Room By Room Guide to Everything You Need to Move Out

Written by Glen

February 21, 2018

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Moving out on your own, whether it’s with a significant other or not, can be very overwhelming. On top of finding a place to rent or buy and going through that whole process, now, if you don’t own things already, you will also need to buy all of the stuff to actually live in the house or apartment. We’ve put together a comprehensive list broken down room by room of everything you may need to live on your own.


The kitchen is definitely the most overwhelming room to stock for the first time. The items seem endless, and even when you’re finished getting everything you need, there always seem to be more gadgets and cookware to consider . For now let’s start with the basics.

Coffee maker.

Obviously a must have. I know a lot of people just grab their coffee on the way to work, but let’s face it, living on your own is expensive and making your coffee might be a way to save money for more important things. Plus, a single serve can make a coffee faster than a coffee shop anyway, and if you get a pod free one, it’s better for the environment. Check out this single serve that has its own frother for doing latte’s and is pod free.


Another thing that’s pretty tough to do without. The best bang for your buck on these is to buy a set that comes with plates, bowls and coffee mugs. It’s usually a set of 4, so you can decide if 1 will do or if you need more than that for when you’re entertaining. This set includes the coffee mugs as well. 

Check out these dishes here.


Again, this usually comes in some sort of set. Often there are multiple sizes of glasses in the same set, so you’re pretty much covered. You just need to pick the ones that suit your style and get enough for when company comes over. I love the look of these rock glasses.  And don’t forget the stemless wine glasses ( a must have) 


Another basic need. There’s lots of good sets available that will come with forks, knives and spoons. Again, most come in sets of 4, so it just depends on how big your dinner parties are going to be. This basic set is affordable and all you need.

Pots and pans.

Even if you hate cooking and don’t plan on doing much of it, you should probably have at least one set of pots and pans. After all, you are an adult now.

Check out this ridiculously cheap set of non stick pots and pans that also comes with all the cooking utensils that you need! 

Cooking utensils.

I know, enough with the cooking already! But really, you need this, even if it’s just a cheap set with a spatula and large spoon. You need to be able to cook an egg, it’s one of the first things on the adulting test. Plus, they’re already included in the package deal with the pots and pans above.


Baking sheets.

Frozen pizza. Nuff said. The pan set is cheaper than ordering pizza 1 time. Click the link and get it. 


Along with the cooking theme, you’ll need at least a couple knives for prepping food. A butter knife doesn’t work for everything. This set is nice and well priced, has everything you ned and looks good on the counter. 


Most people are in a rush in the morning, and the toaster has so many fast breakfast options that are cheaper than a coffee shop. This one is reasonable and a 4 slice, it’s all you need. 

Can opener.

Can be a really basic one, but when you need it, you need it. 

Tupperware containers.

If you’re going through the effort of cooking, you might as well keep the leftovers. For $20 you can have more tupperware than you could ever use. 

Dishcloths and tea towels.

I know it sucks, but when you eat, unfortunately it means you will also need to do the dishes and wipe the counter. Match them to your decor and style. 

Dish soap and scrub pads.

Dishes in plain water doesn’t work and sometimes things get baked  on. This scrubber holds the dish soap inside to make things easy.

Dishwasher soap.

If you’re lucky!

Dining table.

Most first time houses don’t have a formal dining room, so this goes under the kitchen list. This doesn’t need to get too expensive. This set is super economical and looks great! 


For the dining table of course. Try to get a dining table that has the chairs included.



Other than a microwave, you should probably get down to an appliance store to check these out in person and decide what you want. Make sure you measure the openings where the appliances will be located to make sure they fit when you get home.


Hopefully, this is something that’s already in place. If it’s not, it’s likely going to be hard to add. However, on some first time homes, the dishwasher might be running a bit rough and on its last legs. Dishwashers have the shortest lifespan of any of the appliances.



Often microwaves are built in just like dishwashers, and they seem to last forever. If you do need to replace one, it’s important to know that microwaves that are situated above a stove also act as a hood fan for the stove. So, if you’re replacing one, make sure it’s the right kind. For just a countertop microwave, if you can get a nice black and stainless model for under 65 bucks you’re dong great. 



Some new homes or apartments come with appliances, some don’t. If you need to buy a fridge, be sure to check the width you need, because they’re not all the same and the opening in the kitchen for the fridge is likely a specific size.



Again, some new places come with a stove, but if not and you need to buy one, just like the fridge, be sure to check the size to make sure what you buy will fit. Also check to see if the stove you’re replacing is a gas stove or just electric. If it’s gas, it will  require a professional gas filter to hook up the unit.

