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What Is The Temperature In My House? Find Out Here

If you were to ask yourself, “what is the temperature in my house?” you likely would have no idea what the answer is. So your next thought may be to figure out how to measure room temperature on your own, which is what this article strives to help you with!

You may need to check room temperature readings in your home for many reasons. There is more than one way to measure temperature that you can try today!

What Is The Temperature In My House

What is the temperature in my house?

To find out the temperature of your house, you will need a thermometer or a smartphone. As you would expect in the modern-day household, most of us don’t have a thermometer anywhere in our homes. So, you’re more likely to find out your room temperature with a smartphone.

Much like a real thermometer, you can use a digital thermometer app on your smartphone to find out the temperature inside your home.

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Why you may need to know your home’s temperature

There are many reasons you may need to know the room temperature of your home that you likely wouldn’t think of until met with a situation. For instance, if you bought a new pet, you must ensure your home temperature is in line with the animal’s environmental requirements.

You may also have purchased a product, such as food, that will go bad when outside a certain temperature range.

If you own an air conditioner, you’ll likely be familiar with the remote control’s ability to change the temperature. However, it is important to remember that this figure only represents the temperature your air conditioner strives for. This is often inaccurate.

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Measuring home temperature

How to measure your house temperature

There are a couple of ways to measure the temperature of your house. They all predominantly rely on the functionalities of a thermometer in one way or another. More often than not, people will use a smart thermometer on their smartphones. This can measure room temperature by downloading one of the many thermometer apps available.

Of course, the trusty old glass thermometer can still acquire an approximate temperature reading for a fairly reliable result.



It’s no secret that the age of the “brick” phone is long gone as we are now well into the age of smartphones. Millions upon millions of apps are available for all smartphone owners that assist us in daily living. The smartphone gives you access, whether it’s a translator app, a banking app, or a thermometer app.

The best part is that most apps come at little to no cost. Many useful free apps are available for both iPhone and Android devices.

Many people are unaware that smartphones use in-built sensors to measure the phone’s temperature to protect it from dangers such as overheating. As such, you probably won’t be surprised that your smartphone can also work as a thermometer. Simply download the thermometer or temperature reading app.

Some popular apps in this category include Smart Thermometer, Digital Thermometer, and iThermometer.

Once you’ve compared ratings and read reviews for each app, you can decide which one you want to try. I’d recommend going with a free one first. Next, you can search for and download a smart thermostat app using the app store on your iOS device or the Google play store on your Android device (1).

Upon accessing the thermometer app, you can access a range of features that can assist you in measuring room temperature. Simply go to the temperature settings of the app and select Celsius or Fahrenheit as preferred.

You can use any thermometer app to give you a general idea of the various temperatures inside your home.  Maybe some apps can give a more accurate measurement, but it’s a good start. Most people would go for the free apps available, but if you want the most accurate reading of your temperature data, then I would suggest going for one of the paid options.

In any case, your smartphone will use its temperature sensors to monitor your room’s temperature. Then, it will deliver a fairly accurate reading of your room’s hot or cold at any given moment.


Digital or electronic thermometer

Checking the temperature of home

If you do not use a smartphone or prefer a dedicated air temperature reading device, you can opt for a digital or electronic thermometer. The most accurate reading can be obtained with a digital thermometer simply by installing it on your wall. Or, keep it somewhere safe and stationary in your room.

These electronic thermometers provide faster readings than smartphone or glass thermometers and are generally more precise.

On the downside, the digital/electronic thermometer is one of the more expensive options on the market. Albeit they can be a worthy investment for the right customer. This is because the digital thermometer can do much more than just track temperatures, though this may depend on the model you purchase.

For example, electronic thermometers can also measure the room’s humidity level. This gives you more information about your room’s hot, cold, or warm.

Other digital thermometers are equipped with storage data that allows you to save previous temperature readings. Then, you can compare them with current and future readings. This allows you to keep track of changes in the weather or to determine the actual results of your air conditioner or heater on your house temperature.

By keeping track of your household’s Fahrenheit/Celsius degrees, you can help keep the entire family comfortable. In the end, you get the relaxing atmosphere of your preferred temperature.


Glass thermometer

Glass Thermometer temperature keeping

Glass thermometers may not be the most sophisticated way of measuring indoor temperature these days. Still, they provide plenty of information to understand your overall house temperature. These thermometers work by using a glass tube filled with liquid (usually red colored) and measuring labels in Fahrenheit, Celsius, or both.

First, you install the glass thermometer on a wall or equivalent. Then, you can observe changes in temperature by monitoring how the liquid rises as the room heats up or drops as the room gets cooler.

For safety, choose a glass thermometer that does not contain mercury, as this highly toxic element can be dangerous if the tube breaks (2). You should also keep the thermometer away from hot sources. This not only results in the tampering of accurate temperature readings but also threatens the thermometer’s structural well-being.

On the plus side, the glass thermometer is a great alternative to measuring house temperature. It allows you to save energy as it does not require electricity or a phone device to function.

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What is the temperature in my house FAQ


How can I check temperature in my house?

There are several ways to check the temperature in your house, the most common being via smart thermostat apps that can be downloaded on your mobile device. Other options include electronic thermometers for accurate readings or glass thermometers that give you more energy savings.


Can a smartphone be used as a thermometer?

Most people nowadays use a smartphone to measure the temperature of their house or individual rooms. This is because smartphones come with temperature sensors originally built to keep track of the battery temperature, but have since been improvised to detect outside temperature.


Is there a thermometer on iPhone?

Like any smartphone, the iPhone also comes with in-built temperature sensors that can be used as a thermometer provided you download and install a smart thermostat app. These apps are usually free and there are many popular ones to choose from (such as iThermometer), offering unique features such as different readings and data storage functions.


Is there an app that tells you the temperature inside your house?

Yes, popular thermostat apps such as Digital Temperature or Smart Thermometer can be used to monitor the temperature inside your house. You can also find out the temperature of your phone’s battery and monitor its health using such apps, as smartphones are built with temperature sensors to help you do so.

Questions about temperature in house

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