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Best Paint Colors for East-Facing Rooms

Natural light has the most significant impact on the appearance of paint colors. The cast of a paint color in your area is determined by the season, time of day, and quantity of light it gets. So, today, we’re sharing the best paint colors for East-facing rooms to help you create the best color palette for your home.


FYI: Next to each paint color below is a HEX code you can google to bring the exact shade you love to your favorite paint store to match.


It’s Harder to Pick Colors for East-Facing Rooms

When picking paint colors for East-facing rooms, keep in mind that the light varies more dramatically than in North or South-facing rooms. Look at your selected samples in the morning and afternoon, whatever color you prefer.

You might be amazed at how the color changes based on the lighting and time of the day! You can practically use any color of paint in these spaces. Hence, you can enjoy how the changing direct light can give your selected color a new dimension.

The lighting properties of the north, south, east, and west each shift throughout the day and into the evening. The following are some of the elements of space with eastern lighting:

  • Rooms with east-facing morning sunlight get a beautiful, soft, clean dose of morning sun rays. However, not as intense as the golden warmth you’ll get from the sun during a west-facing afternoon. Here, you’ll notice a lot of shadows as the sun rises.
  • An east-facing room has a colder cast to the natural sunlight.
  • You can balance a space with eastern light by using the perfect paint color with the proper amount of warm and cool undertones.


Natural Light in the Morning

Best Paint Colors for East-Facing Rooms

Morning sunlight is brilliant, clear, and slightly WARM, unlike north-facing rooms, which are frigid and grayed-out. The beautiful natural light in the morning provides cool light in an east-facing room.

The lighting will gradually become brighter and whiter as we draw closer to noon. This intense light has the potential to fade colors and brighten their appearance.

There are particular paint colors you can pick from that can make an east-facing room look good in natural sunlight or artificial lighting.


Blue and Green Hues

For decorating an East-facing room, blue and green paint colors are usually suitable. However, choose blue color schemes that aren’t too greyed out, as this can ‘flatten’ the area in neutral to chilly east-facing light.

Light green and aqua paint hues like Sapling, a mellow, creamy green, can assist in infusing these rooms with freshness and delicate color.

Here are some suggestions of blue and green paint colors that work well in an east-facing room:


Sapling (CEE0BC)

Nothing is easier on the eyes than seeing this color first thing in the morning. The greenish-yellow tinge would make anybody feel relaxed before going to breakfast. It’s recommended, especially if your east-facing room happens to be your bedroom or dining room.


Ocean Air (D4E2E2)

This paint color has a paler, subdued blue tone. This medium tone has a beautiful tint of grey, and it’s both soothing and ageless, helping with anxiety and depression according to some studies. This paint will look great in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and kids’ rooms.


Spring Meadow (C8CEAE)

I can’t think of any word to describe his paint color, except SOOTHING. When presented with this palette, you think of your mood when you’re outside on a warm spring day, hence the name.

Using this color on your room walls will almost guarantee a relaxed mood that will be the foundation of everything you plan to do that day.


Cricket (A5C09B)

These muted but warm undertones that you can add are something you can’t go wrong with. Why may you ask? First, it’s easy on the eyes, unlike those bold colors people sometimes torture our retinas. Second, it tells your bran just to lay back and enjoy that visual treat. It’s the color equivalent of lying around all day on your couch.


Milk Jug (B8E3E9)

This paint is not just for east-facing rooms, but it’s also perfect for west-facing rooms because of the coolness it brings to a room’s vibe. Remember, whatever your eastern room experiences in the morning, your western room also experiences mid-afternoon.


Yellow Shades

Choosing the perfect paint color for an east-facing room isn’t just for aesthetics. It’s also choosing which color puts you in a better mood as you start your day. After all, you wouldn’t want dark, somber colors to make you feel depressed in the morning, right?

For early mornings, yellow is ideal. It will boost your self-confidence, give you a sense of freshness, joy, and brightness, and attract positive energy and people to you.

The paint colors that would give you an east-facing room some warm undertones in the early hours are:


Rajah Gold (FFE449) or Burnished Gold (E7BD42)

Rajah gold is the best paint color to bring more light and calmness into your room. It’s a light to a medium shade of yellow, making north to south-facing rooms feel serene. Aside from that, you can accompany this hue with a dark cream paint color which adds a soothing quality in cold light. As a result, you get to enjoy better sleep!


