How To Make More Space In Your Garage

Written by Andrew

October 18, 2017

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It’s that time of year where garage space is at a premium. Everything has it’s place but your car somehow got the bump and it’s now out on the driveway. That just ain’t right. Luckily, there are plenty of easy ways to make space in your garage.. All you will need is a cordless drill for a few of them, but most can be done without. Below, we’ve outlined some tips on maximizing your existing garage space with increased storage.

Insider Tip: I’ve (Andrew) have used all of these in my own garage and the amount of space we’ve cleared up is impressive!



Go crazy on shelving. The rule of thumb is the higher you can go, the better off you will be. Try and get adjustable shelves if possible.  We got some industrial ones that we absolutely love. They are perfect for holding a ton of weight and they are going to last a very long time. Meaning this is the last shelf you will likely buy for your garage, unless you need more of them, which you will want. Because they are soooo useful.



This is a must for any garage organizer aficionado! Get some bins and start labeling everything you put in them. Categorize them so you have all the garden stuff in one,all the car stuff in another and so on. This will give the added benefit of being able to find things quickly when you need them, plus it will all be up and off the floor. We are kind of bin fanatics as you can see from the image above. It just keeps everything nicely organized and looking great. Personally, we try to buy the same type of bin and always have an extra one on hand.Plus it’s great to have lids that are interchangeable.

Pro Tip: invest in clear bins (and labels), otherwise you’re going to be opening every bin trying to find something, it’s worth it for the extra buck or tw

Tool Tower

If you don’t want to rackmount your tools, you can always get something like this tool tower. It keeps things in one place and ensures all your tools are organized. You know that’s a big deal if you have ever done the cartoon thing where you step on a rake and have it shoot up and land square between your eyes. Ouch.



Use the Walls for Rack Storage

The next thing to think about is a wall mount system (this is where that cordless drill will come into play). A good versatile rack mounting system, with interchangeable hooks, can be a godsend for saving space, all of your hoses, shovels, rakes and whatever else doesn’t easily store, can get mounted with one of these systems. Plus, it just looks nice to have all your yard work items lined up and  ready to go when you need them. No more guess or sifting through piles to find what you’re looking for


Personally I went with the Rubbermaid Fasttrack system. It’s simple to get set up (we are talking minutes), and you can get a different type of hook for anything you want. You can even attach shelving to the system.

Tire storage

You can pay someone to store your winter tires all summer, or you could grab one of these storage racks and get them up and out of the way for the same price. Again it’s all about making your walls useable and efficient. Take a look here, I paid around $50 for mine, so if you are finding them less, then that’s a good deal.


Use the Ceiling

This is prime real estate that often gets ignored in the garage. If you have a decently high ceiling you have tons of space that can be used. Install some ceiling mounted racks for your storage bins and make use of that space that is just begging to be filled. Things like boxes of ornaments and other Christmas stuff are perfect for this type of set up,because you only need to get to them once a year.

Also if you need a ladder. I recommend this collapsable one. It’s pretty versatile and you can get it at most stores. Best of all it folds up nicely, it’s a good all in one ladder for normal home use.


Get a Gator Lift

I was a little hesitant at first, but now I can’t believe I even lived without one!. Plus it’s pretty cool!. This Gator lift is perfect for getting bikes or other large awkward space sucking things out of the way. Mounting it takes about an hour but it’s worth the effort and having things like bikes that take up a ton of floor space and aren’t easy to store, up and off the ground, makes all the difference. It’s motorized, so it lowers nice and easy, you simply use the hooks and straps to fix things to the bar and back up it goes, out of the way until you need it again.

It comes in two varieties (based on how much weight you need to hoist). We went for the 125 lb one and it’s great.This gator lift system really is amazing. I love it. Click here to check it out.

There are a lot of ways to make extra space in your garage, but the key is to get things off the floor and start using wallspace to make the most of your garage. By doing this, you’ll have your car back in the garage where it belongs in no time (and just think, if you live in a colder climate, no more clearing the snow off your car when you’re able to store it in your garage!)


These 7 Items Can Change Your Garage A Free Up Space You Didn't Knew You Had | Space Saving | Garage |Storage Ideas |

These 7 Items Can Change Your Garage A Free Up Space You Didn't Knew You Had | Space Saving | Garage |Storage Ideas |

You + Sharing This = Awesome!