 12, 2019

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Decorating the Christmas tree is a family tradition. We do it as kids, and when we live in our first place it’s an amazing rite of passage. The last part of the Christmas tree is the topper. You can go with the standard star on top of the tree. But if you are looking for more you should definitely check out these awesome and unique Christmas tree toppers. They are not to be missed!

Hogwarts Castle Tree Topper

The fact that I didn’t know this existed until just now boggles my mind!

This is an amazing keepsake ornament from Hallmark. Every year we treat ourselves from the Hallmark collection. It’s a way of remembering what was important to us in a particular year.

This tree topper is by far the most unique tree topper I have ever seen.

Check it out here. 

Santa Hugger Xmas Tree Topper

This one gives me a feel of something from the movie Elf. Though I can’t figure out why… It’s a unique tree topper but it’s also a little traditional.

Check out this unique Chrimast tree topper here on Amazon. 

Christmas Tree Topper Snowman Hugger

Ok, first off this thing looks huge! It’s similar to the Santa one above, but some much bigger. If you are wanting to do a snowman themed Christmas tree, this is the perfect topper for this. It’s pretty clever and cute.

Check it out here.  

Christmas Tree Topper Reindeer Hugger

This is another cute design on the same theme, it’s made of polyester , the only downside of this one is that you have to fill it’s head with something (cloth or newspaper) once you get it. The arms have wire in them so that you can position the arms how you want them to be.

Check it out here. 

Snoopy Lighted Tree Topper

This is an adorable Snoopy head to top your tree. Snoopy always makes me smile, and reminds me of when I used to read the comics.

You can see all the details here.  

Gnome Christmas Tree Topper

This one had me laughing when I saw it. The first thing I thought was that it was cute, I think we can all agree with that.

Then I realized the genius of it. If you have a tree and the top is mangled, or just doesn’t look right, this Christmas tree topper will cover the very top so you can see it. It’s a pretty clever design.

It’s the best selling Christmas tree topper on Amazon right now too.

Check it out or buy it here.

Christmas Top Hat Tree Topper

This gives me a Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland vibe for some reason…

This Top Hat tree topper will definitely add a unique feel to your tree and the room in general. You can also decorate it with a Christmas tree skirt to bring the whole plaid theme together.
Check out the details here.  

Santa Hat

If the Top Hat above doesn’t do it for you, maybe this Santa hat will ! While it’s listed as a Santa hat, personally I see this more as an elf hat, mixed with a candy cane.

Take a look at this one here. 

10-Light Rainbow Treetop, Multi Colored

This one is a great way to differentiate your tree and make it your own. This 10 light tree top is a interesting take on the Christmas tree topper and will have quests asking “Where did you get that?” It also comes with 4 back up lights, which is nice, because more lights are always a good thing.

Check out the rainbow tree topper here on Amazon.

Christmas Tree Topper, Lighted Christmas Tree Toppers Star with Wave Projector

This one is pretty funky for a tree topper. It comes with a led light projector to give your tree a totally new a unique feel to it. This is one of those awesome and unique Christmas tree toppers you aren’t going to see in many people’s homes but they will wish that they have it once they see it at your place.

Check out all the details on it here. 

Which is the most Awesome and Unique Christmas Tree Topper ?


I’ve saved the best for last. This one rotates around the Christmas tree so that you can elevate your Xmas tree game to a whole new level. Trust me, there aren’t many people who have this.

You can check it out here.  While it’s still on the theme of Christmas this is a one of a kind tree topper.

Buy it now on Amazon. 
Not sure? Looking for more unique Christmas tree tops? Here are some more that you can check out. I’m sure you are going to find the perfect fitting for your tree this year.

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