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Making meals in a slow cooker is an easy way to have a nice hot meal ready for you when you get home from A Hard Day’s Work.  One of the more confusing things about Crock Pots (or slow cookers) is that you don’t know what temperature you are actually cooking your meal, since the display only says high or low.  This will clear up crock pot temperatures And let you know how hot a Crockpot can get.


What is the Best Temperature for Slow Cooking?


The best temperature for slow cooking will depend on how long you are cooking your meal.  Ideally if you are cooking it on low you will want it to be low enough that you can cook the food while at the same time not too low that your meal spoils or doesn’t cook properly. 


Crock pot temperature guidelines


The last thing you want to do is over cook your food, but if a recipe calls for 8 hours on low and you only have 6 hours what do you do to get your dishes ready faster? Luckily there are some crockpot temperature guidelines to help you if you need to cook a meal faster, or give it more time. This can help you plan your slow cooker recipes.


  • 4 hours on low is the same as 2 hours on high 
  • 6 hours on low is the same as 3 hours on high 
  • 8 hours on low is the same as 4 hours on high 


Before you eat any meat out of your crockpot always make sure it has the right internal temperature. That way you know the meat is properly cooked and you can avoid any food related illnesses. If you ever need to more heat you can put the crockpot in the oven, well at least the crock part of it.


What is the average cooking temperature of a Crockpot on low?

The average temperature of a Crockpot low setting is 200 degrees Fahrenheit.  A decent amount of crock-pot recipes set on a low cooking temperature will be for 8 hours. The longer the cooking time in the crock-pot the more the flavors can simmer and develop making for a much more tastier meal. 


What is the average cooking temperature of a Crockpot on high?

The average high cooking temperature of a Crockpot is 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically recipes with the high setting on a crock pot will cook for 4 hours.


What is the average temperature of a Crockpot on the warm setting?


If you have a crockpot with a warm setting The average high cooking temperature of a Crockpot is between 165 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. This setting is for keeping the meal warm after it is prepared. You won’t want to leave it on this for a long time as it can dry out your meal. 



How to Test Your Slow Cooker Temperature


If you think there may be a heating issue with your slow cooker here is an easy way to test it out. Fill the slow cooker with water about half way and turn it on low for 6 hours with the lid on. After the time is up, have your thermometer ready and dip it into the water immediately to test the water temperature.  If the temperature of the water is below 185 degrees Fahrenheit it’s likely that your Crock-Pot has a heating issue.  

If the cooker temperature is over a 185 it’s not a cause of concern but you may need to adjust your cooking times to ensure that you don’t overcook your food. This works for all sizes of crock pots.




You + Sharing This = Us as Best Friends