Student Loan Refinance Calculator

student loan refinancing

Written by Andrew

February 19, 2020

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Having a bad student loan can hinder your financial progress. But there is a way out. You can refinance your student loans at a better rate and save money. See how much you can save with our student loan refinance calculator.

What you will need to use the Student Loan Refinance Calculator?

To get started with the student loan refinance calculator you will need 3 things:

  1. Your original loan amount,
  2. The interest rate you are paying
  3. The term for paying off your loan


Should I Refinance my Student Loans?

When you are refinancing your student loans there are a few things to consider.

First will it save you money? By refinancing your student loans at a lower rate you can save a lot of money in interest. This can have a huge impact on your finances. By refinancing your loan at a smaller interest rate you could save money on interest over the life of the loan and lower your payments allowing you to free up money for other things.

Second will it lower my payments? Depending on your goals for refinancing your student loans you may want to lower your payments. Maybe you underestimated how much you could handle every month. Maybe the pay at the job you got is less than you were expecting. Whatever the reason, by refinancing at a lower rate you can lower your payment and possibly still pay it off in the same time.


Other Student Loan Calculators

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You + Sharing This = Awesome!