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How to Manifest a House (Even in a Hot Market)

If you’re wondering how to manifest a house, I’m excited to share what I learned after manifesting my dream house last year. I’m happy to tell you owning a beautiful home is within your reach. The perfect house exists, and with the right intention, you can manifest your dream home.

Below, I’ll share steps you can take to bring your ideal house to you faster. I’ll also share my own journey of making my dream house a reality in hopes of inspiring you. Finding a new home is possible, even if you’re in the middle of a very competitive, hot market.

Step 1: Examine Your Limiting Beliefs and Negative Thoughts

I know it sounds woo woo, but I’m a huge believer in the power of our thoughts. I try to put out positive energy daily.

Whether or not you realize it, the reason you might not be in your dream home yet could be because of your limiting beliefs and negative beliefs.

For example, let’s say you’ve been trying to find a dream property for a while, one with a living space perfect for your family. Maybe you’ve put in offers of houses you’ve liked before, but someone always outbids you.

When that happens, what thoughts do you have? Do they sound like these:

  • Buying a house is hard.
  • The house-buying process is incredibly stressful.
  • I am not like the people who outbid us. They could offer all cash, and I can’t.

These are examples of limiting beliefs. And unfortunately, negative thoughts like these actually push the amazing home you want further away.

Instead, practice calm thoughts. Imagine for a moment that the house-buying process will be incredibly easy for you. Use an intention-focused approach where you replace negative energy with consistent positive affirmations.

Embrace calm energy

When I wanted to buy a house, everyone else wanted to buy a house too. In fact, the summer of 2021 was one of the hottest real estate markets of all time. People were bidding tons of money over the asking price. They were waiving inspections and really forcing the process.

I did the opposite. I told my realtor I was looking for a new house, but I was not in a rush. I told her I wasn’t interested in battling the masses, offering crazy amounts of money over asking, or anything else.

Then, I kept telling myself buying a house was going to be easy. I heard stories every day of houses having 15 offers. One friend had to move into her parent’s basement after losing out 11 houses in a row.

But, I still put out calm energy and kept believing that I’d find a house whenever the time was right.

While mostly everyone else had frazzled energy, I stayed cool and calm. I knew the universe would provide the perfect house for me when the time was right. My current home at the time was a 1950’s bungalow that was showing its wear daily.

Still, I expressed gratitude for the home I had, all while still putting out calm, positive energy about the perfect home I wanted.

Step 2: Create a Detailed Visualization of How Your Dream Home Feels

how to manifest a house

When it comes to the law of attraction, most people focus on attraction techniques that don’t work. They might make a vision board, pin images on Pinterest of the perfect backyard or the perfect kitchen. While those things are great, they don’t help you get to the next stage.

What’s more important is actually visualize living in the home from the perspective of how it feels.

Here are some examples:

  • Think about what it feels like to wake up in your home. What do you hear? City noises? Birds chirping? Imagine waking up with gratitude because you feel so happy and comfortable there.
  • Envision what it feels like to walk up to your front door. Do you wave at neighbors? Is there a long hallway that your walk down because you live in a high rise?
  • Imagine walking through your main living space. Does it feel comfortable? Does it give you a feeling of peace?

The truth is, I know you have big dreams about your house. You might have a desire for a specific type of granite in the kitchen. You might be on the search for a house that looks a specific way. However, if you practice feeling like you’re in the house, the right house will come to you.

My house visualization (Also known as, can I please have a bathtub?)

When I envisioned my perfect place, I only asked the universe for a few things. I knew empirically that I could manifest faster by being open and flexible about the exact house I wanted.

I thought about what I wanted. I took tours of a few houses. My kids really liked one in particular, but it had some red flags as it was sitting on the market for 20 days. It turns out the homeowners had some unpaid bills to the city. Oh, and the master didn’t have a bathtub.

The house was a good price because of the red flags, and for about a day, I tried to convince myself I didn’t really need a bathtub for the master. But, that thought was out of alignment with what I had been feeling.

My dream was to retreat to my room after putting my kids to bed and get in a bathtub that was free from plastic dinosaurs and sparkly kid shampoo (seriously, why does some kid shampoo have glitter in it?) You see, I’d been sharing a bathroom with my kids for 7 years at that point!

