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MyQ Smart Garage Hub Review: How to Make Your Garage Door Smart

At least once a week, I will leave the house, drive down off my street, and think, “Did I close the garage door?” Immediately causing me to turn around, drive back to the house and check to see if it’s still closed. It’s a nuisance and a time-waster. This constantly nagging question has finally been answered by buying a Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub. This is our MyQ Smart Garage Hub review.


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Overview of the Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Simple installation (we’re talking minutes)
  • Very affordable smart home addition
  • Customizable app notifications and settings
  • Easily add users
  • Integrates with Google Home, IFTTT, and HomeKit (with add on device)



  • Not Alexa compatible out of the box (you can get around this with SimpleCommands
  • Requires additional sensor for each garage door
  • Loud noise when you use it to close the garage door (it beeps for a few seconds) cannot be shut off.


What does MyQ Smart Garage Hub do?

MyQ allows you to open and close your garage door, essentially turning it into a smart garage door. They do this with an app, and it is done over your household wifi. MyQ Smart Garage Hub allows you open and closes your garage door from anywhere in the world.


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What is the MyQ Smart Garage hub?

The MyQ Smart Hub is a smart home garage door opener (and closer) that connects via wifi and allows you to open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world. It also gives you notifications when the door has been open or closed so you can see when your garage is being accessed.


Chamberlain MYQ-G0401-E Garage-Door-Openers, White

How does MyQ Smart Garage hub work?

The MyQ Smart Hub works via a hub and a sensor (comes with 1) that installs on the interior part of the garage door. The hub connects to your home Wifi and can be controlled via the MyQ app.  The app can be customized to send you notifications every time your garage door is opened and closed.


Where do I put the MyQ Smart Garage hub?

Depending on your garage layout, you will want to have a clean line of sight to your garage doors. We mounted ours on the ceiling (it takes less than a minute). It comes with a mounting bracket and screws, so you can easily drill it into the ceiling or a higher spot on a wall that is unencumbered.


Installing the Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub

This was a piece of cake; it took less than 10 minutes from opening the box to having it up and running. You will need a ladder and a power source for the MyQ. Once you plug it in, the app walks you through the setup and Wifi connection. Then you pair the door opener with the Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub.

In all honesty, this is one of the more seamless smart devices I have installed. The app was easy to navigate, and the setup was straightforward. They have thought through the whole process and made it incredibly simple.

MyQ Smart Garage Hub sensor


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Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub FAQ

You likely have a bunch of questions (we sure did) about this device. Here are all the questions we came up with in buying this and creating this MyQ Smart Garage Hub Review.

Are Homelink and MyQ compatible?

They are compatible in many cases; see the Chamberlain site here to see if it is compatible for you.


Can MyQ work with Alexa?

Right now, Alexa does not work directly with the MyQ Smart Garage Hub. It does work with IFTTT and can get set up in a matter of seconds. I did it while writing this question. It takes less than a minute to make MyQ work with Alexa.


Can MyQ work with Google Home?

Yes, the MyQ Smart Garage Hub works with Google Home.


Can MyQ Smart Hub control 2 doors?

Yes, it can control more than one door, but you will need to purchase an additional sensor for each door. This is because each sensor is connected to a different garage door opener.

Can MyQ control 2 garage doors?

Yes, MyQ Smart Garage Hub works with 2 garage doors if you have purchased the additional sensor. Each garage door requires a separate sensor. Unfortunately, if you have 3 doors, you will have to buy a second hub.


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Can MyQ work with Siri?

Yes, MyQ Liftmaster does work with Siri when you purchase this MYQ Home Bridge.


Does MyQ work with Homekit?

Yes, MyQ works with Homekit, but you will need to purchase this MYQ Home Bridge to add that compatibility.

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Does MyQ work with Smartthings?

Yes, MyQ works with SmartThings.


Does MyQ work with Ring?

MyQ does not work with Ring doorbells, but you can use them in a third-party app, SimpleCommands, to create something that may work to suit your needs.


Does MyQ require a subscription?

No, there is no subscription required for the MyQ garage door smart hub.


Does MyQ cost money?

Yes, though it is very affordable these days as the technology has been around for several years. It’s one of the most affordable smart home additions you can do.


Does MyQ have a monthly fee?

No, there is no monthly fee for the MyQ Garage Smart Hub.


Does MyQ Smart Garage Hub have to be mounted on the ceiling?

The MyQ Smart Garage Hub is recommended to be placed on the ceiling. However, I found that mounting higher up on a wall worked as well. As long as there is an unencumbered view of the sensors on the door, it is fine. The


Does Myq Garage Door Opener Have a Camera?

No, there is no camera with the MyQ Smart Garage Hub, but they do sell a separate camera. You can see this camera here.


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How many users can you have with MyQ?

My Q users setting allows you to invite two co-owners as well as up to 5 guests if you need them. You can add them without needing to share your password.


Will MyQ work with Vivint?

Yes, MyQ Smart Garage Hub is compatible with Vivint home alarm systems.


Where is Myq serial number?

The serial number is on the box that it came with; if you no longer have the box, it is mounted underneath the MyQ Smart Garage Hub.


Where to mount the Myq garage door opener hub?

It is recommended that you mount your MyQ Smart Garage Hub on the ceiling, but I also found it to work when I mounted it high on a wall as long as the garage door view was unobstructed.


Who makes MyQ?

Chamberlain is the maker of MyQ Smart Garage Hub.


Why does MyQ keep beeping?

You may be wondering why your MyQ beeps every time you use the app to close the door. This is a safety feature to let people in the garage know that the garage door is closing.


Will MyQ work with Craftsman?

MyQ claims to work with most garage door openers built after 1993. If you want to check their compatibility, you can see if your Craftsman garage door opener is compatible here. 


Final Thoughts on the MYQ Smart Garage Hub Review

If you are looking to make your garage door smart and want to do it for a very affordable price (the hub and sensor are often less than $40 online), then the MyQ Garage Door Smart hub and the sensor is a great smart home addition that is easy to install, simple to use and very affordable. I wish I had bought this sooner.


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