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Getting a new refrigerator is always exciting. If you are at all like me you probably had a few questions when they brought it in. In case you forgot what they told you here are some quick answers for your new refrigerator.

How long does it take for a new refrigerator to get cold?

Once you get your new refrigerator and plug it in you’ll naturally wonder how long it takes for your new refrigerator to get cold. Typically it will take 24 hours for your refrigerator to get cold once you have plugged it in for the first time.


How long should I wait before plugging in my refrigerator?

We got a new refrigerator and the movers took it downstairs. They cautioned us that because they had to carry the fridge horizontally that all the freon would need to settle. They told us to wait 24 to 48 hours before plugging in the refrigerator because the freon needs to settle for it to properly function. Doing so earlier than that could cause issues. 

Once you have your refrigerator plugged-in you’ll naturally ask, “how long do you have to wait to put food in a new refrigerator? After 24 hours of  leaving the refrigerator plugged in. It should be cool enough for you to start putting food in the refrigerator.



Why is my new fridge not cold?

Getting a new refrigerator is very exciting. Fortunately if you just plugged in your refrigerator and it’s still warm you’re wondering, “why is my new fridge not cold?”

This is because it takes time for the refrigerator to start the cooling process and cool off both the fridge and the freezer. This process for cooling the refrigerating unit can take up to 24 hours and sometimes longer depending on conditions.



How long do you have to wait before putting food in a new refrigerator?

You can place food into your refrigerator 2 hours after plugging it in however this can take longer for the refrigerator to get to the ideal temperature.


How to make your refrigerator cool faster

There is no secret to making your refrigerator cool faster once you plug it in for the first time. Some refrigerators may have a Turbo Cool mode, but the best way for a refrigerator to get to the right temperature is to give it the 24-hours it needs to get to the right temperature. The other thing is to not open the door during that time. When you open the door the cold air comes out and you inevitably delay how fast the refrigerator will actually cool off


Other notes about your new refrigerator

Once you plug in your refrigerator listen for the compressor to click on you should be able to hear it and know that it is fully operational. 

One thing to look out for is some refrigerators turn onto a default Demo Mode as this is common for floor models in stores. Make sure to turn off demo mode after you turn on your refrigerator after you plug it in. 

Otherwise you could wait the 24 hours and find out that it hasn’t been cooling the whole time because demo mode typically does not fully cool the refrigerator.


What is the right temperature to store food at in a refrigerator?

 The FDA recommends that your refrigerator temperature be at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a key feature to slowing the bacterial growth in your food.


How long will my refrigerator take to make ice ?

Once you have plugged in your refrigerator and wait at the 24 hours needed you can start to make ice. depending on the temperature in the freezer it can take anywhere from 6 to 12 hours for the fridge freezer to make its first set of ice cubes. make sure that the water connection is secure and turn on so that the water can start flowing through to the refrigerator 


How long does it take my fridge to start cooling and freezing?

As soon as you plug your refrigerator in you should hear the compressor click on within a matter of minutes and at that point it will start to cool. it will take several hours however for the refrigerator and freezer to reach the desired temperature .

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How long does it take the refrigerator to get cold after being off?

If you have been out of the house for a while or have a fridge that you haven’t been using and decided to unplug it it will still take 24 hours for the refrigerator to get cold again. 

If the power has gone out and the fridge has stayed closed the whole time it can take an hour or more depending on how long the power has been out for it to get back to it’s normal cooling temperature.

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