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How Do I Keep the Felt Pads on Chair Legs?

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Have you ever wondered, “How do I keep the felt pads on chair legs?” I don’t know about you, but I feel like I find those felt pads everywhere when I use them.

Many types of self-adhesive felt pads are available to purchase, and choosing the right one can help ensure that the felt pads are kept on your chair or furniture legs for a longer time.


Are self-adhesive pads meant to stick forever? Also, how do felt pads work?

How Do I Keep the Felt Pads on Chair Legs

Self-adhesive felt pads underneath chair legs can last up to about six months or less. You can use other materials to make felt pads under chairs. You can attach some of them using a pre-drill method, strong glue, or adhesive tape. 

A variety of pads to use under a chair’s legs has evolved over the past 100 years or more. One of the 1st United States patent documents for this invention dates back to December of 1916 by (reference to the United States patent documents) Hachmann. 

About five decades later, in February 1962, Kristek filed an update that can be seen under the United States patent documents for a way to protect floors from furniture. 

One of the latest patents for pads that can be found (under patent number 6869052) was filed on September 8, 2003. The inventors of this particular invention patented an update to this invention on March 22, 2005. The inventors were James Keast and Martin Downen, 2005. Here are a few ways you can keep felt pads in place under virtually any chair’s leg!


Valuable Solutions

There are some valuable solutions that you may use to make sure that removable felt does not drop or fall from your chair feet. Before getting started, it’s important to make sure the area is clean where you intend to put padding. This can be done with a few steps and may not take that long depending on how much debris is under the furniture’s legs or even table legs!

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Option One: Cleaning The Area

Your first option is to clean the bottom of the chair legs with a strong rubbing alcohol that is denatured. This is because the central reason why the past may be falling off of your furniture legs or chair legs is because of the residue and debris that is found underneath.


Cleaning tools

  • Putty knife
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Cloths for cleaning
  • New pack of furniture pads
  • Paper towels


Use your paper towels to wipe away any loose debris and dirt from the chair legs or furniture legs. Next, carefully use a putty knife to remove any sticky residue or heavily concentrated debris. When using a putty knife, it’s important to carefully remove the sticky residue to prevent damaging the furniture. 

Also, when using a putty knife to remove adhesive residue, it is important not to make any large indentions or a lot of small scrapes under the chair leg. A smoother surface can help the adhesive from the furniture stick better after the area that will be used has been cleaned.

Third, dab a small amount of denatured alcohol on a cleaning cloth to remove additional buildup from up under the chair leg so the padding will stick better and last longer. Last, dry the area with a clean paper towel and apply your new furniture pads accordingly.

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Option Two: Using Hot Glue Gun

The second option that you can take after you have cleaned the surface accordingly is to use a hot glue gun with glue sticks to make sure that the thick felt pads will stay on the chair leg for an extended amount of time. It is important to distribute the hot glue under the bottom of the chair legs evenly. 

Also, it’s important to use a small amount of hot glue. When you use a small amount of glue from the glue gun, it can be easier to replace the felt pads with glue again after about six months or so.


Option Three: Size Corrections

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The third option that you can use is to use the correct size pads for each of your chairs. This may seem like an obvious option. However, the variety of felt pads available today has increased and this is compared to 30 years ago. That type of pad that you use dictates if it will stick and stay on the surface longer.  

It is possible to help to protect your floors from scratches by using the right size pad for your chairs’ legs. It is important to know that there are different shapes of padding available today as well. 

All chairs are not uniformly designed, and this variety helps you to solve this problem more easily. For example, you may want to use a corner-style felt pad to fit chair legs with square legs or box-shaped legs. In addition to this, there are a variety of strips available that you can cut to size or use as they are found in the package.


Option Four: Nail or Tack-On

There’s a fourth option you can use to make sure that your furniture pads do not slip or fall off of a chair leg ever again before their life span. These options include nail or tack-on furniture pads made of felt materials.

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Most tack-on options come in a kit that you can use easily and can be applied to a chair leg quickly with the right tools. The only thing that you need for the nail-on option is a small hammer. However, it is essential to follow all directions when using a nail-on option to prevent damage to your furniture that may be permanent.

How Do I Keep the Felt Pads on Chair Legs

You can use a small hammer for the tackle for the tack-on option if you are careful, but it’s better to use a small rubber mallet instead of a metal hammer. When using a rubber mallet, you can help protect your furniture from dents and scratches as you try to tack on the felt pad on the bottom of your chair legs.


Option Five: Padding Socks For Chair Leg

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Padding socks are the fifth option that you can use to protect your floors from scratches and dents from chair legs. This is an option to use instead of felt pads. There are many types of furniture padding socks available. Some are made of felt padding or a combination of felt and rubber.

Usually, this option comes with everything needed to get started and is simple to use and can be fast to apply to any chair. 

When purchasing padding socks, look for the different sizes and materials available to best protect your flooring. It is important to use the highest quality product available when using this option, and many of the options available that are high-quality are patented.


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