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Written by Andrew

March 30, 2020

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Getting new carpet (or carpeting for the first time) is a great way to change the look and feel of a room. We recently finished our basement and adding carpet totally changed the look and feel of the whole area. Carpeting adds warmth, and there is an added benefit of how it cuts down on noise reduction.


Carpet Calculator

Carpet Calculator Cost

This carpet calculator gives you the cost of the carpet. Once you know the price of the carpet, and the underlay (if needed) all you need to do is enter in the cost per square foot (or other measurement units if you prefer) and it will give you a cost that you can budget for on a square foot basis.


How to Measure a Room For Carpet

The best way to measure for carpet is to measure the total length of the room and then the total width. After this you will want to add a few inches on both sides to account for waste. Using the carpet calculator you can add in a certain amount of waste to make sure you have budgeted enough space for your carpet.

carpet calculator measurements

What is the cost to install carpet

Depending on who you use and where you are in the country they cost of installing carpet can range. Many companies sub-contract out the carpet installation meaning they aren’t the companies employees but a separate company.

From our experience, every carpet installers price can range. Plus there are additional costs based on your personal situation. Things like tearing up old carpet, moving furniture and stairs can all factor into the cost of your carpet installation. That’s why we give you an area in the carpet cost calculator to enter in the full cost of the installation separately.


Ways to cut costs on your carpet installation

If you want to reduce the cost of your carpet installation here are a few things you can do.


1) Remove all extra items from the area you want carpeted.

This can mean taking the furniture out of the room and placing it somewhere else. It can also mean storing these items elsewhere during the install. Carpet installers are much happier when they arrive at a job and don’t have to be movers.


2) Remove the previous carpet.

If you have existing flooring it’s a good idea to remove the carpet yourself so that you aren’t charged for the removal and disposal of the carpet by a third party.  Many installers charge for their time, so if you are having them tear up the existing carpet then you are going to be paying them for a lot of extra hours of work


3) Make it easy for the installer.

When the carpet gets delivered walk the path and see what it will be like to get the carpet in. Are there tight corners? Will you need to bring the carpet rolls in through the window (we did this)? Are there issues on the floor that you can deal with before they get there. These tips can help cut down on the carpet installation timeline and save you money too.


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