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When you are in the market for a slow cooker it’s important to know the different sizes of Crock-Pot that are available to you. This article will explore the different sizes of crock pots so you can best decide which Crock-Pot you should buy.


Is a Slow Cooker Worth It?

If you’re wondering whether or not a slow cooker is worth it, it all comes down to time and your cooking preferences. If you are a busy household that loves a hot meal. But you don’t have hours at night after work to make something. Then a Crock-Pot can be a great solution to coming home to ready-made meals and healthier home cooked options. There are so many delicious slow cooker recipes!

The drawbacks of a slow cooking is that you need to think out your meal in advance and prepare it. While you can put a slow cooker in an oven it defeats the point of the slower cooking process which is giving your meal many hours to cook which gives it more flavour.


What’s the difference between a slow cooker and a crock pot?

The main difference between a slow cooker and a crock pot is in the name. A crock pot is a brand name much like Apple and Sony.

The Crock-Pot has been around for decades and is known as the slow cooker of choice. But there are many other companies that make great slow cookers as well. Crock-pot is a brand household name, much like Advil is to ibuprofen or Google is to Web searches.

If there is any difference it is in how the stoneware crock is heated. Slow cookers traditionally have an element on the bottom of the crock. Crock pots have a heating element that wraps around the sides and one that sits on the bottom. The cooking method is the same for both.
Just know that we are using the term interchangeably.


The different sizes of crock pots

Crockpots range in size from 1.5 quarts to 12 quarts. We will explore the different sizes and what each one is best suited for so you know which Crockpot is the best one for you to buy. All of these have the same cooking crockpot temperatures it’s just a matter of the volume of food you will be cooking in it.


Small Crockpots (Under 3 quarts)

These smaller crock pots are great for single serving meals, and the smallest ones are good for warming up dips and keeping them warm for when you’re hosting or at a potluck. These tiny ones are perfect for a cheese dip.
Depending on your appetites and how many leftovers you want a crock pot under 3 quarts can feed two people, or one person and have leftovers.


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Medium Sized 3-4 quarts

At 3 to 4 quarts crock pot is perfect for a family of four. It also serves nicely for creating separate vegetable dishes for larger groups and warm desserts for larger gatherings. These ones are in the oval and round shape.

As long as you don’t have a sweet tooth like mine in which case 3 to 4 quarts is perfect for one person with a massive sweet tooth. 🙂

A family of four would find a 4-quart crock pot to be a perfect size.


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5-6 quarts

Most households have more than one slow cooker, it just makes life easier.

This size of crock pot is most commonly seen in households; it is an oval shape and is commonly referred to as the “main Crock-Pot”. That’s because this is the one that you make all your large meals with such as stews and larger dishes.

If you are hosting a larger gathering it’s common to have your roast or stew in the 5 to 6 chord and veggies or desert in the 3 to 4 quart slow cooker.


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Full Size: 7-8 quarts

This size of crock pot is perfect for larger occasions or cooking a larger chicken or other larger cut of meat.
Any slow cooker that has 7 quarts or more is for cooking a large amount of food. These are typically the ones you see brought to potlucks and they can accommodate feeding large families or small gatherings of 2 to 4 families depending on the recipe in the Crock-Pot.


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Large 10 Quarts and more


Most of the crock pots that are larger in size like the 10 at court and the 12 quart crock pots are multi-use ones similar to an Instapot. Though there are specific 12 quart sized crockpots. These can do more than just slow cook they can also boil and have multi functions


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Multi-Sized Crock pots

Of course if you can’t decide which crockpot size is best for you you can always pick this 3 pack set of crockpots that will help you cover all of your bases. Check it out here. 


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Which Crock Pot size is best?

Ultimately the best crockpot is going to be the one that is best suited for your needs both now and in the future. These are a pretty affordable household appliance so there is no need to over think it. Personally I would go with a 8 quart one. It’s big enough to handle most larger meals and you can still use it as a family of 2 to 4 people the only thing that might change is the leftovers.


You + Sharing This = Us as Best Friends