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 The Home Maintenance Planner

Home Maintenance Planner
With the home maintenance planner, you’ll save thousands of dollars each year by making sure everything is well maintained.
Owning a house is a great experience until something breaks.
In fact, most homeowners end up hating owning a house simply due to things breaking.
They don’t really talk about that in the brochure.
But thankfully, you don’t have to be caught unprepared.
With our Home Maintenance Planner, you’ll have a checklist of the things that you need to keep an eye on so you’ll always be prepared.
Nobody wants to wake up to a washing machine hose that floods the floor.
You’ll save thousands while making sure that your investment continues to increase in value.
Inside the planner you’ll find:
  • Monthly, Yearly and Seasonal Checklists (Pre-made and Blank so you can customize to your own house)
  • Never forget important dates and tasks again.
  • Keep track of warranties, project timelines, notes about what needs to be fixed around the house.
  • Own your home with less stress.
Get started today. Buy the Home Maintenance Planner today and get ready for a more organized life tomorrow!



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