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What Colors Go With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture?

One of the benefits of owning your own place is that you can choose paint colors and decorations as you wish. If you have cherry wood furniture that you are trying to design around, you will need to consider colors that will look good with the darker color furniture. Read on to learn what colors go with cherry wood bedroom furniture so that you can design a space that looks and feels good.


Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture

What Colors Go With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture

If you have cherry wood furniture, you have a variety of color options including white, lemongrass, pale green, or grey. You can also choose to accent with light colors, dark colors, or earthy colors. In this article, we will explore the different design choices that can work well with cherry wood.

It is essential to consider the color wheel when making decisions concerning the colors you will use in the room. A warm color, such as red, yellow, or orange, will create a more invigorating color palate. Alternatively, cool tones, such as blue or green, create a more relaxing environment.

Authentic cherry wood furniture can create a very sophisticated look in a bedroom. Read on to learn how to accentuate the furniture’s color.


Paint Colors

When decorating, the paint color will have a major impact on the look and feel of a room due to the amount of space that is painted. For this reason, choosing a paint color that looks good with cherry wood furniture is essential.

You have a plethora of options available when it comes to paint colors. You could opt for more neutral colors if you want to downplay the color. Alternatively, there are some bolder tones that will also look good with cherry wood furniture.

Overall, cherry wood will look good with contrasting green and blue shades. You could also use monochromatic red paint or neutrals such as beige or taupe. More traditional colors like gray or tan would work as well. If you are feeling bold, you could even try a pale pink, light blue, or royal blue.

Keep in mind that cherry wood furniture will likely get darker over time. This should be considered when you are choosing the wall paint colors. You want to choose a color that will look good now and in the years to come.

If you are worried about the room appearing too busy, choose a lighter color paint. You can opt to use cold tones or warm tones to achieve a unified look that works well in a bedroom with cherry wood furniture pieces.

If you opt to use a darker tone, plan to accessorize with lighter colors. This will result in the space feeling more open, as opposed to having all dark colors everywhere.


White Paint

ACME FURNITURE Louis Philippe III Queen Bed, Cherry Finish

The safest bet is to paint the room white as this color of walls is very versatile. The darker, red tones of the cherry wood furniture will really pop against the white walls.

White walls will also make your furniture stand out more. This will allow the darker hues of the cherry wood furniture to really pop and be the more dominant feature in the room. The white paint will also make the room look brighter when compared to the cherry wood warm tones.


Grey Paint

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Grey paint can be used to create a contrast between cherry wood furniture and the walls. Using a light grey will make the space feel larger and cause the natural cherry wood color to really pop against the lighter colored walls.


Lemongrass Paint

If you are looking for a bolder choice, consider lemongrass paint. This muted green will call extra attention to the cherry wood furniture. Light accent colors such as this will also prevent the room from looking too bland or boring.

Cherry wood furniture combined with lemongrass bedroom walls will foster calmness and a sense of vibrancy in the room.


Pale Green Paint

Green walls will look good with cherry wood furniture. The dark furniture will add to an earthy, natural feel in the space. If you are worried about the color being too bold for your space, you could always paint an accent wall with the pale green paint used as an accent color.

This earthy look can be achieved with the Glidden Green Interior Paint that is available on Amazon. This color is light green with a hint of blue mixed in and will coordinate nicely with the cherry wood furniture.


Oakmoss Green Paint

If you want to bring a feeling of the outdoors inside your bedroom, go with oakmoss green. This will result in a nature-inspired feel that will invoke a more calm and relaxing feel.

The color combination of green and brown represents nature and creates a more soothing vibe. Oakmoss green is a good option because it has an ivy undertone. When used as interior paint, this will bring a sense of serenity to a room.


Dark Blue

Incorporating blue walls into your design is another option that works well with cherry wood furniture. A dark blue will provide a bold, classy look in the space. The vivid wood color will contrast with the walls to provide a nice look and feel.

If you opt for a darker paint color and have cherry wood furniture, you will likely need to incorporate lighter furniture and brighter colored accessories into the room to soften it up.

One option is to add pops of colors in various places. For example, you can add a gray rug, a white vase or lamp, white furniture pieces, and floral designed curtains.


Accent Colors

When you are designing a space, it is important to consider the appropriate accent colors. You should take into consideration the furniture color, flooring type and color, wall paint colors, and the color of decorative accessories.