So after a day of thinking about it, I reminded myself (and my realtor) that I wasn’t in a rush. I still looked at Zillow every day for new listings, but I focused more on the feeling than the specifics.

Step 3: Share Your Dream with Friends, Co-workers, and Anyone Important in Your Life

If you want to manifest a house, especially if you want a house fast, it’s time to take some inspired action. That means start sharing your dream with others.

In life, we are often hesitant to share what we want with others. We don’t want friends or family members to be like, “A new house? Your current home is perfectly fine!”

Whether it’s a new house, more wealth, or the perfect job, sometimes we keep the hope we have to ourselves.

In this instance, though, because your loved ones can help when finding your ideal home, share what you want with others.

You never know when your friend, family member, or co-worker knows someone who knows someone who has exactly what you want. Plus, every time you say out loud what you are looking for in a home, it makes it more likely that you will attract it.

Voicing what you want out loud means you’re signaling to the universe that you’re dedicated to finding your dream house.

How my friend pointed me right to my dream home

As I’ve shared before, I had calm energy when it came to finding my dream house. Instead of negative energy, I focused on positive affirmations. I knew about the law of attraction, and I worked daily to embody the energy of what it felt like to be living my best life.

Call it divine timing. Call it luck. But, one day, I went to pick up my kids from school, and my daughter really didn’t want to leave. Normally, she just comes to the car, motivated by snacks, no doubt (just like her mom.) But that day, she was absolutely insistent that she wanted to keep playing with my friend’s daughter. So, my friend invited me over to her house after school.

Keep in mind this never happens, nor is it typically possible with the array of kid activities that happen after school. I also wouldn’t describe myself as spontaneous whatsoever. But, you know, that day, it all worked out. I went to my friend’s house and chatted at her kitchen table while our kids played.

I told her I was looking for a new house, and I showed her pictures of a few houses I’d toured.

She said, “If you want a house like that, why don’t you just buy my friend’s house? She’s about to put it on the market, and you could both save a lot of money if you just bought it directly from her.”

Step 4: Expect Good Things

So, I guess you can say that I was able to manifest my dream home. I went and toured the house, and it was absolutely gorgeous. It was only a couple of miles away from the house I was living in. Not only that, but the price was exactly within my budget.

This family could have easily put their house on the market and received multiple offers and significant money over asking. But they didn’t. Even though they’d already had professional photos of their house taken and ready to list, they decided not to list it. And, in one of the most beautiful displays of generosity, they sold it directly to me.

Because we had such a good mutual friend, there was built-in trust. I used a realtor to help me with the paperwork, but they didn’t, which saved them thousands of dollars selling their home.

There were a few hiccups, to be sure, like how the bank didn’t have our closing documents ready on time, but it was all very minor. Before I knew it, I was in a new stage in my life, enjoying my dream house that came with – you guessed it – the bathtub I wanted.

how to manifest a house quickly

I think it all worked out because I didn’t rely exclusively on the law of attraction. I didn’t sit back and expect the perfect home to simply arrive. Rather, I was open about the future. I didn’t focus on how intense the housing market was, nor did I focus on how most houses sold in less than a day. I knew my desire to have a house I loved, and I had hope and trust that the universe would provide it one way or another.

Through positive thoughts (and some deep breaths), I was in a new home only a few months after deciding I wanted to buy a new place. When I walk in the door, I feel the happiness I envisioned when I thought about my home, and I’m glad I kept the faith that it would work out.

Final Tips: How to Manifest a House

To sum it up, there are four main steps if you want to manifest your dream home.

  • Step 1: Examine your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts
  • Step 2: Create a detailed visualization of how your dream home feels
  • Step 3: Share your dream with others
  • Step 4: Expect good things

The tips provided in the blog post above are of the utmost importance when it comes to your search for a place to live. Remember that you attract what you feel and to have faith the universe will provide the perfect place to live at the perfect time.

I hope my story of buying my dream house encourages you to have some self love, excitement, and curiosity about the home buying process when you manifest. Take this article and my story as a sign that the universe wanted you to read my writing to help you find a place in the future.


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