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Umbra Review: Canada’s Best Home Decor Brand

When you think of Canadian companies, one comes to mind that dominates the world of superior product design, and that company is Umbra. They are a leader in interior home design products, and dare I say it, everything they make is innovative, functional, and beautiful. So, when we started the Canadian Condo Project, they were the first company we wanted to work with. They graciously provided us with all the items below to decorate our condo, and we are thrilled to be working with them.


Umbra Mirrors 

I could decorate a mansion and only fill it with Umbra mirrors. They are that beautiful. They have an excellent design, and each is so unique that they can be considered a piece of art in their own right. Several people have commented on them and how nice they look.


Pebble Mirror

Pebble Mirror Umbra

This one is in the entryway of the Canadian Condo, and it is beautiful. This one immediately grabs guests’ attention as they enter, they love the uniqueness of it, and they often comment how it’s a work of art on the wall.

The Pebble mirror is great, but as the guy who had to install it, what I loved even more, is that it only takes one screw to install, and the foam cutout in the box can help you figure out where you want to place it and where to put the screw. 

Umbra Pebble Mirror and Estique Shelf with Hooks

If you’ve ever tried to install a mirror by hand, you know what I am talking about. It took me less than a minute to hang the mirror, and its design allows it to rotate any way you want, allowing for a quick and easily refreshed look when you feel like changing things up.

Check it out here. 


Set of 3 Pebble Mirrors

Pebble Mirror Set of 3

This Pebble set of three mirrors is an excellent complement to the above larger mirror. I love the look, and the hardest part about these three was deciding where to put them.

All together? Separate around the condo? The possibilities were endless.

Ultimately, I put them on a smaller wall, which is great. Set up is once again super easy. You peel off the 3m stick on the back and pop them onto the wall. Installation took under two minutes to do. It was so easy, and the look is stunning!

Check them out here 

Echo Wall Mirror

Echo Wall Mirror

This one is another piece of art. This mirror is three mirrors and rotates 30 degrees so that you can play with it once it’s set up. A little hard to hang than the pebble mirror, but it’s worth it.

Check it out here. 

Umbra Shelving 

Solis Wall Shelves

WOW! These shelves are a show-stopper of epic proportions. This beautiful shelving system comes in two colors (black and beige), and I love it. I can showcase whatever I want, and here is the best part. It’s ridiculously easy to install. When I first saw this on, I thought, “Nope. I’ll lose my mind trying to install this.” But, Umbra knows better. The shelving system comes with a paper that allows you to drill precisely where all your screws need to go. Just make sure the paper is level and tape it to the wall. Then, drill the holes pop the screws in, and pop the shelves in. It took less than 10 minutes to do the whole thing.

When people come in, they notice the Pebble mirror as they enter and then this shelving set. It’s beautiful. I’m thinking of getting a second one for the bedroom. I like it so much.

Check it out here. 

Estique Shelf With Hooks

Every condo has a drop zone where you walk in and need a place to put your jacket and keys. Umbra’s Estique Shelf with hooks was the best choice for our Canadian Condo Project. It’s truly an easy piece to set up. Looks amazing. Functional and can handle all of the family coats and other items.

My kids automatically started hanging up their stuff when they entered the condo. It’s so nice and functional.

Estique SHelf with Hooks

Check it out here. 

Umbra Decor and Displays

Exhibit Picture Frames

Exhibit Picture Frames 9

This frame set is stunning. It comes in a set of 3 or 9, and the 9-picture set is drop-dead gorgeous. The Exhibit is a wall-mounted brushed metal ledge with clips and brackets to hold nine gallery-style picture frames of various sizes.

Exhibit Picture FramesNine gallery-style picture frames of various sizes are held using brackets suspended from the ledge, allowing you to create various layouts. I liked that it is flexible and can be hung angled on your stairway or any room.

Exhibit Picture Frames

You can also change the layouts by moving around the picture frames on the metal ledge and rotating them to either landscape or portrait orientation.

The Exhibit features five 8×10 and four 5×7 picture frames perfect for your favorite photos, artwork, illustrations, and more. The Exhibit’s ability to easily switch out images makes for a beautiful wall decor piece that complements multiple decor styles. I chose some of my favorites from trips, and it’s a highlight for visitors.

See it here. 


Floristand Planter

Floristand Planter

This plant stand is the nicest plant and flower stand I have ever seen. Floristand is a great name and sums it up.

It is a stylish and spacious planter that effortlessly brings the beauty of nature indoors. Its sleek metal base and curvaceous design add a touch of elegance to any room, while its three removable pots allow for easy plant arrangement.

This beautiful planter boasts three wire holders that snugly accommodate the 4″ round planters and can be adjusted to your desired preference. It’s perfect because you can drop a 4″ pot into it, saving you from getting your hands dirty!

Whether you need a compact corner piece for your living room, dining room, bedroom, office, or any other space, This is the perfect solution for a refreshing and inviting ambiance. I plan on using it in future videos because it looks so amazing!

View it here.


Home Organization Made Beautiful

Umbra does many things to make organizing a home easy and beautiful. It’s one of the things I love the most about this company. They take the time to get it right with their designs, and it shows. Here are a few ways they are designing things that are next level.


Flex Shower Caddy

Flex Shower Caddy

This shower caddy is amazing. I’ve used a lot of shower caddies over my years, and honestly, I was surprised no one had thought of this design sooner. It’s brilliant!

It has two hooks that can be combined to go over the shower nozzle or separated to hang on the shower rod. This makes it a functional and beautiful addition to any bathroom, with ample storage. I love how the bands are adjustable to fit larger sizes, shampoo, bottles, razors, soap, and anything else you can consider.

Buy it here.


Shoestack Shoe Rack

There are several things I love about these shoe racks beside the fact that they are beautiful and come in a set of two (because, seriously, who only has enough shoes for one rack?).

First of all, there are no screws required; everything clicks together and fits. Second of all, they are stackable, and it fits like a glove. But the thing I loved the most about the shoe rack was its aesthetic look.

Most shoe racks have a wire frame and are ugly, but I almost didn’t put these in the closet because I wanted to show them off.

Check it out here. 

Umbra Everywhere

Umbra also has a ton of kitchen and bathroom creations. For example, this automatic soap dispenser is great, especially when you have oil on your hands in the kitchen and don’t want to get things dirty—it is such a great idea and easy to use.


Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser

Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser

This was a nice addition to the kitchen; I hate when my hands get dirty from baking or handling meat, then I reach for the soap and need to clean it afterward because I got it dirty.

It’s one of those pet peeve things; I’m sure you can relate. So this automatic soap dispenser is a godsend. You fill it up, pop in the batteries, and get a nice squirt of soap when you put your hand underneath.

This little idea is so practical and functional it’s just made me fall deeper in love with this brand.

Check it out now.


My Review of Umbra Products

I have been using these products for the past month, and I love them. The look of the Canadian Condo Project has been elevated to a new level, and everyone who comes in marvels at all of the items.

The products above were provided, but I love the Umbra products so much that I have ordered several more things on my own. (If you need drapes, I highly recommend the blackout blinds. They work amazingly well.) Ultimately, I believe Umbra will be a Canadian company for the long haul, and it’s now my official go-to when decorating my place.

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