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29 Must Have Outdoor Yard Tools for a New Backyard Garden

Outdoor Yard Tools For Homeowners

According to a study by the University of Michigan, updating your landscape can boost the value of your property up to 11 percent. So this is a great incentive to start planning those updates! Whether you hire a professional or take on the project yourself, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your outdoor space with these outdoor yard tools.

Some of the most popular landscape updates include adding new plants and flowers, installing a rain garden or pond, or building a deck or patio. If you’re unsure where to start, consider consulting with a landscape designer or architect. They can help you create a plan that will be perfect for your home and budget.

Before you do any of this, you will need the right set of tools. Here is a list of 29 essential tools that you will need to start outdoor projects with your landscape. This is a complimentary list to our new house checklist since not everyone loves yard work as you and I do. 

Outdoor Yard Tools Essentials Checklist

Lawn Mower

Greenworks 40V 19-Inch Cordless (3-In-1) Push Lawn Mower, 4.0Ah + 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included 25223

There’s no way around it a lawn mower is essential for maintaining the grass in your yard. Just like every other tool on this list, it’s critical to invest in quality equipment. A reliable lawn mower will last for many years and even decades if it’s properly maintained. There are a lot of different options but you can spend a lot or a little on them.

Both Worx and Green Machine make battery-powered ones if you are thinking of a more eco-friendly option.  You can see our posts here for more on the best riding lawnmowers for 1 acre if you have a larger yard that needs more cutting.


Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Home Utility Yard Wheelbarrow Garden Cart w/Built-in Stand for Lawn, Gardening, Grass, Soil, Bricks, and Construction, Green

Having a wheelbarrow available is excellent for hauling yard debris, mulch, rocks, etc. A wheelbarrow with pneumatic tires is perfect for moving heavy objects without any trouble.

Not only is a wheelbarrow great for moving dirt, but a wheelbarrow can also be used to move other materials around your yard like wood chips, mulch, and rock. It can also be used to transport plants and stones from the landscape supply store.

It’s nice to have one with two wheels so that it can easily be moved across any surface without getting stuck or tipping over. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to load up a wheelbarrow a second time because it tipped over.



Having a good shovel is a must for any landscaping project. From transferring trees from one location in your yard to moving dirt or other debris around, you need a reliable set of shovels for all projects. For best usage, it’s a good idea to get your shovel professionally sharpened every once in a while. A sharpened shovel can be useful when digging and need to cut through roots.

There are various types of shovels, so make sure you have the right ones for the work you plan to be doing in your yard; whatever you do, get a good shovel with a wood handle. It will save you down the road.


Ihomepark Garden Rake Leaf, 1.1" Diameter Pole & 6 FT Tall Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Adjustable Long Handle Garden Rake, Use for Yard Garden Lawn and Window Leaves(25 Tines)

You’re going to need a rake for weeding and removing leaves. You can also use a garden or shrub rake for cleaning up under hedges and other areas in the landscape, like shrubs, bushes and flower beds! 

Hedging Shears or Clippers

OARA Garden Hedge Shears forTrimming Borders, Boxwood, and Bushes, Hedge Clippers & Shears with Comfort Grip Handles,21 Inch Carbon Steel Bush Cutter

Having a set of hedging shears is essential for cutting back plants in the landscape to maintain their shape and size. Make sure to get a pair with anti-slip grips, so you don’t cut yourself while cutting back the plants! These are invaluable tools. To prevent any injuries, cut away from yourself and not towards yourself.

Pruning Shears

Mr. Pen- Pruning Shears, Garden Shears, 8" Professional, Garden Scissors, Gardening Shears, Garden Clippers, Bypass Pruners, Garden Shears Pruning, Pruning Scissors, Garden Tools, Garden Supplies

You will need to make sure you have some good pruning shears on hand for smaller trimming jobs, like pruning branches. These shears or clippers may be able to do the job for smaller branches, but for thicker wooded branches, you will need to get a pair of heavy-duty hedging shears.

Weed Whacker or String Trimmer

DEWALT 20V MAX* String Trimmer, 14-Inch, Tool Only (DCST922B)

A weed whacker or string trimmer is perfect for keeping your lawn free of weeds. The long handle makes it easy to keep trimming away those unwanted weeds without getting on your hands and knees to pull them out by hand.

Weed whackers come in both electric and gas versions. Electric weed whackers are cheaper to buy and run, but gas versions are more powerful. String trimmers can be used for various tasks like edging, trimming, and clearing away overgrown areas. Alternatively, you can get a trimmer; find out the differences between an edger and a trimmer here. 

