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Timeline for Buying a House

From Start 

To Finish

5 Years Out

Get a good credit rating

  • A good credit score can save you thousands in interest in the form of a lower interest rate. Check out your credit rating for free at Credit Karma.
3 Years Out

Start Saving Your Down Payment


Get Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage


Go to Open Houses

  • This is a great time to casually look at homes and see what’s out there in your range. Use this house hunting checklist to search smart.
1-3 Years out

Find Neighborhoods You Like 

  • Start looking for neighborhoods you can afford and start to see which houses are in your price range. 
5 Months Out

Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

3 months out

Pick a Real Estate Agent

2 Months Out

Start Putting Offers On Houses

  • Once you put in a offer you will be setting a possession date.
6 Weeks Out

Offer Approved

  • Once your offer is approved things kick into a new gear!
6 Weeks Out

Book Home Inspection and Valuation

  • The home inspector will spot any issues and the bank will send an evaluator.
6 Weeks Out

Get Documents To Lawyer

  • Once your offer is approved things kick into a new gear!
4 weeks out

Start Packing

1 Week Out

Organize your move 

  • Get all your friends lined up and ready to help you move. Check out our moving day essentials for more help.
Possession Day

Possession Day

  • Get the keys. Pack up the trucks and move in!

Enjoy Your New Home

  • You’ve made it! Enjoy your first of many nights in your new home!