Light Accent Colors

Since the cherry wood furniture has darker red tones, using light accent colors can result in a stunning contrast that looks elegant. Lighter accent colors tend to be the most popular choice.

Your furniture color is unique, and the warm color will look nice with colors such as light brown, light grey, light green, or even light blue. Creamy ivory or light caramel are also good options that pair well with the natural wood look of cherry wood furniture.

If you want a more vibrant design aesthetic, consider accenting with pastel colors. These will make the space feel brighter and more inviting.


Dark Accent Colors

If you want more of a pop, choose a darker accent color to go with your dark cherry wood furniture. Some popular color choices may surprise you. Colors like royal blue, mustard yellow, or bright green can really stand out with your cherry wood bedroom furniture.

These darker colors are certainly more vivid. However, they work well with the darker red tones in cherry wood furniture because they blend with each other.

More bold options include red and purple hues. Red accent colors emphasize the dark undertones that exist in the cherry wood.


Earth Accent Colors

Earth accent colors include options such as pastel green, sage, and brown. They are more neutral colors, which is why they work well with cherry furniture.

Earthy colors have more subtle hues. This will create a more soothing environment, especially when you add the cherry wood furniture to the room.

If you opt to use earthy colors, keep in mind that you do not have to paint the entire room this color. Painting an accent wall and using a lighter color for the rest of the walls can give a calm feel without being overwhelming. By incorporating slightly neutral accents, you can experiment with the color paint on your walls and the overall vibe created.



When you are considering the design elements of your bedroom, do not forget about the flooring. The type and color of flooring will have a major impact on how a space looks and feels. You do not want to put all your focus on the paint color and end up with a floor that completely clashes with your walls and furniture.

The flooring should either blend into the design or intentionally stand out to make it a focal point.

Opting for a darker color flooring will add to the elegance and sophistication of a room. Marks will be less visible on darker flooring, so keep this in mind as well when you are making your decision.

If you have a smaller room, having a dark floor will make the room feel smaller. In this case, using lighter shades of flooring will be the better option.

You can use tile, luxury vinyl planks, or even carpet. The light color will contrast with the darker cherry wood. This will make the room feel larger.

Good light color carpet options include a light brown or even a grey carpet. Keep in mind that dirt and stains will be more visible on lighter color flooring.


Window Treatments

The colors of the window shades and curtains will also affect the feel of a room.

If you plan to add window shades in your bedroom, consider using more natural looking shades. For example, shades made of grasses, reeds, or natural wood will look good with the color of the furniture. If you are worried about the room looking too small or tight because of the dark window treatments, you can add lighter color sheer curtains over the window shades to brighten up the space.

Hanging pastel curtains can help the cherry hues to pop out of the furniture. Alternatively, you could hang draperies that have a muted green shade to them. This will help with creating a textured look in a complementary shade.



When considering the space, do not forget about the accessories. Adding some pops of color can look good with the cherry wood bedroom furniture.

One option is to add some indoor plants to your room. Their green color will be complimentary and look good against the darker colors of the cherry wood.

Another idea is to use ceramic table lamps. These often have yellow bulbs and will look good beside the cherry wood furniture.


Adding Other Colored Furniture

If you are looking to add more furniture to your room but do not want all of it to be cherry wood, you have several options that will work. Black furniture will look good due to its darker tones.

Similarly, dark brown furniture will also work well with the dark reddish color of cherry wood furniture. Brown furniture is more traditional, whereas black furniture is more contemporary.

Another option is a dark gray wood stain. This more modern option will pair especially well if you have white or light grey walls.



Various paint tones will call for different bedding design choices. Certain colors can work well with the dark cherry wood furniture and selected wall paint color, while other bedding options may make the room look too busy or overwhelming.

When it comes to choosing your linens, opt for lighter colors. Complementary colors will make the furniture’s color pop. If you want to add a pop of color to the space, add colorful pillows to your bed.

Think about the feel you want to create in your bedroom. Do you want a softer, more relaxing vibe? An energetic, fun feel? This will impact the design decisions you make concerning your bedding.

Here are two examples of looks you can create based on the design choices you make.


To Create a Softer Look

If you are aiming to create a soft look in your space, add light pink bedding to go with the light green walls. If you choose a color that is similar to mauve, the cherry wood furniture will be complemented nicely.

Bedding colors like Plymouth pink will contrast nicely with light green walls. For added aesthetics, you can add houseplants to the room and use white furnishings to round out the design. Transparent curtains will also help with the softer look you are aiming for in the room.


