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Best Christmas Tree Skirts (all with Amazon Prime)

I love Christmas time. The cold outside, combined with the warmth of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, provides you are in heaven. But there is always one part of the tree that irks (yes, irks) my wife and me. It’s the base of the tree. You can have the most beautifully decorated Christmas tree, but if you don’t have the best Christmas tree skirts to cover the base of your Christmas tree, your tree will be left lacking.

So we’ve scoured the Christmas tree skirt universe (it’s bigger than you think) to find you the best and most lovely Christmas tree skirts to serve as the perfect backdrop to your Christmas tree setting.

Many of these Christmas skirts are under $25, and many of them are under the $15 and even $10 price point to help you make the most of your holiday spending.

Also, they all can be used with your Amazon Prime Benefits so that you can get your tree skirt quickly!

Best Rated Christmas Tree Skirt

This red and black plaid Christmas tree skirt is the classic Christmas tree skirt you have been looking for.

Coming in a range of designs, it is 48 inches and has a nice white stitch edge that brings the design together nicely. It also pairs nicely with a certain Christmas tree topper.

It’s got the highest amount of 5-star ratings and no 1 or 2-star ratings (if you want to see all the ratings and reviews, you can click here).

Buy this Christmas tree skirt here.

Most Wished For Christmas Tree Skirt

One of the coolest features is seeing what other people are wishing for the most on Amazon.

This one tops the list. It’s a cute, black and white plaid, and the ties are a nice accent that you may not see but will be happy to know it’s there.

This also happens to be the #1 best seller on Amazon for Christmas tree skirts. If you can find it under $20, you are doing good price-wise.

There are a few negative reviews of them, too, so you may want to check them out. Some relate to the various colors you can get, and others, well, others just didn’t like it, but when you are the best selling item on Amazon, you are going to have a few of these. There are only 2% 1 and 2-star ratings when writing this, which for a best seller, is considered really low—another positive. If you want to check out all the reviews, you can see them here.

Buy this best-selling Christmas tree skirt here. 

Best Christmas Tree Skirt Under $25

Christmas Tree Skirt, 48 Inch Snowy White Faux Fur Xmas Plush Tree Skirt, Winter Large Christmas Tree Mat, Holiday Party Christmas Tree Decorations

This 48 Inch Christmas Tree Skirts White Plush Luxury Faux Fur Tree XmasTree Skirt has a nice wide base. 

Here’s the good news

It’s ranked #1 New Release on Amazon.

It’s got over 20, 5-star reviews on Amazon, which you can see here. 

It’s made from faux fur, so it gives that warm feeling while still

Buy this Christmas tree skirt here.


Best Christmas Tree Skirt Under $15

When looking around for holiday tree skirts, I thought this was the best group. It’s not too expensive, and they have a solid selection of Xmas tree skirts. These are 36′ and come in over a dozen selections. There are different colors and styles, and if you are starting to look at Christmas tree skirtings, it would be best to start with these.

Check out the selection here. 


Best Christmas Tree Skirt Under $10

This red Christmas skirt with gold trim is a nice affordable option if you are the kind of person who likes to try new things or just loves the look of this one. It could be the right one for you.

It has an average of 4 stars on Amazon, and for the price, it’s a great deal.

Check it out here. 

If this one doesn’t grab you, here are a few other Xmas tree skirts to check out

Burlap Christmas Tree Skirt 48 Inch Xmas Tree Base Cover White Snowflake Printed Vintage Christmas Decorations

Christmas Tree Skirt Holiday Week Christmas Day Luxury 24inch Silver Exquisite Decoration Ornament

Ohuhu Tree Skirt, 36″ Christmas Tree Skirt with Santa Reindeer Snowflakes


Most Expensive Christmas Tree Skirt

Sometimes, I just can’t help myself. This takes me back to when I was a child. It’s a hand-crafted holiday tree skirt and captures the essence of Christmas. It qualifies for free shipping and returns and is part of Novica, which means it is an original fair trade product in association with National Geographic.

See it up close here. 

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Most Unique Christmas Collar

This one caught my eye because it is so unlike all of the other Christmas tree skirts. In fact, it’s a Christmas tree collar. They are useful for keeping your pets away from the base of the tree, which means they can get to the water, always an issue we’ve found.

But more importantly for me, I think that most people would see this and think it’s the coolest look you can get for a Christmas tree. It’s unique and fresh, and if you want to mix things up. This collar could be the perfect touch to the base of your Christmas tree.

Buy this Christmas tree collar here. 

Conclusion Which Christmas Tree Skirt is Best for You?

When it comes to selecting your Christmas tree skirt, it really depends on the look and feel you want your Christmas tree to have.

There are a lot more than what is mentioned here in this article. To see all of the choices of Christmas tree skirts available, you can click here for more.


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