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What is a Deep House Cleaning?

Have you ever wondered, “What is a deep house cleaning?” If you’re hiring out cleaning, you might notice that some cleaners offer deep house cleaning in addition to regular maintenance. Deep house cleaning is great if you haven’t cleaned in a long time or if you are selling your house. 

Plus, there are numerous benefits associated with having a clean house, ranging from physical ones to mental health ones. However, deep cleaning your house is probably not your favorite task on your to do list. This is why deep house cleaning services exist. If you do not want to do the projects yourself, you can hire them out and buy back your time instead.


Why is a deep clean needed?

Basic cleaning is important, but a deep clean is more detailed and comprehensive. While you may get away with tackling routine cleaning tasks on a weekly basis, a deep clean occurs less frequently but addresses more areas. While you may vacuum or sweep weekly, when was the last time you dusted the door frames or the crown molding?

Deep cleaning helps keep your house looking nice and removes tough stains or grime that builds up over time. Many of the deep cleaning tasks could be thought of as preventative maintenance to help keep your house looking nice and functioning properly.


What is the difference between a regular house cleaning and a deep cleaning?

Regular house cleaning occurs on a routine basis, such as weekly. The main goal of this type of cleaning is to maintain the home and keep up with basic cleaning tasks. Tidying up a room, taking out the trash, cleaning floors, and dusting are common tasks associated with regular house cleaning. This type of work is less labor and time-intensive than deep cleaning.

On the other hand, deep cleaning goes even further. It is focused less on tidying and more on getting rid of dirt, grime, soap scum, and similar annoyances that build up over time. Sanitizing or disinfecting are also common elements of a deep cleaning that set it apart from standard cleaning.

Deep cleaning tasks also include elements such to clean light fixtures, dust crown molding, dust ceiling fans, wash light globes, clean shower head, disinfect small appliances, scrub floors, disinfect light switches, clean the inside and outside cabinets, and disinfect toilet seat and base. It is important to routinely sanitize and disinfect surfaces to keep your family from getting sick from germs.

For this reason, deep cleaning involves more detailed work which takes more effort and time. Deep cleaning should occur on a regular basis, such as spring cleaning, but it does not occur weekly.


The Kitchen

You probably clean your kitchen pretty regularly since it is a frequently used space. It is important to keep your kitchen clean to ensure that bugs are not drawn in by food crumbs on the counters or floors.


Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning tasks for the kitchen include wiping down the counters, disposing of the trash regularly, cleaning the stove and sink, and ensuring there are no food or beverage remnants on the kitchen surfaces.


Deep cleaning

If you are deep cleaning your kitchen, you are scrubbing grease off of the stovetop or floor, cleaning out the oven and microwave on both the inside and the outside, and cleaning out your refrigerator and dishwasher. Polishing stainless steel appliances is also part of deep cleaning your kitchen, as is disinfecting the sink.

The cabinets, baseboards, and window sills should also be wiped down to remove any dust that has accumulated. Likewise, you should wipe down the light switch plates and door frames too.

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Living room

In most houses, the living room is a frequently used space. It is great for hanging out, relaxing, and socializing. Since this is a space that guests often see, you probably do a pretty good job of keeping it tidy. This can help make your guests feel more welcome and your home feel warm and inviting.


Regular cleaning

Tasks such as vacuuming or sweeping the floor or dusting the furniture are common regular cleaning tasks for this area of your house.


Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning the living room goes more detailed and includes tasks like wiping down baseboards and window sills, dusting chandeliers and ceiling fans, dusting blinds and vent covers, and vacuuming the furniture or other upholstery.

Cleaning the remote controls and light switches are also important elements of deep cleaning. Cleaning floors involves not only vacuuming the carpet area or sweeping or mopping hardwood floors, but also scrubbing to remove scuff marks and being mindful to clean wall corners too.

You should also dust lamps to ensure they are clean. Additionally, dust electronics such as the television to remove any dirt or dust that has accumulated on the screen or around the base of the electronic. Deep cleanings often go a step further and disinfect remote controls and other commonly touched surfaces.

Once common spaces like the living room are cleaned, they can easily be maintained with weekly regular cleaning. The living room does not require deep cleaning as often as other rooms of the house, such as the kitchen or bathroom, since the space is not used to prepare food or exposed to water.

Your kitchen and bathrooms, on the other hand, are more likely to get dirtier faster and require deep cleaning services more often.

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Your bathroom is likely one of the most frequently cleaned rooms in your house. Regular cleaning is important to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.


Regular cleaning

The routine tasks such as cleaning the toilet, wiping down the counters and sink, cleaning the shower or tub, and taking out the trash are important. However, you should not just stop there. Regularly deep cleaning your bathroom is important too.

