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Do you have black mold in your toilet? Not to worry, here is a super easy way to get rid of it without chemicals (or if you prefer chemicals, we have that information too). Own a home for long enough and you are likely to find black mold in your toilet.

Let’s just call this as it is… it’s pretty gross. No one wants to have mold. It looks bad. It’s embarrassing when you have guests over, and your toilet might look like a horror movie.

Most importantly, mold can be a hazard to your health, and prolonged exposure to mold can cause illnesses. So, it’s best to get rid the black mold in the toilet as quickly as possible. 

This article will cover exactly what you need to do to get rid of it. It will also provide you with some natural solutions and tips on how to prevent black mold in a toilet in the future.


What causes black mold in a toilet?

First, we need to understand that mold is a fungus. Mold and mildew thrive in dark and humid areas (in this case, your toilet bowl and tank). Black mold can be found in your toilet bowl or tank when you have been away for even a few short days on vacation.  It can also happen if there has been waste left in the bowl for a while.

Since humidity and dark places are where mold thrives, your toilet bowl and tank are prime breeding ground for it. Bathrooms are generally a big mold spot if you don’t have proper ventilation.


What should you wear when removing toilet mildew?

Since black mold is a fungus and produces spores it’s best to wear gloves and a cleaning mask. If you are as neurotic as I am, you can even wear eye protective gear. If you want the lowdown on what to wear when removing mold, you can check out the EPA guide here.


What tools will you need to remove black mold from a toilet?

When it comes to removing black mold from a toilet, there are a few things you will need. You can get all of them with Amazon Prime two-day shipping. As you can see from the list below, you likely have them already so this will be a very cheap and easy fix.


Looking for a great house cleaning checklist? Check out our free printable.

Natural Solutions for Toilet Mold

The best natural solution for getting rid of mold from your toilet is to use white vinegar. You likely have it sitting in your cupboards or pantry.

White vinegar is great for many applications, such as cleaning various things in the house, and vinegar is the liquid equivalent to duct tape when it comes to fixing things around the house. It’s also my go to when cleaning out my Keurig’s reservoir.

(By the way… I’m realllllly trying to hold off on the poop jokes in writing this… just thought you should know.)

If white vinegar isn’t doing the trick, another thing you can try is a magic eraser. If you haven’t used a magic eraser yet, they are about to become your new BFF. They can remove almost anything from any place. I’d say it’s “magic” but that’s probably implied with the product name, right?

If you are still having issues you can check out these homemade toilet cleaners to help get tough stains out. They involve vinegar, borax, lemon and baking soda.

black mold in toilet

How to Get Rid of Black Mold in the Toilet

The steps to getting rid of black mold from your toilet are pretty straight forward. Put on your gloves and mask and let’s dive in…

First Part: Cleaning the toilet bowl

  1. Flush the toilet and get rid of any excess water.
  2. Get your scrubber and your spray bottle of vinegar. Spray the vinegar inside the bowl and let it sit for a minute
  3. Scrub the black ring until it comes off.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 a few times to get rid of the ring of black mold, and any other spots of mold.
  5. Flush the toilet a few times to get rid of any of the cleaner or vinegar you are using.

*(Note: At this point, you have removed the mold from the bowl. Next we need to make sure there is nothing remaining in the tank or reservoir.)*

Second Part: Cleaning the toilet tank

  1. Pour a cup of bleach into the tank and let it sit for a 20 to 30 minutes. The ratio of bleach to water will depend on the size of your tank. Check the bleach for instructions. I usually go with a cup for every gallon.
  2. Next, give the tank a scrub (you can also do this in the bowl as well, bleach can help kill off the mold). Be mindful of not bumping the parts inside of the tank. You don’t want to bump the float or anything like that (a constantly running toilet is an expensive thing!)
  3. Flush the toilet a few times to get rid of everything.
  4. Clean up and dispose of the gloves and any brushes you have used as they could have mold spores on them. It’s just best to get rid of everything.
  5. Shower. Look I could say just wash up, but when you are dealing with mold, it’s best for you to scrub down and feel like you are squeaky clean again.


How to stop mold from growing on your toilet tank

Now that the toilet bowl is clean, you will need to tackle the black mold in the toilet tank from growing again. The tank is where the handle is and holds the bulk of the water.

Pour a cup of bleach (usually one cup for every gallon) into the tank and scrub the sides to get rid of the mold in the tank. Once you have gotten rid of the source mold, flush it a few times and you are good to go.

The best way to stop mold is to prevent it from ever coming up again. You can purchase different products that sit in the tank and put a little bit of chemicals into each flush so they are going into the tank as things go. It’s a better way to prevent it from happening again.

These tablets are a good way to prevent mildew from building up in your toilet again. Often an ounce of prevention is worth it.

Final Thoughts

Although black mold in your toilet might be an alarming discovery at first, it’s actually relatively simple to remove it. With just a few products you already have on hand and some elbow grease, you can get rid of it in less than one hour.

Then, by being mindful of what caused it in the first place and investing in some preventative tablets, you can stop the black mold from returning. This will help keep you and your family healthy and your bathroom mold free moving forward.

How to get rid of black mold in your toilet

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