Check out these stoves here, anything under $500 is a deal


Bedroom furniture can be expensive, so sometimes it’s nice if you can find it second hand. Often people are able to get some hand me downs from relatives or friends.


If you’re on a tight budget though, a mattress on the floor can suffice for the first little while too. That being said, there’s some really decent priced beds on Amazon that are really nice! 


Unless you have a lot of closet space, this one would be harder to do without. Try to get a set like this one that has multiple dressers and a nightstand. 

Night stand.

Optional, but convenient for a lamp, charging your phone, books etc..

Bed sheets.

Must have. They don’t have to be egyption cotton, but you definitely need something. That being said, sometimes the Egyptian cotton is on sale for cheaper than basic walmart sheets. 

Comforter or duvet.

Again, doesn’t need to be expensive, but pretty important. This one is just under$35 and is hypoallergenic goose down! 


You probably don’t want a pillow hand me down. There are  plenty of economical options out there.


This is commonly overlooked throughout the whole house, but is especially important in the bedrooms. Pick your size and style! 


The bathroom is often overlooked when doing the initial first home stock up. Get ahead of the game and be ready for when you move in.


No explanation needed. At least this one’s cheap.

Shampoo and conditioner.

Everything you need is just a click away.

Hand soap.

Everyone seems to like these foaming ones.

Hand towels.

You don’t want everyone shaking their hands dry in your new house. I like the white hotel towel look. 

Bath towels.

You don’t need to go all out on these, but they’re tough to live without. Again, I’m still a sucker for the hotel white. 

Bath mat.

I know, where does this list end? You can also use an extra towel if you want. It’ll work fine until you forget to grab a clean towel and your standing in the shower soaking wet looking down at the towel that’s been laying on the bathroom floor for the last week. Do you make the naked run for the linen closet, or use the gross floor towel? I bet no one warned you that adulting would come down to these decisions.  I love these memory foam ones. 

Toilet paper.

Oh ya, I guess someone has to shop for that. Who’s going with the earth friendly version? 

Toothbrush and toothpaste.

I really hope you already have this.

Toilet bowl cleaner.

Don’t skip this one.

Toilet bowl brush.

Or this one.

Living room

Most items needed for the living room are furniture items, and many people have lovely homes filled with  hand me downs,as new furniture can really add up. Regardless of where you get it, here’s the list.


Where else are you going to eat your pizza?

Love seat.

Depending on how much space you have.


Don’t pretend you haven’t always wanted your own that you can sit in whenever you want.

Get a great deal on the whole set in leather! 

Coffee table.

You’ll need a spot to put down your pizza when you’re looking for the remote. Match a great looking cheap table to your Living room set.

These big flat screens are so much cheaper than they used to be. 

TV mounting bracket or stand.

This one is a pivoting wall mount.  

Stand or shelves for PVR, satellite box etc.

General household

Paper towels.

If you get nothing else on this list, you can microwave pizza pops and eat them off paper towels. These should be the first things you buy. 

All purpose cleaner.

This will take care of most household cleaning. Can’t go wrong with Mr. Clean. 

Window cleaner.

Eventually they’ll need to be done. 

Laundry baskets.

You can live without them, but they sure are handy. Especially these ones that allow you to separate clothes right from the time you take them off. 

Don’t forget these things either


Bleach and Stain remover.

Because stains are not fun when you just bought your own stuff.


These cheap bagless models are usually all you need. 

Broom and dust pan.

Because dragging out the vacuum all the time is a pain. 

Dusting wand or clothes.

Trust me, someone in your house right now likely does this. It’s part of taking care of a house. 

Click here to get this awesome dusting wand!

Mop and pail.

Every once in a while the vacuum doesn’t cut it. These micro fiber ones work great. 

Garbage bags.

’nuff said. 🙂


I know this list is ridiculously long. It’s super overwhelming moving out for the first time. Try to find some of the bigger ticket items second hand from friends and family or used on Craigslist. The rest you may have to pick away at over a few pay periods. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with keeping simple at first and making it work with the bare necessities.

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Wondering if you have everything for your first home? Here is a detailed guide to everything you need to move out room by room. | Home owner #Firsthome #moving #movingout #firstplace #Millennials |Wondering if you have everything for your first home? Here is a detailed guide to everything you need to move out room by room. | Home owner #Firsthome #moving #movingout #firstplace #Millennials |

You + Sharing This = Awesome!

Written by Glen

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