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DIY Moving Binder: Everything You Need For Moving

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When it comes time to move, you are going to have what feels like 987,345 things to do. Without a moving binder, things will be forgotten, items will be misplaced, you will leave the dog behind, and you will naturally develop the first grey hairs of your life.

So let’s get organized with a moving binder and avoid all that, shall we?

Here is everything you need to make your own moving binder.


How to Make a Moving Binder

Making your own moving binder will take a bit of time but can be done. Here are the supplies you will need.


Moving Binder Sections

Your moving binder will need to have several different sections to keep everything organized and easily accessible, which is why you need the dividers. The sections you should have in a moving binder are:

  • Change of address list
  • Moving Calendar
  • Moving Checklist
  • School Information
  • Utilities (details and contacts)
  • Open House Details
  • House Colors (paint for each room, trim, door color, floor colors)
  • Contractor Information (contacts, estimates, and contracts)
  • Renovation Schedule
  • Moving Schedule
  • Moving Budget
  • Moving Contacts (costs and contract)
  • Room by Room Inventory List
  • Mortgage information
  • Storage Rental Information
  • Mover Contact information
  • House Plan and Room Layouts
  • Map
  • Receipts
  • Password Tracker 

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Let’s go into detail about why you need these moving binder sections and what you should be putting in each of them.

Change of address list

You’ll be changing your address, so make a list of all the places that you will need to notify.

Moving Calendar

There will be a whole bunch of different things happening when you move. Keeping track of your moving timeline in a calendar is the easiest way to keep sane and organized.

Moving Checklist

Having a complete moving checklist is a must. There are so many things to do when you are moving from one house to another, and it amplifies when you are moving to a new city. Having a thorough moving checklist is a good way to make sure you are completing everything that needs to get done.

School Information

You will need to contact the current school and the new school and arrange the records to be sent. It’s a good idea to get a copy for yourself as well.


Moving necessitates that you are going to need to contact all of your utilities and service providers to let them know that you will be stopping services or transferring your account to a new house.

Open House Details

If you have yet to sell your house, or your home purchase is depending on you selling your house, then you will want to have all of your house items organized and ready. This will include where you need to be when the open house is happening, where to go while the house is open. What items need to be moved out and other relevant information for your open house.

House Colors

Moving into a new home means new colors. Unless your furniture happens to go with the walls in your new home, you are going to want to paint and change things around. It’s always easiest to do this when you are new to the house and haven’t unpacked. It’s not always possible. But it’s best if you can. Keep all of your house samples (like flooring, carpet swatch) and room colors in this section, so you know what you need and how much paint you need to buy (a rule of thumb is 400 square feet per gallon). Use a paint calculator to see how much you need for each room.


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Contractor Information

If you are doing renovations before you move into your new place, this section is of huge importance. Keep all of your contractor estimates, contracts, and budgets in this section. You will also want to have your contacts of all of your contractors.

Renovation Schedule

Renovation timelines are key when you are moving. Make sure you have tased with your contractors and laid out everything that needs to happen and by when to keep the renovation on schedule. A renovation planner or remodeling planner is a good idea to have at this point if you are doing the Renos on your own.

Moving Budget

Moving isn’t exactly cheap, but it can be done. Still, it’s a really good idea to keep an eye on all of your moving costs and make sure you aren’t going crazy with everything. (hint: find free moving boxes as soon as possible).

Moving Contacts (costs and contract)

Before you pick a mover, call several and compare costs. Get quotes from at least 3 or more places and enter your costs into this section with all of the estimates so you can easily compare costs and pick the right movers.


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Room by Room Inventory List

When you finally pack everything up, you will want to keep track of everything. Your role on moving day will be helping and directing traffic. Knowing what boxes go from room to room in the house and inspecting them for damage is going to be a big part of the day.

Mortgage Information

This can include bridge financing, mortgage documents, bank contacts, and anything else you have relating to the selling of your existing home and buying your new one.

Storage Rental Information

If you are renting a storage pod or using a storage container, you will want to enter all of the information of the storage company and keep your contract in here so you can refer to it when you call them.

Mover Contact Information

Whether you are hiring a moving company, putting your items in storage, or getting your friends and family to help you move, put all of the contacts that will be helping you in this section so you can get them quickly. If you are thinking, “I’ll just leave it on my phone,” you may not have reception where you are or something else strange. A paper copy guarantees that you will have the numbers when you need them.


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House Plan and Room Layout

Unless you are building a custom home, you likely won’t have blueprints of the house. Get some graph paper and sketch out the dimensions of each room. This will help with painting, organizing the rooms in the house, and furniture layout.


Get a paper map of where you are going. You never know when your data is going to run out or just flat out have no cell reception. A map fixes this, and it’s totally old school.


Use this section to keep track of all your receipts. Depending on your reason for moving and the tax laws, you can claim some or all of your moving expenses. Plus, it’s good to have if you have to contact people about an item after you settle in.

Password Tracker

Call me crazy (you wouldn’t be the first), but I don’t like the idea of all my passwords being stored somewhere. I know you can do it everywhere, but there are certain ones I don’t want to be saved anywhere but in my head. Except my memory is terrible. So I keep everything on a password tracker so we can

Other Things to Include in Your Moving Binder

There are likely other things that you are going to need in your moving binder. Keep another section at the back of the binder for taking notes, other items that pop up, and things that don’t fall into all of the other categories. You’ll be happy to have this.

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Final Thoughts on Moving Binders

This might feel like a lot, and it is. That’s because moving is a big undertaking, and you want to make sure you are properly prepared for everything so you can move with confidence and ease. This moving binder will be a godsend for you when you get going. If you are needing moving day essentials items, we have some you can get as well as things to do after you move into a new house. To make sure you are covered every step of the way.

You + Sharing This = Us as Best Friends

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