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Free Printable Weekly Meal Planner

When you are trying to keep your weeks organized a weekly meal plan goes a long way. A weekly meal planner can help you organize your week and keep you on track for your grocery shopping, and help you save money too. Here is our free weekly meal planner in a printable pdf.


How to use a printable weekly meal planner

The way we use our weekly meal planner is very straightforward.

First print off the weekly meal planner template, then at the bottom of each day we write any events that are on for that day.

So if we have a haircut on a Tuesday and won’t be home later we plan for an easier supper. That way we aren’t getting take out because we don’t feel like cooking. Also we aren’t feeling stressed by having to cook a large meal that night because we know we are short on time.

After we have written down all of our events for the week, we plan out the meals one day at a time. Every time we add a meal we check our pantry and fridge to see what we need. Any items that we need get added to the grocery list at the same time.

This has the ability to make sure we have everything we need for our meals. While at the same time cutting down on our food budget because we are only buying what we need.

By taking 5 minutes to think through the week we add clarity to our meals and know that are able to handle the cooking.

Throughout the week,  we go through our weekly meal plan. Every night after supper we look ahead to the next day to see if any foods need to be taken out of the freezer to thaw. If there is any prep work can be done the night before we do it.

Ideally we would prep everything on the weekend but that rarely happens for us. But having vegetables cut the night before makes cooking a lot easier after work. When it comes to cooking a meal, having things ready to go helps a lot.



Weekly meal planning tips

A few meal planning tips to help you out can go a long way. They can cut time down in the kitchen on weeknights.

Stick with what you know.

Meal plans can get unnecessarily complicated. When you are starting out with your meal planning, stick to the basics and go from there. you can always add in new meals as you go along but in the first weeks the big one of the best tips for meal planning is to make a simple meal plan that is easy to make and you are more likely to stick with it. Also delicious meals go a long way when it comes to wanting to stick to a meal plan. You may want to start with some healthy meals or favorite meals. Do whatever keeps you motivated. 😉


Know the plan ahead of time

Successful meal planning comes From knowing what the week ahead has in store for you. for example if you know you have an activity right after supper it’s best to prepare and plan for a short meal that’s easy to cook. This is where a crockpot dinner or a one-pot meals can be a godsend.


Make your grocery list and meal plan at the same time

When you’re making your meal plan for the week, make sure to have your grocery list next to you to include all the items that you will need. this can go a long way to saving you money when you shop for food both in the store and online. one of the best budgeting tips is to always shop from a list and meal planning is no exception.


Leftovers are a lifesaver

Cut down on your meal prepping, make larger meals and use the leftovers as lunch or supper the day after. This can go a long way and cut down your time in the kitchen and having delicious food at the same time. you’ll be surprised but there is not as much effort to make a large meal then there is to make a whole separate meal.


Be realistic about your days

It’s nice to think that we all want fancy dinners every day of the week, but the effort to cook a meal on a Monday night isn’t the same as it is on a Friday night or Saturday night. I know how you feel during the week normally and plan your meals accordingly. Breakfast for supper can be a quick and easy meal on nights where you come home feeling tired like a Monday.


Portrait Weekly Meal Plan Sunday Start

We’ve included two weekly meal planners to help you start your week off right, and finish your week strong.

This weekly meal planner can help you finish off the week strong and plan everything you need to get your week off to a great start.

free printable weekly meal planner



Cute Weekly Meal Plan – Monday Start

This cute weekly meal plan printable is a great tool for organizing your weekly meals and giving your meals the organization that it needs.Weekly meal plan printable

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