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Moving into your house means that you are going to need a lot of different things. From pantry staples to appliances and closet hangers, there are a lot of things that you need to get in your new house. But one piece of furniture is more important than all the others. It is, of course, your couch. But which is the best couch? There is a lot of personal choices, and as someone who has bought several over the past few years. There are many factors that come in.

Here are some of the best couches we could find no matter what your price point is.



This is what I used to consider a starter couch. It’s always comfy and affordable. Plus, you can buy covers and change them up whenever you need them. What blows me away on these is the price.

You can get these sometimes for less than a couple hundred dollars, and they are the perfect piece of furniture to start with.

I’ve had my futon frame since my first place, and it’s still in my office (new mattresses and covers because they are so cheap to buy), but they are so versatile and useful that it’s hard to let it go.


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Zinus Jackie Soft Grey

This couch is a nice one that comes in several different styles and colors. What I love about this one is the look and the texture of the couch. It also comes in the box. This is a great thing. If you have ever had to move a sofa around a tight corner, a box can be a lifesaver. It seats 3 and is 36 inches high in the back and 20 inches deep.

The video on setup shows how easy it is.

It’s an Amazon Choice product, has a 4-star rating and over 206 ratings, so it’s definitely a good choice. Plus, it’s not much more than a futon.

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Grey Weave Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa Couch

I’ve been really into greys; lately, I like this one. It has a decently high back and comes in several different color options, as well you can get the other pieces of furniture with it (chair, loveseat, sectional and ottoman).

This is a reasonably priced piece of furniture, and it comes with a 4.5-star rating on Amazon with over 500 ratings, so it’s definitely worth considering.


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Modern Sofa Mid Century

I did a doublet are on this one when I saw it. This was currently a deal when under $400, and you can get it and the love seat as well.

It’s a nice addition and coming with firm cushions, so if you are looking for a nice black sofa, this is one to consider.


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Stone & Beam Lauren Leather Couch

This is a down-filled oversized leather sofa. This one is by far the most expensive couch on here; part of that is the hardwood frame. But the real reason is leather. Our first couch and loveseat were leather. It was more expensive, but it was so worth it! We still have it 15 years later.

The nice thing with leather is that it’s durable, easy to clean, and lasts a long time. There are definitely less expensive options on here, but I have to say if I’m buying a piece of furniture for the long term, I’m buying leather every time.


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What to Avoid When Buying a Couch

I’m going to leave you with the best couch buying tip I can come up with. When you are looking at couches, loveseat, and chairs for your living room, you will naturally consider the price. Depending on your house timeline for this couch, you may want to spend a little more or less.

What I Would Never Buy Again

It wouldn’t be a Millennial Homeowner article without a personal warning. Stay away from bonded leather. We were unlucky to buy it, and everyone in the store told us it was just as good as leather. The material is made from leather pieces (were talking flakes), and they are bonded together (hence the term bonded leather). Within one year, the material was flaking off, and it was terrible. It lasted two years before we couldn’t deal with it anymore. Every time we sat in it, pieces would flake off to the floor. The next one we got was real leather, it’s not cheap, but neither is buying a second living room suite two years later.

Final Thoughts on the Best Couches for Your First House

You will go through a lot of furniture in your life. Some will be great, and others not so great (see the bonded leather example above). But no matter what, you do know that there are some good deals out there at some very good prices.