Price per Square Foot Calculator

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When you are looking for a home a good indicator as to what is a decent price is looking at the house price per square foot calculator. This can show that a house is reasonably priced, too expensive, or under priced. There are a host of factors when buying a home but this one can help you see if there are any advantages to be had.


Price per Square Foot Calculator

Use this calculator to figure out the price per square foot. It’s a great way to determine the house cost per square foot.


What Does the Price Per Square Foot Mean?

Cost per square foot is what it would cost to build that house if you were to pay the amount listed. This can be a good indicator in pricing a house on the market and a good way of comparing other homes in the same area. When you are doing renovations or any other type of real estate project the common question will be “What is the price per square feet?” This is how most people in the industry measure and cost things out.

It’s also an easy way to compare costs of things across a variety of materials.


How Do I Calculate Price per Square Foot?

If you want to do the calculation on your own the formula for calculating cost per square foot is:

Cost of house / Square feet

This will give you the cost per square feet on the home you are looking at. It’s a very useful calculation and can help you decide on what price range you can look for when assessing a project, like putting using a carpet calculator or buying a home.

How to Calculate Square Feet?

To calculate the square footage of the room you simply take the length of the room in feet, multiplied by the width of the room.

How many square feet is a 10×10 room?

As a quick example, a 10 foot room by a 10 foot room would be 100 square feet.

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