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A Millennial Homeowners Guide to Buying Your First Home

We’re putting the finishing touches on our course: A Millennial Homeowner Guide to Buying your First Home. It’s packed with easy to use worksheets and templates to help walk you through buying your first home with confidence.

The guide will include:

  • How to find a Realtor
  • How to pick a Mortgage Broker or Bank
  • How to find a Lawyer
  • Which mortgage is best for you?
  • Can you afford this house?
  • What costs are involved in buying a home?
  • Should you get a home inspection?
  • What costs you need to know before you look at a home?
  • What you need to do before you put in your first offer
  • Things to include on your realtor’s home search
  • What to expect after your offer is received
  • Things to look for when you walk through a home you’re interested in
  • Home insurance checklist
  • First year homeowner costs
  • A guide to your credit report
  • Our DIY home inspection checklist

And more…

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  • First time home buyer’s cheat sheet andQuestions for your Realtor

This worksheet will provide you with the  numbers you should know before you make an offer.