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Hilti Drill Review: Is it the best power tool?

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Hilti is perhaps the most high-end power tool manufacturing company on the planet. Their cordless tools are top-notch and their cordless drills are absolutely superb in quality and prestige, and this article will explain exactly why that is the case. In this Hilti cordless drill review, you will learn all the ins and outs of the brand, what they offer, how they weigh up against other cordless drills, and a segment for frequently asked questions to clarify some concerns that may be on your mind.

By the end of this = drill review, I hope you will have the tools of knowledge and the market awareness to make the best choice for your next cordless drill, and most importantly, whether buying a Hilti cordless drill is right for you!


Hilti Cordless Drill Review

Hilti Cordless Drill Review

What’s included

  • 18 Volt Cordless Impact Driver with ¼ in Hexagon Snap Chuck
  • 18 Volt Cordless Hammer Drill/Driver with Keyless Chuck
  • Soft Case
  • 2 x 18v Lithium-Ion Batteries



  • Top of the range cordless drill with 18 volts of energy usage
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Four built-in bright LED lights for direct illumination of work surface with charger
  • Ergonomic grip and trigger for optimal comfort and ease of use
  • Brushless motor for longer-lasting results per charge
  • Three gears and electronic speed control for seamless switching between driving speeds
  • 20 year limited lifetime warranty



  • Not very suitable for homeowner tasks, designed for construction work
  • Range of products not as wide as Dewalt


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Hilti Drill Features

The Hilti Cordless Drill Kit comes with a hammer drill/driver and an impact driver so you can drill holes and deal with bolt screwing and unscrewing. Both have all of the basic functionalities you would expect in a brushless hammer drill and cordless drill kit.

This drill has a great torque range topping out at a maximum torque of 250 pounds. The Li-ion batteries ensure that you can get a good amount of battery life and maintain power while on the job. 

As a heavy-duty impact driver designed for heavyweight construction, this drill is great on worksites for drilling holes in tough materials, such as thick woods and concrete. It delivers an impressive amount of torque.  Provided are two lithium-ion batteries with a charger pack for long-lasting results and a superior energy capacity of 18 volts of power per cycle.

This set comes with Hilti’s Active Torque Control which quickly stops in case the drill gets caught up, this is a nice protective feature for homeowners and construction people. It’s also a nice tool that is light and easy to use. 

Working has never been easier and clearer with direct illumination on work surfaces with four built-in LED lights. Complete with an ergonomic grip and trigger as well as a 20-year limited lifetime warranty, there is nothing left out with this Hilti cordless drill combo kit.

Learn about the difference between brushless vs. brushed drills here



The Hilti 18v Cordless Drill Combo Kit comes with a quality guarantee, and this is evident through the included 20-year limited warranty and highly renowned reputation of the brand. In addition, this item boasts a strong 4.3 stars rating on Amazon reviews and features many high-performing perks that can’t be obtained from other cordless drill brands, making it especially suited for heavy-duty construction work. This is a quality tool combo kit. 



The two batteries in this cordless drill combo kit are both lithium-ion battery packs that are rechargeable (charger provided) and have a superior discharge cycle life. Lithium batteries are known to last longer than other batteries, such as alkaline because they are a lighter metal with higher energy density, which means they can store more electricity than regular battery cells. Built to last up to 500 discharge cycles (and at least 300), the battery packs in this kit will last up to 3 years until they need to be changed. 


Price Range 

Naturally, as the top-tier cordless drill brand, that is, the “high-end stuff,” Hilti drills are priced above the average amount you would expect to pay for a cordless drill. You’re looking at somewhere between 500 and 1000 for Hilti cordless drill products, which is not a bad deal for the right person.

Overall, I would say that Hilti cordless drill kits are priced high for the average buyer but a great bargain for heavy-duty construction workers who can get the most value out of it. They are definitely a higher-priced drill, but if you are looking for something that has a solid performance and can handle the coldest weather, then Hilti’s are great. They are used by construction crews everywhere, demonstrating their durability. If you want the best, Hilti is a safe bet. 


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Who is this drill best suited for?

The Hilti cordless drill is best suited for heavy-duty construction workers that work on tougher than usual surfaces, such as hardwoods, metals, and concrete. The superior rotational speeds of Hilti’s brushless high-efficiency motor and triple gears produce a greater torque that can drill through almost anything on the construction site.

While these drills can definitely be used for home tasks, you are better off going for something less extravagant and more tailored for homeowner drilling work. Stepping up to brushless tools is a nice upgrade that you will be happy to have done. 


What are people saying about it?

This Hilti cordless drill combo kit received 4.3 stars on Amazon ratings and generally has many positive comments and praise from homeowners and construction workers who use the drill, both regularly and casually. Surprisingly, not many people complain about the price, likely due to Hilti’s high-end reputation on the market. Those that purchase Hilti cordless drills tend to know what they are doing and have a solid understanding of the brand’s true value and how to extract it.


About Hilti

Founded in 1941, Liechtenstein, brothers Martin Hilti and Eugen Hilti began the company in the town of Schaan and had ambitions to expand to a global scale. Their first big breakthrough came in 1957 when the Hilti brothers and their company developed the first powder-actuated tool in the world, the DX 100. As a result, Hilti expanded to about 30 countries by the 1960s, the decade in which they also developed the first electro-pneumatic hammer drill, the Hilti TE 17, as well as the first mechanical anchor system.

The 60s was perhaps the most crucial decade for Hilti, as it laid down the groundwork for the rapid expansion in the 70s. By this point, Hilti had established the Hilti Entwicklungsgesellschaft (try saying that one out loud), also known as the HEG, in Munich, Germany, whose primary goal was to develop drilling technologies and anchor systems. Martin Hilti’s son, Michael Hilti, became the CEO of Hilti in 1982 and essentially led the company for a decade or so until the position was finally taken over by a non-family member in 1994, Pius Baschera.

