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I used to hate hanging pictures. The idea of putting holes in the wall of my house just didn’t sit well with me. Eventually thins would get moved and you would have to putty the hole and Then I discovered these amazing velcro strips and they have been a game change.  This article will show you how to hang a picture without nails quickly and easily. Damage free decorating at it’s finest!

What do you need to hang a picture with out nails

First you will need a pack of these velcro command strips. You will need a different size of strip depending on the weight of your picture.

All of these you can get with your Amazon Prime 2 day shipping. 

You will also need a few other things to make the job easier.

Will hanging a picture with velcro damage my walls?

The packaging says that the strips will come off the wall without doing damage. This has been the case for us in all but one instance.

That one time was on an outside wall and it could have been due to the extreme temperatures we have here throughout the year, or that the picture had been hung for several years. There is a specific was to remove these strips and if you don’t follow it there could be some damage to the wall. 

How to hang a picture without using nails


Hold up your photo and decide where you want it. We like to measure and place it in between then mark the wall with our pencil so we know where to put it when it’s time to install. We mark the top two corners and come back to erase them later.

Step 1: Clean the surfaces 

After you know the weight of the frame and picture, give the back of the frame a wipe and give the wall where it is going a wipe and make sure it dries. 

Step 2: Remove things from the back

Once it’s dried you will want to remove any bumps from the back of the frame so the portrait can stay flat against the wall when you put it up. 

Step 3: Apply the strips to the back

Peel off the plastic back of the velcro strip and press firmly slightly below the corners of the frame. Do this 4 times to make sure the frame will sit flat. 


Step 4: Put the second strip on the first strip

Attach the other side of the velcro strip to strip that you have put onto the back of the frame. You can also do this in combination with step 3 if you find it easier. This frame had an edge on it so I wanted to make sure it could fit the strip once applied.

Do this for each velcro strip you installed in step 3.

frame with velcro commang strips on back

Step 5: Removing Backing

Peel off the backing of the velcro command strips that you attached to the frame. 

Step 6: Place the frame

Line up where you want the picture to be and press the frame against the wall and hold for 30 seconds. 

Step 7: Remove frame

Lift off the frame from the bottom of the wall and apply pressure to the velcro strips that are stuck to the wall to ensure that they are firmly pressed against the wall. 

Step 8: Reapply the frame

Reapply the fame against the wall using the marks you made earlier and your level to see that it is straight. Because of the velcro it’s a lot easier to make slight adjustments to get the frame perfectly level. Press for 30 seconds.

Step 9: Clean up

Erase any pencil marks on the wall, and clean up and garbage. 

You’re done!


Final thoughts on hanging a photo without nails

This is a pretty easy thing to do, all said hanging this photo took us less than 5 minutes and only costs a few dollars for the strips. If you are testing out pictures in different places, or just don’t want to put holes in your walls, then I recommend these velcro strips. They are very versatile and useful.

Click here to buy them on Amazon. 


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