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30+ Luxury Custom Home Features For Your Custom Built Home

Building a custom luxury home typically means making a lot of decisions. Heated floors? Real stone countertops? Stylish clawfoot bathtub? Super-size garage? Luxury custom home features are subjective, of course, and your planning will also touch upon less-extravagant features as you design a space that is truly customized for your comfort and living. 

If you’re looking to build a custom home, here are 32 custom home features you should consider.

Luxury Custom Home Features

  1. Heated floors. You can opt for electric or water-based heating systems, which are both installed underneath the floor.  
  2. Real tile instead of laminate. Consider choosing high-end tile work in the master bathroom and leaving the other bathrooms with simpler, less expensive options until you’re ready to take those spaces to the next level.  
  3. Real wood flooring. By installing real wood flooring, you can avoid future renovations that will likely become expensive. You can even upgrade your wood flooring by incorporating a fun layout or pattern, such as herringbone, chevron, basket weave – or other attractive geometric patterns. 
  4. Energy-efficient and tilt-in windows. There are a variety of custom luxury window options for your home. Tilt-in windows are easy to clean and, depending on the style, can allow hot air to leave a room quickly from the top section. Energy-efficient windows can offer more effective insulation, which can ultimately reduce your home energy bills.  (Speaking of cleaning, make sure you have this cleaning checklist to make sure you are cleaning everywhere you need to in your house. 
  5. Large garage. You can customize everything from flooring and interior storage to the aesthetics and number of vehicle spaces.    
  6. Garage for other types of vehicles. This garage could be as big – or as small – as you’d like to accommodate other vehicles such as ATVs, golf carts and motorcycles.  
  7. Elaborate bathrooms. Create a luxurious space by installing porcelain or marble features or a clawfoot tub. You could even add unique lighting such as chandelier and spruce up the walls and floors with tile. 
  8. Whirlpool baths, hot tubs and home saunas. Nothing says luxury like a relaxing, spa-like experience in your own home.  
  9. Favorable views. When choosing where to build your new luxury home, consider the scenery and landscape from every angle of the house.  
  10. “Hidden” appliances. Give your kitchen a clean, modern look with a refrigerator or dishwasher that blends in with the cabinets. You can also tuck appliances such as toasters into an appliance corner cabinet with its own outlets.
  11. Heated driveway and roof systems. Make snow and ice removal easy and efficient with a heated driveway (these usually don’t work on gravel driveways if you live in the country), which eliminates the need for shoveling or paying someone to plow. Also, most systems require minimal maintenance, if any. A heated roofing system will prevent dangerous icicles and ice dams and accumulating snow that could potentially cause roof damage.  
  12. Real stone countertops. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, these options are extremely durable. They can withstand hot plates and resist scratches, which means you can cut right on the counter without damaging your knife! Some of the most popular materials include granite and marble. This is a custom home feature many people want, just make sure you pick the right type of sink



Lifestyle Custom Home Features

  1. Separate or additional entryways. If you’re customizing your build, think about entrance options. Sometimes it’s useful to add a back or side entrance to minimize foot traffic in other parts of the home, especially if you have younger or older generations living with you, which can call for more independence. 
  2. Central vacuum system. This built-in cleaning option is easy to use, efficient and allows you to leave the bulky portable vacuum cleaners (and their cords) behind. 
  3. Additional storage space. If you know you’ll likely need more space for cleaning products and linens, for example, you can customize additional storage options and ensure that you have an adequate amount of room. 
  4. Hidden washer/dryer. If you’re looking to make your laundry room “invisible,” consider installing pocket doors in front of your washer and dryer – or a divider within the room. You can also install these appliances underneath (or within) cabinets, under countertops or a set of stairs. 
  5. Pool/patio. There are a multitude of design options when it comes to pools and patios, so you have to consider the size and scope of the project and which materials you’ll use. Some questions to consider: Will your pool be in-ground or above ground – and in what shape? (Rectangular, circular, kidney, etc.) Do you want to elevate your patio by installing steps? Which materials will work best with your environment? 
  6. Basketball or tennis court. Create your own athletic space by installing a court in your own backyard! Just make sure to check with your local zoning office as there may be permits needed and regulations to follow.  
  7. Home gyms. Upgrade your in-home cardio and strength-training space by creating a personalized gym that fits your workout needs. Options include a pullup bar, weight machines or sets and cardio equipment such as a treadmill or a stationary bike. Or join the hottest new fitness craze with remote coaching classes such as Peloton.
  8. A panic (or safe) room. If you are looking to take extra safety precautions against potential severe weather, a home invasion or another life-threatening emergency, consider the installation of a room that is safe, reinforced and well-stocked with necessary supplies. 
  9. Wine cellar. A customized wine cellar can feature everything from brick and stone to tile and wood. You can also opt for a variety of bottle storage options and temperature control that will keep your vino in prime condition. 


Convenience Custom Home Ideas

  1. Outlets. It’s important to consider whether you need to add more outlets during your custom build – and where to place them within each room.  
  2. Light switches. You can take your home lighting to a new level by opting for switches that are motion-controlled, automated, or that pair with your smart devices. 
  3. Swing direction of your doors. It’s not something you might think about, but which way does each door swing? Where are the door handles? You may want to customize these options to ensure that your space is comfortable and easy to navigate. Plus, there’s even the option of creating a door that swings in both directions. 
  4. Height of countertops and cabinets. Even though there are standard measurements, you can customize the height of your kitchen countertops and cabinets so that your space will fit your exact needs. 
  5. Thermostat controls. In addition to energy-efficient and digital thermostat controls, there are also options that work with your smart devices – so you can control your heating and cooling remotely. There are some great smart thermostats on the market now. 
  6. Overall layout. Building a custom home means that you can personalize your space based on your desires and needs. Do you want to add an extra bathroom or a mudroom? Looking to create an office or a finished basement for extra space? The options are endless.



  1. Gated community. If you’re looking for more privacy, safety and security, consider building your new home in a gated community. Since all vehicles must travel through a monitored entrance, you will also see less traffic and solicitations.
  2. Long driveway. A long driveway will allow you to create beautiful landscaping that will welcome visitors as they drive up to your home. It’s also a way to create more privacy, especially if your house is set back and away from the community. 
  3. Home security system. This is a great way to add extra safety precautions to your new home. Plus, if you’re installing a wired system, it’s often easier to install wiring during construction. Wireless systems are also available. You can install motion-activated cameras to be notified of any unexpected visitors to your home. You can even get smart locks to allow people in remotely when you aren’t home
  4. Privacy trees, bushes, fencing, etc. If you’re looking to enhance your privacy, consider planting fast-grow trees or bushes or installing a fence that will provide more seclusion. 
  5. Intercoms. Install an outdoor intercom to communicate with visitors. You can even upgrade with a video system so you can see what’s going on.


Of course, these are just some of the countless details and features you may wish to consider. From flooring and real stone countertops to home gyms and patios, there are numerous luxury options to think about when planning your future home.  Unlike resale homes where the seller is looking for the cheapest way to sell a house, custom homes are offering a different experience. 


Author Bio:

Paul Kerrigan is the Chief Operating Officer at Chinburg Properties and has been with the company since 1993. Paul oversees all aspects of construction from sales through closings, including customer service. He has been instrumental in Chinburg’s safety program and implementing the employee review system. Paul’s main responsibilities have primarily been the residential sector of the company. Cutting edge products, value engineering and focusing on the environment has been the most recent focus. 

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