Canary Yellow (EFDE75)

Canary yellow is the best paint color for adding more energy to any space. It brightens up most interior designs, resembling sunlight. Plus, it’s perfect for making east-facing rooms more radiant. You’ll always enjoy spring and summer indoors with Canary yellow.

I recommend painting this hue with gray and violet to make the paint color better under all lighting conditions.

Overall, if you’re looking to bring the morning light into your home, canary yellow is the perfect paint color to consider.


Bright Yellow (FCE903)

Bring in the morning sunlight into your north-facing rooms with bright yellow. Unlike other paint samples, this color is bold, vibrant, and brings more personality and joy to any space. But this can be a bit too much for bedrooms, so unless you lack natural and artificial light, I don’t recommend this for your sleeping area.

Regardless, bright yellow is a laid-back paint color that can blend well with other hues. Plus, it’s the best paint color for any decor style.


Butterscotch Syrup (EBC68E)

Are you looking to bring the relaxing vibes of the outdoors into your home? Consider painting your east- and west-facing rooms with Butterscotch syrup for a more laidback and ambient feeling.

This paint color is light to medium brown, which adds sharpness to any room. When combined with the golden sunlight, you can enjoy one of the most stunning colors in the spectrum. No wonder many dub Butterscotch syrup as a delicate paint color.

Aside from that, Butterscotch syrup makes it feel like you’re bringing the morning sunlight into your house. This is the best paint color for east and west-facing rooms or bedrooms.



This color is frequently avoided because of its flaming and intense hues, but it can be used in tiny amounts. You can use this color to articulate your major paint scheme. Mixing this color with white, blue, or brown wouldn’t seem like it would work, but it does.

Some examples of orange accents that would look nice in east-facing rooms are:


Flash of Orange (FFAA00)

The color Flash of Orange belongs to the Orange color family. The color is a blend of orange and brown.


Fiery Orange (FF7B00)

Fiery Orange is a deep, autumnal orange with a hint of pumpkin spice. It’s the best paint color for a gallery wall. A great solution to lighten up the intensity of the color is by using different sizes of artwork in the same division.


L-Orange (E3622F)

This paint color is a shade of red-orange. The rich flavor of L-orange conjures up images of a scorching Mediterranean atmosphere.

It has the same potential to stand out, giving interiors a distinct and spicy edge that is difficult to achieve with any other color.

L-Orange paint color adds warmth and brightness while also being deep enough not to be dominating, and it’s highly flexible when paired with a variety of colors.


Orange Spark (FFC65A)

The color Orange Spark is a medium-light brown shade. The union of the two luxurious colors creates a rich raisin brew, a solid stretch of distinction that attracts the eye everywhere it goes — powerful, strong, and majestic.

It’s one of the best paint colors for living rooms and dining rooms because this hue gives a lively vibe. Orange Spark radiates positivity.


Orange You Glad (FEA17D)

This paint color is a medium shade of red-orange. It gives an autumn vibe to your room, perfect for cozy rainy afternoons.


It’s Just About Lunchtime

As the morning gets nearer to noon, natural lighting becomes overwhelmingly too much for the colors you chose in your east-facing room. Unlike north-facing rooms with more even light distribution, east-facing rooms get the harsh treatment — too much lighting in the daytime and too little light at night.



White is one of the neutral colors that can provide your room with warm undertones. Although it is one of the most common paint colors, making it a safe bet for kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

However, picking the correct tint for you and your area is surprisingly challenging.

As with any other hue, the decision becomes significantly more complex when considering the room’s finishes and lighting.

But, choosing white paint colors that complement your area can give the room a great ambiance, airy, calm, and clean vibe.

You can never go wrong with white paint colors. It’s one of the best paint colors for an east-, north-, south-, or west-facing room.

Below are samples of white paint colors that will perfectly fit your east-facing rooms.


Off white (F5F5F5)

White paint is the worldwide go-to because it’s a clean backdrop—a literal blank slate. However, the cool, brilliant undertones can appear overly sharp (and even hard to look at).

On the other hand, Off-white gives the impression of being softer and gentler. So, if you’re seeking a flexible hue for your walls that radiates more warmth than conventional white, this color should be on the top of your best paint options.


