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20+ Practical Housewarming Gifts (they will love!)

Here are the Best Practical Housewarming Gifts

Moving is not something everyone looks forward to. It will be days of endless packing, transporting, and unpacking. But once some of the dust settles and the new movers have sort of settle down, a housewarming party is a great way to welcome them into their new place. A well-timed and meaningful housewarming gift is only going to make them feel a little more at home. Here are some great practical housewarming gifts. Best of all, they are all on Amazon, and most are 2-day shipping with your Amazon Prime membership.


Robot Vacuum

Keeping a clean house when you first move in is hard (even cleaning a stainless steel sink has its own challenges). One of the easiest ways to keep the rooms in a house clean is making sure you have a clean floor (everything ends up on the floor). An iRobot Vacuum is an amazing gift and super practical. This one can handle pet fur and is an Amazon choice product, so you are getting a great robot vacuum at a really good price.


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Every homeowner will need a set of tools. We have a whole article dedicated to the must-have tools for homeowners. If you are looking for a great and practical housewarming gift, a cordless drill will get used more than you can imagine. These are the best cordless drills for homeowners, but if you want our quick recommendation, the Dewalt is a great balance between functionality and price. Read our full Dewalt review for more information. 


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Visa Gift Card

A visa gift card is always a practical gift because they can use it anywhere. This is perfect for Amazon or any online retailer (here’s how to use a Visa gift card on Amazon). If you are wanting to get them something they will use but aren’t sure what they need, you can’t go wrong with this type of gift.



Cutting Board

This is one of the things people forget to buy for themselves when they move. It’s a must-have kitchen essential, and it will get used daily, making it one of the most practical housewarming gifts you can get. This 3 pack of bamboo cutting boards will last a long time and makes a super nice gift idea for new homeowners.


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Chess Set

If you’ve ever been inside a fancy house, you’ll notice many of them have a nice chess set either in the sitting room or their living room. Chess is a classic board game, one that has existed for close to a thousand years. Almost everyone knows how to play chess, and even if you’re gifting it to someone who doesn’t, it will be a great chance for them to learn how to play.

As a tip, choose a set that is made from hardwood or marble. When displayed, this can elevate the vibe of the room, but it can also be tucked away when table space is needed.


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Retro-Inspired Electric Kettle

A charming little addition to the kitchen, a retro-style kettle is going to bring class and a sense of nostalgia into their morning brew. This is especially useful for those who are still heating up their coffee water on the stove or, god forbid, on their microwave. An electric kettle will look nice on the counter, center isle, and even on the dining table. Not only that, it guarantees that hot water is always a push of a button away.


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Stylish Pitcher

A ton of stylish and classically design pitcher is available online. These are great ornamental pieces for the home, somewhere to put flowers in, and as a pitcher for drinks. Going for something made of ceramic with beautiful and intricate design details will put a little oomph in their new kitchen and a great way to remember you by every time they see your gorgeous gift.


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Personalized Pots

A lot of people have taken to plants and gardening in recent months. So much so that prices for ornamental plants have skyrocketed, and pots are selling like hot commodities. Even if the new homeowners are not into plants, a set of personalized pots with their names on them are great home furnishings they can use to hold fresh flowers and dried plants. And who knows, maybe your gift will be the spark that will ignite their passion for planting and sprout their green thumb.


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Coffee Machine: Best Practical Housewarming Gift

Coffee makers are always a safe choice as a housewarming gift, especially when you know the receiver is a coffee fan. And although most people own a coffee machine, having an extra one just in case is always a safe bet. You can get the machine that comes with different flavor coffee pods. There are many of these types you can find in coffee shops and online retailers. The new house owners will thank you for your perfect gift every morning once they smell and sip a delicious brew.


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Wooden Drink Coaster


To make sure that you help the new homeowner preserve the look of their furniture, a nice set of coasters is always going to be appreciated. Not only will it preserve the beauty of their coffee tables and countertops, when you go for a nice hardwood set, it will be a nice tabletop ornament that also serves a function. To step it up a notch, there are a number of brands that offer to engrave initials or names of the receiver. Level this up with your favorite bottle of wine.


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Smart Device


In the past, home security meant an expensive and complicated camera network that needs a professional to run and maintain. Nowadays, the technology has evolved so much so that a simple nanny camera with a voice recorder that you buy at any home goods store offers the same feature as other more complex systems.

Anyone will appreciate receiving something like a wireless spy camera or audio voice recorder as a housewarming gift because it means helping them keep their new home safe and secure.


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Serving Trays

Serving trays are the kinds of gift that when you receive them, you’re not really sure if you need them, but when you do need one, you’ll be so glad you have one ready. Trays are not only used to serve food from the kitchen to dinner table, but you can use them to bring food into rooms for when someone is sick in bed or bringing food in front of the TV. A great option would be to give personalized trays to make the gift meaningful.