The company was awarded the “Carl Bertelsmann Prize” in 2003 for its exemplary corporate culture due to Hilti’s excellent training programs for its employees worldwide, as they continue to uphold incredibly high standards of manufacturing and development excellence.

Hilti is led by its newest CEO Cristoph Loos, who was appointed in 2014, and the company now exhibits a BIM Experience Center in Rotterdam, where guests can experience the digital evolution of construction projects Hilti’s innovations are brought to life (1).


How do Hilti Drills Compare to other brands?

If you are wondering how Hilti stands up to the best-known power tool brands we have compared other quality toolmakers to Hilti below to help you decide if these are the right power tool collection for you. 

Hilti vs. Makita

The main differences between Hilti and Makita are the countries of manufacturing, the drill’s construction, and warranty. Hilti is born in Liechtenstein while Makita is Japanese, but both have been around for about as long as each other (almost a century).

While Hilti is generally higher in quality and longer-lasting, Makita boasts a far wider range of tool models and product lines, which provides more options for homeowners. They offer many solid performers in the drilling range from cordless screwdrivers to 18v drills. 

On the other hand, Hilti drills have longer warranties (20 years), while Makita’s warranty ends after 3 years. Overall, Hilti is a better choice for construction workers, while Makita is best for homeowners working on smaller, more specific tasks. Read more about it in our Makita Cordless Drill Review. 


Hilti vs. Dewalt

Hilti is the powerhouse of cordless drill manufacturing and is essentially the “high-end” brand of power tools. With an even greater quality and durability than Dewalt, Hilti drills are built to last the distance.

Dewalt has a greater range of product lines to choose from, so you may prefer the brand as a homeowner. Hilti also has a far superior warranty which extends to 20 years, unlike Dewalt’s comparatively minuscule warranty of 3 years. You could expect to pay a lot more for Hilti due to its elite level of quality and warranty, tailored for heavy-duty construction such as concrete and masonry work.

Go for Dewalt if you are looking for less ambitious tasks and if you are after more variety. They have great battery life and offer both corded and cordless power tools with basic features and more advanced features.  Read more about them in our Dewalt Cordless Drill Review.


Hilti vs. Black and Decker

Black and Decker is a step-down from Dewalt in terms of their intended use, catering more purely towards homeowners and having very little business with construction sites. As such, the brand is vastly different from Hilti in terms of product lines, build, and price. Hilti is more expensive and designed with higher voltage capacities and greater torque speeds to tackle concrete and masonry work.

Black and Decker have a wider range of products that are intended for the everyday household owner and come at an affordable price and a limited warranty. If you are looking for an affordable tool, read more about them in our Black and Decker Cordless Drill Review.


Hilti vs. Bosch

Bosch excels when it comes to 12v cordless drill products, whereas Hilti excels at the 18v to 36v mark due to its nature of being heavy-duty construction compatible. Both brands are born in Europe and are relatively experienced in the industry, though Bosch is significantly older, and have both come a long way in establishing themselves as reputable power tool brands in their respective areas.

So which is better? Is Hilti better than Bosch? While Hilti and Bosch are indeed competing brands in a sense, they also have a very minimal debate among customers as each brand excels in different areas. Construction workers and managers should consider Hilti, while homeowners and small task managers should consider Bosch. Read more about them in our Bosch Cordless Drill Review.


Hilti Drill ​FAQ

What is the Hilti Drill warranty?

20 year limited lifetime warranty and 2 years NO COST warranty. The 20-year limited lifetime warranty covers the repairs if your drill breaks down as a result of manufacturing or material defects.


What is Hilti Drill return policy?

For the first 2 years of purchase, Hilti tools have a NO COST period in which you can get your cordless drill repaired without paying anything, regardless of how the drill was damaged.


What else comes with the Hilti 18v Drill?

The Hilti 18v Cordless Drill also comes with two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and a charger for longer-lasting results. You get two 18v tools in this set; the 18v Drill is an 18v impact driver for screwing and unscrewing bolts and a soft case to carry all your Hilti belongings on the go. 


How long does the battery last?

The lithium-ion batteries last for approximately 3 years of regular use, or between 300-500 recharge cycles.


Is Hilti the best power tool? 

When it comes to the best power tools you are best to see what the professionals use and know that they use them for a reason. Hilti is no exception, their compact drills, and other power tools are some of the best in the industry. Yes, Hilti is one of the best cordless drills you can buy. 


What’s the difference between the Hilti 12v, 18v, and 36v drill?

The main difference for each cordless power tools model is the amount of voltage that each tool can hold, with the 36v drill being the highest and most heavy-duty drill in Hilti’s range. Generally, the higher the voltage, the more powerful the drill, and the higher torque ratings. For homeowner tasks, 12v and 18v drills are more than enough, but for heavy-duty construction work, such as building houses, drilling into metal, and other complexes, the 36v drill is the ultimate in performance and run-time.


Is a Hilti Cordless Drill worth it?

Hilti 03482660 SFH 18-A and SID 18-A CPC 18-volt Cordless Impact Driver and Hammer Drill/Driver Combo with Soft Case

A Hilti Cordless Drill is the best power tool for construction work and heavy-duty drilling, such as concrete, metal and masonry surfaces. Priced higher than average, these high-end drills are worth every penny, particularly when you consider the 20-year warranty. Nevertheless, Hilti Cordless Drills are not for everyone. However,  if you are looking for a drill set that offers outstanding performance and a great warranty, then this cordless power toolset is the right one for you. 


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This article is by Yaseen Hijazi.


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