White Dove (HC-17)

White Dove OC-17 will never fail you. It’s white with a touch of gray to keep it from being too sharp and chilly. It appears to be pure white at first glance, but it is not.

Some off-whites can appear drab yellow or green in dim settings, while a super-pure white paint can appear practically blue. This high-gloss color creates a fresh, bright, and cheerful backdrop without being gloomy or dull.


Benjamin Moore Cloud White (CC-40)

Cloud White CC-40 by Benjamin Moore is another popular white paint color. It has a beautiful clean sharpness and provides a bit of warmth, which you can use in contemporary and traditional interiors.

Benjamin Moore knew what he was doing as this shade as it’s flexible, regardless if its high gloss or semi gloss. It goes well with the blue paint color, which gives slightly cooler hues to your east or even west-facing rooms.

It’s the ideal relaxing foundation for allowing warmer tones and textures to shine through.

So, if you’re looking to add more coolness to your artificial lighting, go with Benjamin Moore Cloud White. This one works well with a north-facing room among the other high-gloss paint colors.


White OC-145

Depending on the tone of white you choose, it might be a warm or cool color. You can use white paint with a creamy tone if you want your home to feel remarkably tranquil and relaxing. This shade of white has a slight peach undertone.


Dark Blues

Homeowners often use dark blue to signify elegance, authority, and intelligence on the color wheel’s outer bands.

This paint color instantly transforms a room into something more private and warm, making it an excellent choice for a bedroom. It’s the color of the midnight sky. Thus it’s the perfect color for sleeping in.


NAVY BLUE (202A44)

Navy blue, a deep-set hue, is perfect for adding a ‘cool light’ effect to a room. Hence, it’s ideal for south-facing rooms with greyer paint colors. Overall, this paint color makes any space feel more welcoming.

Moreover, during lunchtime or earlier hours of the day, the sun will give your space a direct hit. So, it’s crucial to choose a semi-gloss paint color that’s not too overwhelming to the eyes. Navy blue is a great solution as it emits a cool light while providing a soothing effect.

So, you can see why Navy blue and other dark blues are some of the most suitable paint colors for east-facing rooms.


Santa Monica Blue (38738C)

When you combine Santa Monica blue paint color with high-gloss coral-colored materials, you can recreate the gorgeous Prussian blue waves you’d find in the Bahamas. It’s one of the best paint colors to add to an east-facing room, reminding you of the sea every time!


Sherwin Williams Searching Blue (6C7F9A)

Searching Blue by Sherwin Williams showcases how a paint color can be relaxing and exciting! You’ll practically delve into a tranquil space with this hue while giving you more confidence. Sherwin Williams is a genius for this contradicting hue that seems to blend into any room.

Whether you have a north or south-facing room, the Sherwin Williams Searching Blue is the best paint color for optimal serenity.

No natural or artificial lighting can compete with Sherwin Williams’ cooling and calming effect.

So, enjoy a well-deserved nap by choosing Sherwin Williams’ Searching Blue paint!


Late Afternoon Vibes

If your room faces east, you’ll benefit from the late-afternoon atmosphere. The warm sunset glow is ideal for an afternoon spent outside – perfect for backyard barbeques. Because of its warm but gentle radiance, the sunshine entering your space has a soothing effect.

Neutral color paints, such as grey, tan, and beige, are ideal for this time of day.


HC-81 Manchester Tan

This paint color is a refined beige hue that evokes grand sandstone facades. It would look great in east and west-facing rooms. Besides this, this paint color complements the afternoon light well, like it would look on a poster board.


HC-45 Shaker Beige

This paint color is a kind of beige that radiates modest elegance. It looks great with light greens and whites. Besides this, this sophisticated hue is excellent for the living room and kitchen.

Imagine how relaxing your afternoon will be when sipping coffee in your favorite nook, surrounded by these paint colors and the warm glow of the afternoon light.


Balboa Mist OC-27

You can’t go wrong with Balboa Mist OC-27 if you’re looking for a neutral gray paint color for your room. A pale gray with a somewhat warm hue that goes with everything. It’s a slightly brownish color with a lot of gray undertones and a hint of green.


Hopefully one of these paint colors works well for the East-facing room in your home.



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