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Solarium vs. Sunroom: Which is right for you?

Do you know the difference between a solarium and a sunroom? If not, don’t worry – many people don’t. In short, a solarium is a type of sunroom that has more glass and is meant to let in more natural light.

They can be either indoor or outdoor spaces and are often used as dining areas or reading rooms. Sunrooms, on the other hand, usually have fewer windows and are designed for relaxing in, rather than doing activities like eating or working. Solariums can be more expensive to build than sunrooms, but they can also provide more savings in energy costs because of their large windows. So which one is right for you? Read on to find out!

Solarium vs. sunroom: What’s the difference?

Palram - Canopia Sun Room 8' x 8'

There are two main types of sunrooms (also knowns as conservatoires in parts of the world). Solariums and sunrooms. Solariums are built with glass walls and a glass roof in order to allow maximum sunlight exposure. Sunrooms, on the other hand, have a solid roof and may or may not have glass walls.

Solariums are typically more expensive than sunrooms, but they offer a unique experience that allows you to enjoy the outdoors without having to deal with the elements.

For many homeowners adding a sunroom or solarium to your house can be a great way to add value and enjoyment to your home. They are a great way to let in as much light as possible and get your daily dose of Vitamin C.

This article will explore the key differences between these two types of four-season rooms.


What is a sunroom

Sojag 12' x 12' Charleston Solarium Outdoor Sunroom with Mosquito Nets, Dark Grey

Sunrooms are also a popular choice for those who want to enjoy the outdoors without dealing with the elements. Sunrooms can be used for relaxing, entertaining, and more.

Unlike Solariums, sunrooms can be built without a glass roof, which makes them more affordable, but then you use the unobstructed view. Sunrooms also tend to be easier to maintain since there is no need to worry about cleaning the glass.

Sunrooms also have double-pane insulated glass which allows for better insulation during the colder months.


What is a solarium

What is a solarium

A solarium offers a great way to get natural sunlight exposure year-round, regardless of the weather outside. They are amazing because they are glass structures, including the glass roof and exterior walls, so you can see everything around you.

Solariums can be used for a variety of purposes, such as relaxation, reading, working out, and more. They can be a great additional room in a house and add more sunlight to the home.

Advantages of a Sunroom

Sunroom vs Solarium

There are several advantages of choosing a sunroom over a Solarium, including:

  • Sunrooms are more affordable than Solariums
  • Sunrooms are easier to maintain, and they can be used year-round when they are four seasons sunroom.
  • Sunrooms can be built without a glass roof, making them more energy efficient
  • Sunrooms can be used for a variety of purposes, such as relaxing.

Sunrooms are typically cheaper to add than a solarium. We converted our screened-in patio room to a sunroom, and it has been the most popular room in the house for the past decade. You canget year-round use when you have energy-efficient windows and an HVAC system.

Disadvantages of a Sunroom

There are a few disadvantages of sunrooms as well, including:

  • Sunrooms can get very hot in the summer months
  • Sunrooms can be challenging to heat in the winter months
  • Sunrooms can be difficult to keep clean because of the large amount of windows

Advantages of a Solarium Addition

There are several advantages of choosing a Solarium over a sunroom, including:

  • Solariums provide more natural light than sunrooms
  • Solariums can be heated more easily than sunrooms
  • Solariums are easier to keep clean because they have less windows
  • They can be attached or detached to your home
  • They offer attractive views of the outside world around you without being exposed to the weather.

The biggest advantage is the unobstructed views that a solarium provides. They are a relaxing space where you can take in the outdoors while being protect from the elements and inclement weather.

Solariums are great for growing plants as they allow full exposure to the sun throughout the day.

Disadvantages of a Solarium

There are a few disadvantages of Solariums as well, including:

  • Solariums can be very expensive to build
  • Solariums can be challenging to cool in the summer months
  • Solariums can be difficult to maintain because of the glass roof
  • Not a four season room when you live in colder climates

What is a Four-Season Sunroom?

A four-season sunroom is a sunroom that has been designed and built to be used year-round. Four-season sunrooms typically have more insulation than traditional sunrooms, and they may also have heating and cooling systems.

Can a solarium be 4 seasons?

Yes though they are substantially more expensive because they need to be properly insulated for the winter months. They will require a thicker window, such as two or three-paned glass windows, and will also require a thermal barrier.

Which has better resale value?

While both additions to your house will add square footage and more living space, as a rule, a sunroom has a better resale value and are easier to maintain.

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