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Telescoping Ladder, Ohuhu Upgraded 12.5 FT Aluminum One-Button Retraction Extension Ladder ANSI Certified Retractable Collapsible Ladders, Telescopic Compact Ladder for Home RV Loft 250 Pound Capacity

Ladders are essential tools for any yard project. They can be used when pruning new growth, picking fruit from trees, or doing other landscaping projects. Plus they are useful to get on your roof and clear your gutters and take care of any issues you have with your eaves or shingles.

If you aren’t someone who likes heights, a good way to cut down on getting on ladders is to get a gutter protection system. This will keep your gutters clear of debris. Which means less time on a ladder cleaning them.

Goggles/Hearing Protection

K9 Hearing Protection for Dogs (Coyote + Goggles)

Goggles and hearing protection are also important when it comes to landscaping. Be safe and protect your eyes from debris and wear hearing protection when using power tools like a weed wacker or string trimmer.

Work gloves

Ironclad Heavy Utility Work Gloves HUG, High Abrasion Resistance, Performance Fit, Durable, Machine Washable, Black & Grey Large

Gloves are necessary to prevent injury from working with the various weeds, bushes, and other plants that you may be removing. It will keep your hands clean and prevent blisters when you are working. Plus they can avoid other things like minor cuts and getting thorns and thistles stuck in your fingers.

Garden Cart

Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart | 2-In-1 Convertible Handle, 1200 lbs capacity | GOR6PS model

Having a garden cart with you in the yard is just a smart move.

When you are doing yard projects, there are many things to be carried outside. A garden cart can make your life easier by giving easy access to all your tools and materials. Especially when moving grass seed bags or patio stones, a garden cart will help get the job done quickly without having to make many trips back inside for more supplies.

Straight Edger

AMES 2917200 Saw-Tooth Border Edger with T-Grip, 39-Inch

A straight edger is a tool used to create a clean edge along sidewalks and driveways. It is also perfect for creating a straight line between lawn and garden beds. It’s also suitable for cutting roots and helps you create a nice clean line in your yard, serving as a splitting point between two areas.

Shrub Rake/Edging Rake

Corona RK 62000 Flexible Fixed Tine Shrub Rake, Wood Handle, 8-Inch Wide

A shrub rake, also known as an edging rake, is a tool that is specifically designed for trimming bushes and hedges. It has a long handle with a V-shaped head that is perfect for getting into tight spaces and removing leaves and debris from around the base of the plants and shrubs.

Post-hole Digger

XtremepowerUS 1500W Industrial Electric Post Hole Digger Fence Plant Soil Dig Powerhead include 6" Digging Auger Bit Kit

A post-hole digger is a tool that is used for digging holes in the ground for posts, trees, or other structures. It has a long handle with a sharp metal head that makes it easy to cut through the soil. You can rent one, or get a manual one, it depends on how often you will use it. 


Husqvarna 445 18" Gas Chainsaw, Orange

Chainsaws come in two types- electric or gas. They both have a long blade with sharp teeth that can cut through wood quickly. The electric chainsaw is cheaper to buy, but the gas chainsaw is more powerful. Either chainsaw type can be used for cutting down trees, pruning branches, and other landscaping projects.

They are great for getting rid of dead branches and trees that are too close to your house or if you want to establish a border between your yard and your neighbor’s. Choosing between an Electric or Gas Powered is mostly a matter of preference and what you will be using it for.

Telescoping Tree Pruner

Fiskars 7.9-12 Foot Extendable Tree Pruning Stik Pruner (92406935K)

A telescoping tree pruner is a tool used to cut down tree branches. It has a long blade with sharp teeth on it and it can be used to cut down thin trees or branches. They are great for getting rid of dead branches and trees that are too close to your house.

Gardening Tools

If you are planning on having a garden of any type you will need a bunch of gardening tools. Plant Tags/Labels, Garden Soil, Fertilizer, Treasure Treasure Guard Tomato Cages, Grow Bags, and Plant Supports, so you don’t break a branch on your fruit-bearing plants are all things that you will need. For more on gardening tools, check out our Best Gardening Tools Set post.

Garden Markers

KINGLAKE 100 Pcs 6 x10cm Plastic Plant T-Type Tags Nursery Garden Labels

Garden markers are a great way to keep track of your plants and flowers. They can also be used to mark the boundaries of your yard or garden. There are a variety of different types of garden markers available, from simple sticks with carved symbols to metal stakes with engraved letters.

Miscellaneous Garden Tools

As you start your landscaping projects it’s important to have not just one tool but many so that you can complete the jobs without having to run back and forth too much. A spade, trowel, garden hoe, cultivator, or culti-pole are all great for weeding in the garden bed, shrubs, or around the lawn.


Fiskars IsoCore Maul, 36-Inch (751110-1003)

One of the essential tools for any backyard is a good ax. An ax can help you with a variety of different projects, from chopping wood to trimming branches. When you are choosing an ax, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The first thing to consider is the size of the ax. The handle should be long enough that you can comfortably grip it with both hands. The head should also be the right size for the job you are doing. It should be sharp and have a good edge so that it can cut through the wood easily.