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Deep cleaning

When deep cleaning, you are going beyond the basic cleaning tasks and cleaning items that are not often cleaned or sanitized. For example, you may regularly wipe down your shower, especially if you have a glass shower door, but when was the last time it was sanitized?

Tasks like disinfecting the tile, shining chrome fixtures, and cleaning light fixtures are common elements of deep cleaning. You should also dust baseboards, lights, window sills, and the bulbs in the bathroom.

While you likely remove the trash regularly, you should also disinfect the trash can when you are conducting a deep clean.

Spring cleaning, or deep cleaning, will help break down soap scum and deep grime. Do not forget about the accessories in your bathroom. Clean the soap dish, toothbrush holders, and other items on the vanity too.

If you see mold or mildew in your bathroom, this is a great time to treat it chemically. You should also scrub the tile located on the walls or floors. Unclogging drains is another common task when engaged in deep cleans.

As you can see, there are a wide array of tasks involved in deep cleaning. This is why some people opt to hire a cleaning company and outsource the cleaning services instead of spending countless hours scrubbing every nook and cranny of a house.



Your bedroom’s cleanliness can set the tone for your day and affect the quality of sleep you enjoy. After a long day, the bedroom is a place to relax. By keeping the room tidy, you can help calm your mind.


Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning tasks include changing the sheets, vacuuming the floors, and dusting the furniture.


Deep cleaning

While changing linens is part of regular bedroom cleaning, deep cleaning takes it a step farther and includes tasks such as cleaning pillows and comforters. When you wash pillows and the larger bedding items, you are able to really refresh your space.

You may run your vacuum over the commonly used walkways in your room on a regular basis, but deep cleaning will include removing any items stored under your bed and vacuuming under there as well to enjoy a clean floor near where you are sleeping.

You should also clean mirrors regularly. Wipe down the glass with a glass cleaner to enjoy a streak free shine. Additionally, wipe down the frame of the mirror to remove any dirt or dust that has accumulated.

Clean lights shine brighter and can make a room feel larger. In addition to wiping down the fixture, be sure to clean the light globes as well.

Dusting the furniture is important. Do not just think about the big things like the dresser, table, or chairs. This also includes any cabinets, as well as baseboards and window sills in the room.

Don’t forget to dust edges as well as flat surfaces. You should wipe down any photo frames or knick knacks too. The door frames and light switch plates should also be cleaned when deep cleaning your bedroom.


When is a deep cleaning necessary?

Generally, a deep cleaning is an occasional service and there is a specific purpose that you either set aside time to tackle the projects yourself or you hire professional cleaners. For example, when you first move into a new home, it is a good time to perform a deep cleaning.

This is true regardless of the condition the previous owners left the house in. It is nice to start with a clean, fresh slate, so deep cleaning the house either before you move in or right after you move in is a great idea.

If you are opting to use a cleaning service, you may wish to start with a deep clean and then move to regular routing cleaning services. This way, you start from a nice point of a house that has undergone a deep clean, and then you work to maintain that level of cleanliness.

Another common reason people engage in deep house cleaning is because they are hosting a big event at their home. Whether it is a holiday, or a party, or an event, when your house has been deep cleaned, you can rest assured that things will look nice and guests will not be turned off by grease, dust, or gunk around the baseboards, appliances, or anywhere else in the house.

Spring cleaning is a popular time for a house to undergo deep cleaning. By tackling those often delayed home cleaning tasks, you can have your space feeling extra clean as the seasons change. Standard house cleaning is worthwhile and important, but you should also make time to clean on a deeper level too.


Benefits of hiring a cleaning service

There are a variety of reasons why a person might choose to hire a cleaning service instead of doing the tasks themself. For one, the cleaning service has a process in place.

The house cleaners know what to clean and how to clean it. Their expertise allows them to tackle hard to reach areas with precision and get the dirt and grime where it tends to hide.

Additionally, the cleaners will have the necessary supplies in order to do a good job. This means you no longer have to buy an assortment of cleaning products to keep on hand. By hiring a deep cleaning service, the workers will know how to appropriately clean different areas safely and efficiently.

The most common reason people hire out for house cleaning is because of the time it saves. The workers can come while you are at work or while you are home and take care of the tasks you have been putting off or just do not want to do.

Not only do you no longer have to do the tedious tasks yourself but you are also left with more free time to spend with friends and family or doing things you enjoy.


What is a deep house cleaning FAQ?


What is included in a deep clean for a house?

A deep house cleaning service goes beyond routine tasks and includes a lot of sanitizing, disinfecting, and wiping down surfaces that are often overlooked such as picture frames, window frames, and trash cans.


How do I prepare my house for deep cleaning?

If you are tackling the project yourself, consider downloading a deep cleaning house checklist so you can be sure to hit all the main tasks. Then, make a plan for what you will do when and gather the necessary supplies to get started.


House cleaning checklist

If you are ready to get started deep cleaning make sure to download our house cleaning checklist.

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