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Kitchen Utensil Set

When family and friends have just recently moved, unpacking can take a long time. They might not always know where their things are especially small ones like kitchen utensils. You can make their move a little easier by giving them a nice set of stainless steel kitchen utensils they can use immediately instead of sifting through boxes after boxes looking for the whisk, spatula, or a pair of tongs. You’ll help them settle right into their new home by being able to cook their favorite dish right away.


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Table Napkins

Not a lot of people use table napkins daily during mealtime, which is why this practical housewarming gift has fallen out of style. But when it is needed, it would be nice for the new homeowner to pull out something that reminds them of you. Table napkins come in a variety of colors and designs, and they are a sustainable alternative to paper napkins. And if you really want to make it more personal, you can make the napkin set yourself since they’re quite easy to do with a little sewing skill.

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Knit Throw

A home wouldn’t be complete with a chunky throw. They are great for snuggling in the living room while watching a nice movie or a great accent piece, especially when they come in a nice bold color. A good durable one can be used not just in the living room but also on the porch for when the new homeowner wants to chill and hang out outdoors. There are numerous options for beautiful throws online, or you can make one yourself to put more meaning into the gift.


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Three-Wick Scented Candle

In the past, candles are seen as practical gifts when electricity wasn’t as common. And then it became handy in a couple of times that power goes out. Now, candles are seen as items you use to elevate romanticism and when you want to pamper yourself.

A three-wick scented candle not only provides light in the rare occurrence that blackout happens, but it can also be a means to destress after a long day of work. A scented candle can be paired nicely with a warm bubble bath which a lot of people need after a day full of unboxing and rearranging in their new home.


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Serving Platter Set

Whether you go for a hand-painted set or one that has a unique design, a serving platter set is a great housewarming gift. It can be used on a daily basis as well as on special occasions: the more unique the design, the better. Asymmetrical platter sets are all the rage recently and are a great way to inject a little quirkiness into the dining table. It can be used as a display piece or one intended to be used in every meal.


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Salt & Pepper Shakers

A set of salt and pepper shakers are a great way to dress up a dining table. And it’s a great way to make them feel a little more elevated and refined in their dining experience as opposed to bringing the entire jug of salt and pepper grinder on the table. Going for a fun set that also comes with a tray will make their table in their new home a point of interest and a topic of conversation when they have guests over.


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Ornamental plants

It seems like plants have become the new pets, and pets have become the new children. Everywhere you look, people are posting their collection of ornamental plants, whether it’s a single succulent on top of an office desk or a Garden of Eden right in someone’s living room.

What makes ornamental plants great practical housewarming gifts are they are very low maintenance. Some indoor plants thrive when little attention is paid to them. All you got to do is place them where they get a little bit of light, water them a couple of times a month, and then left alone.


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Customized Floor Mat

We often see the classical doormat with cliche letterings emblazoned on it. And although their message is purely secondary to their primary function – which is to clean the soles of guests – gifting a tired old mat doesn’t sound so appealing. Instead, you can give friends or family a customized front door mat with a preferred message. Popular options for lettering are witty jokes or a special quote that the homeowner truly believes in.


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Picnic Blanket

When the weather’s nice out, a lot of people love to go on a picnic where they can enjoy the great outdoors, even when it’s in their local park or somewhere farther away from home. And a picnic won’t be complete with a nice picnic blanket.

If the new house movers have a nice yard or balcony in their new home, giving them a beautiful and durable picnic blanket would be a great way to help them make the most of their outdoor space. Make sure you choose one that is waterproof and something with a carry handle.


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Family Name Sign


Nothing is as satisfying as being handed a key to your very own house. Whether it’s their first-ever house or their third, the magic and excitement still linger. A great way to help the new homeowners move into their new castle is by giving them a personalized name sign that they can hang proudly outside, either by their gate or their front door. Including their move-in date will make the sign much more meaningful and nostalgic as time goes by, making this one the best practical housewarming gifts.


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Dish Towels

Dish towels are one of those things that you simply can’t have enough of. Whether you use it as a potholder or to wipe down the table and countertops, having multiple sets of these means you always have a fresh one handy while the others are in the washer being cleaned. Get a set in varying colors to easily distinguish for its multiple-use and make sure it’s made from durable material, so it lasts longer.


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Coffee Table Book

You can add to their collection or get it started by giving them a beautiful coffee table book. There are tons to choose from. Art and travel ones are always popular. There are also glamorous fashion-focused books on Amazon that explain the history and legacy of different fashion houses. Or give them a book centered on the city or region they just recently moved in to help them get to know their new home.


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Final Thoughts on Best Practical Housewarming Gifts

No matter which gift you get a new homeowner, it’s the thought that counts. There are always new things needed when you move into a new house and by bringing them something more practical you will find that they appreciate it and use it. In the end, the perfect housewarming gift is a  practical housewarming gift that gets used. That, my friends, is a double win!


Practical Housewarming Gifts For New Homeowners

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