Another important factor to consider is the type of axehead. There are two types- the single bit and the double bit. The single-bit axehead is more traditional and is great for regular chopping. The double-bit axehead allows you to cut into the wood by hitting it on both edges of the blade.

There are also a few things to keep in mind when choosing an ax handle. Generally, there are two main types of axes- felling axes or splitting axes. A felling ax has a longer handle and a thinner head. The long handle helps you cut down trees and branches at ground level, while the thin design makes it easy to get through the wood. A splitting axe has a shorter handle and a thicker head that is great for splitting small logs.

Garden Hose Reel

KLZ_KLZ 150 ft. Hose Reel Cart and Hideaway

A garden hose reel is a tool that can be used to store your garden hose. It’s a great way to keep your hose organized and tidy. They come in a few different designs and can be mounted on the ground or wall. It’s a great way to keep your yard looking neat and tidy.

Garden Hose

Flexzilla HFZG5100YW Garden Lead-in Hose 5/8 in. x 100 ft, Heavy Duty, Lightweight, Drinking Water Safe, Green

You will need some garden hoses for watering your plants and keeping your yard looking nice. You can get away with just one or two if you have very few plants or a small yard, but if you want to water your plants on a regular basis it’s best to get more. Try to buy a rubber hose as opposed to the plastic types because the rubber is much sturdier and will last longer.

Hose hanger

A hose hanger is used to keep your garden hose organized and tidy. They come in different designs that can keep the hose on the ground or wall. A great way to save space and keep your yard looking neat. It’s another one of the tools that you should have in your outdoor tool kit. They mount easily to the outside of your house.


Having a sprayer is essential for watering your garden landscape. It’s also perfect for other outdoor projects like washing your car or cleaning up the basement after spilling paint all over it! Install an anti-siphon device on your hose to prevent water from draining out of it when you’re not using it.


Melnor 65003-AMZ MiniMax Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler with QuickConnect Product Adapter Watering Set, On Base, Black, Yellow

A sprinkler is a tool to water your plants. If you don’t have one, it’s hard to water your plants and keep them alive. Think of it like a game of whack-a-mole. A sprinkler makes watering your plants much more convenient.

Watering Can

NERUB Watering Can 1 Gallon for Indoor Plants, Garden Watering Cans Outdoor Plant House Flower, Gallon Watering Can Large Long Spout with Sprinkler Head (Grey)

A watering can is a container that you use to water your plants. It has a long spout that helps you reach the plants in the back of your garden or yard. It’s pretty much a household essential whether you have a flower or vegetable garden.

Trowel/Gardening Spade

ESOW Garden Tool Set, 3 Piece Cast-Aluminum Heavy Duty Gardening Kit Includes Hand Trowel, Transplant Trowel and Cultivator Hand Rake with Soft Rubberized Non-Slip Ergonomic Handle, Garden Gifts

A trowel is a small gardening tool used to dig in the soil and prepare it for planting seeds or plants. They are small but can be very useful when you are trying to grow plants in containers or pots.

Another essential for growing in containers is a spade. A spade is much like a shovel, but smaller and not as wide. It’s great if you want to dig holes in the garden bed and transplant plants from one area to another.

Gardening Fork

A gardening fork is another essential tool for people who want to grow plants in a garden bed. It’s very similar to a spade, but the top of the head has small prongs that help you dig into the ground and break up larger clumps of soil without damaging your plants.


A broom is an essential tool for keeping your outdoor area clean. Anytime you walk on grass or soil, it can leave dirt and other debris on your shoes. A broom will help keep the mess contained so that you don’t track dirt all over your house.


Even if you have laid down sod and a nice thick lawn, having some grass seed around is good for when you have a bald spot in your yard that needs tending.

Aerator Shoes

PLANTNOMICS Lawn Aerator Shoes with Hook-and-Loop Straps, Manual, Wrench – Pre-Assembled, Adjustable, Stylish, One-Size-Fits-All – Lawn and Garden Tool Reduces Thatch, Revives Soil Health, Maroon

Aerating shoes have metal prongs attached to the bottom of them. They are worn while you walk around in your yard or garden so that you can aerate your lawn if it needs it. It’s a great way to keep grass healthy and green without heavy machinery.


Final Thoughts on the Essential Tools for Outdoor Yard Work

If you’re a new homeowner or are just getting started in gardening, it’s essential to have the right tools. These 29+ critical yard tools will help make your job a lot easier. From garden hose reels to aerator shoes, we’ve got you covered. Make sure to add these tools to your outdoor tool kit so that you can be prepared for anything!

Outdoor Yard Tools Essentials Checklist

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