To Create a Rejuvenating Space

Your bedroom should be a place where you can relax, unwind, and feel rejuvenated. The design choices you make in the space can have a big impact on whether or not that goal is achieved. If you are looking to foster a sense of rejuvenation, consider adding mint bedding to the design.

Pale mint will look good with the darker tones of cherry wood furniture. It also has a calming quality to it which makes this paint color an excellent choice if you are looking for rejuvenation.

If you want a soft combination, combine this type of bedding with beige walls. Add light flooring if you want to make a space feel more open.



Sauder Palladia Dresser, Select Cherry finish

You should also choose your rug colors carefully. The best color choice will depend on the color of your flooring.

If you have dark floors, a lighter color rug can create a classical look. In this case, beige would be a good color rug to use.

If your flooring is light, you can opt to use a gray rug to create a more contemporary feel in the room.

You can also use rugs with various colored patterns to enhance the design of your bedroom. Adding a light color rug with a pop of a bright color, such as orange, would work well with light colored flooring. The orange details would work well with the warm color palette in the room’s design, especially if the walls are a light color such as beige.

Alternatively, you could incorporate yellow if you want to have a more lively design feel. The yellow will create a contrast against the darker color furniture that will really stand out. For best results, use a lighter color paint for the walls in order to create a soft background. White or light gray are good options.


Color Schemes

As you are thinking through your design choices, it is important to consider the various color scheme possibilities.

One option is to use complementary colors. This means that the two colors are opposites on the color wheel. This results in a contrast between the colors. Complementary colors will have one warm color and the other cool color. This will create a balance.

Another option is to use a monochromatic color scheme. With this approach, you will choose various shades of the same color. You do not have to worry about having too much contrast if you choose a monochromatic color scheme. Instead, the color variations will be subtle.

If you want more variety, you can choose an analogous color scheme where you choose three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. The middle color will be the dominant color and the other two will be accent shades.

Alternatively, you could use a triadic scheme where you choose three colors that are evenly spaced across the color wheel. This will provide a contrast in a more subtle way.


Types of Cherry Wood

There are two different types of cherry wood furniture that you may encounter. One is American Cherry Wood and the other is European Cherry Wood.


American Cherry Wood

This type of wood is from the Prunus serotina tree that is native to North and South America. The trees can grow to be an impressive one hundred feet tall. Black Cherry Wood is another name for American Cherry Wood.

Wood from Prunus serotina trees is very hardy and durable. However, it is soft enough to be easily cut, sanded, and nailed as needed. The grain is often smooth and straight. This type of wood is also resistant to decay.

When the wood is first cut, it is often brown with a pink hue to it. Once it is exposed to light, the color deepens over time to a reddish brown. With age, the color continues to change and evolve into a darker, richer color.

Most cherry wood furniture is produced from American Cherry Wood.


European Cherry Wood

Another type of cherry wood that furniture is made from is European Cherry Wood. This type is made from Prunus avium, or Sweet Cherry Wood. Though it is called European Cherry Wood, it is native to not only Europe but also Asia. The wood also grows in Australia and North America too.

This type of tree can grow to be sixty feet tall. The wood is durable and strong. This makes it a great option for durable furniture. It is also considered to be one of the hardiest types of wood which makes it a good option for projects or furniture pieces that need to endure heavy use.

While hardiness can be a good thing, it also makes the European Cherry Wood more difficult to work with than American Cherry Wood. Cutting, sanding, and inserting nails or screws is much more difficult with European Cherry Wood.

When the wood is first cut, it will look pinkish brown. Over time, the color will shift to a deeper golden tan color. It is important that you are aware of this difference in color between the types of cherry wood so that you will know what to expect when your cherry wood furniture ages.

The European Cherry Wood is less popular than American Cherry Wood. Typically, the European Cherry Wood is only available in shorter lengths and the cost tends to be higher than American Cherry Wood which could contribute to its lower popularity.


What colors go with cherry wood bedroom furniture FAQ

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Does the color of cherry wood furniture change over time?

Yes, the color will get darker with age. Typically, deeper red hues emerge over time.


How should I design my bedroom if I have cherry wood furniture?

Consider the look and feel you are aiming for and the different elements that will be in your room such as the flooring, window treatments, and accessories. There are numerous paint colors that will look good with the darker furniture.


Can I add other colored furniture to a room with cherry wood furniture?

Yes, adding white, dark brown, or black furniture will work well with the cherry wood bedroom furniture.



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