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How to Keep a Carpet Runner From Moving on Carpet (7+ Ways)

Many people layer a rug or runner on top of their carpet, but they don’t know how to keep a carpet runner from moving on carpet. At first, the design looks nice and layered, but then it quickly gets irritating because the runner moves every time someone walks on it.

Here’s how to stop that from happening.

Materials Needed

Step 1: Double Sided Tape for Carpets

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Using double-sided carpet tape is the most effective option to use to keep your carpet runner from moving on the carpet. As the name implies, this carpet tape has adhesive on each side. So, one side will stick to the carpet runner, and the other side will stick to the rug.

Please note, however, that using carpet tape that has rubber adhesive damages carpets because it pulls or peels off carpet fibers when removing them.

Step 2: Non-slip Rug Grippers (AKA Rug Pads)

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Non-slip rug grippers are very affordable and a very reliable option to use. Just install the grippers, like you would two-sided tape, which includes installing the grippers to the corners of the rug to keep it from buckling and curling at the edges.

Rug grippers work better on low-pile carpets, though. Rug grippers move along a long pile. So, a rug pad will be better for high-pile carpets.

Furthermore, non-slip rug grippers can be used on different types of carpets and floors due to their multiple-purpose ability. For one, these devices have powerful adhesive technology. They have rubber at the bottom of the grip and plastic at the top part of it to grip the carpet.

It’s safe to use these on carpets because it’s won’t leave behind residue.

Step 3: Velcro (Hook and Loop) Fasteners

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Most people don’t realize you can use velcro on your rug. You can buy it in strips to attach your runner to your carpet.

Velcro isn’t as good as the two previous steps mentioned above as it could damage the carpet if you try to remove it.

Step 4: Carpet Pads

Veken Non Slip Rug Pad Gripper 8 x 10 Feet Extra Thick Pads for Any Hard Surface Floors, Keep Your Rugs Safe and in Place, Under Carpet Anti Skid Mat

Carpet pads can also prevent a carpet runner from slipping on the carpet. These pads allow for some adjustment and control by adding friction that would be between the carpet and the rug.

The key is to keep them lying flat, in place, and stuck together, which is made possible with the bottom part of the runner having friction.

Step 5: Caulking Inexpensive Rugs

Silicone caulk is another idea that could keep your carpet runner from bunching up or sliding on your carpet. However, it is best to use this on inexpensive runners or rugs. Caulk could permanently damage them. So, only use this if none of the other steps work and you have old carpet you’re not worried about messing up.

It is very easy to install silicone caulk. First, just apply it to the corners of your rug. Also, add a few lines of caulk to the center area of your rug. Then, use a putty knife to smooth out the caulk. This is needed, so you won’t have a hard strip feel as you you walk over the rug. 

Allow the caulk to air dry for at least 24 hours. Then, place the rug on top of the carpet and allow the strips to grip the mat. 

There is, however, a major drawback of using caulk on your rug. This drawback includes you possibly needing to pull at the carpet fibers to remove the rug, especially when it comes to a high-pile carpet. Additionally, when you remove the rugs or runners for cleaning, you may have to peel off their fibers.  

Step 6: Using Furniture to Anchor The Rug

TRU Lite Extra Strong Non Slip Rug Pad - Non Slip Furniture Pad - Indoor Carpet Pad for Hardwood Floors - Anti Skid Mat - Anchors Rugs to Floors - Trim to fit Any Size - 5' x 8'

Using furniture to anchor huge rugs is one of the easiest and best solutions to keep the rug from moving. However, some finesse is needed. 

So, be careful not to hide the beauty of the rug when you anchor a sliding rug with furniture. The main goal should be to keep the aesthetics along with the home decor. 

You can place furniture, such as upholstered chairs and heavy sofas, at the corners and edges of your area rugs. Otherwise, you can use an ottoman or a heavy coffee table and place it in the center of the rug. With this, you can ensure the mats are visible and held in place. Please note, however, that the other side that doesn’t have furniture anchored on it may still curl up at the corners or move. 

How to Keep Rugs From Slipping on Carpet FAQs

Do rug grippers work on carpets?

Yes, they work on carpets. However, they don’t work as well on thick carpets with long carpet piles.

Is it really necessary to put a rug over a carpet?

It’s the best way to prevent wear and tear on your carpet, especially if you have light-colored carpets in high traffic areas. It’s also necessary to extend the life of your carpet and to cover up worn-out fibers and stains. You won’t have to replace your carpet or hard floors as quickly if you use a high-quality carpet pad under your runner rugs.

How do you stop a carpet runner from moving on the carpet?

Non-slip rug grippers or rug pads are made purposely for anchoring carpet-to-carpet, such as rug pads that are made of natural rubber and felt. Other than that, you can use double-sided rug tape or silicone caulk.

How do I anchor an area rug over my carpet?

Using rug grippers is great for keeping rugs in place. Furniture also anchors the area rug over the carpet. Good furniture to use includes tables, coffee tables, couches, sofa chairs, and dining room tables.

What is the best double-sided tape for carpet?

The Sugarman Creations Strongest Double-sided tape generally has good customer reviews. Other than that, check customer reviews on Amazon or other retailers about different types of double-sided tape.

Does double-sided carpet tape damage the carpet?

No, as previously stated, it is the most effective option to use to keep your carpet runner from moving on the carpet. It doesn’t damage because it doesn’t pull the carpet fibers and doesn’t leave a residue when removing it.

How can I remove the double-sided tape from the carpet?

First, use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat the areas that have double-sided tape installed. Doing this softens the adhesive. Afterward, pull off the rug tape. There shouldn’t be any residue left or carpet fibers pulled due to the melting of the adhesive.

As always do your own research and use your best judgement when it comes to installing a runner over your carpet.

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