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A glass toaster can be a sleek addition to any kitchen. Instead of having a bulky, old toaster you want to hide, a transparent toaster is an appliance you won’t mind leaving out on your countertops. You might be wondering why a glass toaster is preferable to other toasters or how it works. In this post, we’re sharing all those details as well as several glass toasters you might like to have in your house.


How does a glass toaster work?

A glass toaster works similarly to any other compact toaster. Simply plug it in, add your toast, and push down the lever to allow the heating elements in the toaster to work their magic. The only difference is that it’s a transparent toaster with panes of glass on either side. If you want your toast to come out absolutely perfectly, the transparent glass lets you see how it’s cooking. There’s no more guessing if setting 2 or 3 will create the perfect toast. Just keep your eye on the glass toaster and pop out your toast when you think it’s ready.


Are glass toasters more expensive?

Like traditional toasters, transparent toasters come in a wide range of price points. You might be surprised that you can often find glass toasters for less than $50, but they can also be incredibly expensive. For example, the Bugatti Noun glass window toaster, which is not currently available for purchase, had a $1,000 price tag.

If $1,000 glass toasters aren’t your thing, below are several highly rated, high-quality transparent toasters you can add to your kitchen appliance collection.

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Dash Clear View Toaster


  • Large slots for heating up many different sizes bread
  • Transparent so you can see your toast!
  • Adjustable browning levels to set the right toasting process
  • Over 4,000 positive reviews
  • Great price point
  • Several different color options


  • It has a retro look, which might not work well in all kitchens or design styles.
  • You can only fit two pieces of toast at a time.


Review of Dash Clear View Toaster

Don’t take my word for it. The Dash Clear View Toaster has 4.5 out of 5 stars after over 4,000 reviews!

What’s nice about this see through toaster is it has lots of extra features for a very low price. For example, you can do more than make toast! You can make bagels and defrost your frozen bread with the touch of a button. Plus, the slots are large enough to fit fancy bread and other baked goods. As you know, it’s a transparent toaster, so you can look through the glass to make sure your toast has the perfect crisp.

If you like to keep your kitchen neat, you’ll appreciate the crumb tray that pulls out for easy clean up. (There’s no need to hold your toaster upside down and shake it.)

And, if it breaks or stops making toast toasty, it comes with a 1-year manufacture warranty. Did I mention the fun colors? This toaster comes in aqua, red, black, and white. Choose wisely.


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Magimix Toaster Vision Black 1450 Watt


  • Compact toaster that looks great on a countertop
  • Large slots for fitting in many different sizes of bread
  • Transparent slots so you can see your toast.
  • Adjustable browning levels
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Typically a high price point
  • You can only fit two pieces of toast in it


Review of Magimix Glass Toaster


The Magimix glass toaster is a nice compact toaster with glass inserts and a stainless steel finish. This would look great on your countertop, especially if you already have stainless steel appliances in your kitchen. Like the Dash see through toaster mentioned previously, it is large slots, so you can fit bagels in it or a nice, thick piece of Texas toast (now we’re talking!)

This toaster has earned raving reviews of 4.6 stars out of 5. Plus, it comes with a three year manufacturer’s warranty so you can purchase it worry-free.


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Kalorik Glass Toaster




  • Nice, stainless steel design
  • Has an extra lift so small pieces of toast don’t get stuck
  • Glass panes on either side so you can see your toast browning levels
  • Compact, space saving design
  • Typically has a moderate price point



  • Takes a little bit longer to heat than other toasters
  • You can only fit two pieces of toast in it
  • Lower review rating, likely due to the extra time it takes to heat


Kalorik Glass Toaster Review

The Kalorik glass toaster has several unique features that makes it stand out among transparent toasters. Like others on this list, it has clear glass panes on either side, so you can easily check on your toast. But, what’s nice about this toaster is that it has an extra lift. If you’ve ever tried to toast a small piece of bread or had a smaller piece of bread fall too far in your toaster, you’ll appreciate this feature. The extra lift pulls up smaller pieces of bread so you don’t have to risk putting your fingers in the toaster to grab it.

This toaster has earned 3.6 stars out of 5. The slightly lower rating could be due to the fact that it takes a little bit longer to heat than other toasters on this list. It’s made of quartz tubes that heat one side before the other so it takes a few extra minutes to get toast uniform if you toast two pieces together. If you don’t mind spending a few extra minutes getting toast and you appreciate a compact, space saving toaster that’s affordable, this one could be a good fit for you.



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CUKOR 2-Slice Long Slot Toaster




  • Sleek design
  • Has an extra warming rack for larger baked goods
  • Automatic lift
  • Removable crumb tray
  • No plastic components whatsoever
  • 30-day free return or replacement policy


  • You can only fit two pieces of toast in it
  • Some reviews say it only fits regular sized bread in the slots


Review of the Cukor Long Slot Toaster


The Cukor glass toaster is a very cool toaster because it has a ton of unique features. While it looks like a toaster oven, it’s actually a two slice toaster with a long slot so you can place two pieces of bread side by side in it. It also has an automatic lift when the toast is done and a removable crumb tray for easy cleanup.

Some other perks are that there are no plastic components on this transparent toaster. It’s BPA free and has quartz heating elements that help it to heat quickly. The tray you see on the top is a warming rack that you can use to warm up croissants, buns, muffins, and any other delightful snack you want to heat up that won’t fit in the actual Cukor see through toaster.

With this toaster, you get a 30-day free return or replacement policy and an 18-month warranty. Learn more about what other people are saying by checking out the reviews, where it earned 4.3 stars out of 5.



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Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 Countertop Oven and Long Slot Toaster



  • It’s both a toaster and a toaster oven
  • Made of stainless steel and transparent glass
  • Almost 2,000 positive reviews
  • Super fast at toasting, great for those in a hurry
  • Use the toaster oven to make muffins, small casseroles, and more



  • A little bit bulky to leave out on the countertop
  • Slightly higher price point than others on this list


Review of the Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 Countertop Oven and Long Slot Glass Toaster

If you’ve been trying to decide between a toaster vs toaster oven, now you don’t have to. The Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 countertop oven and long slot toaster is a combination of the two. It’s made of stainless steel with a transparent glass front, and people seem to love it with nearly 2,000 reviews totaling to 4.5 stars out of 5.

With this combination toaster, you can bake, broil, and toast with just one appliance. This transparent toaster is also super fast, toasting bread 40% faster than many other toaster ovens. If you’re in a hurry in the mornings, this toaster is for you.

You can use the toaster oven portion of the appliance to make muffins, baked potatoes, and small casseroles without making the rest of your kitchen a mess. Or, simply use it to make toast in the morning extremely fast.


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CUSIMAX Long Slot Toaster with Glass Window



  • Wide slot for artisan bread and bagels
  • Transparent glass to keep an eye on your toast
  • No plastic components
  • Food-grade tempered glass body
  • Automatic lifting lever



  • Only fits two pieces of toast
  • Some reviews mentioned the beeping sound when the toast is ready is too loud


Review of the Cusimax Long Slot Toaster with Glass Window


The Cusimax portable toaster allows you to toast bagels and artisan bread with its nice, wide slot. You can also place two pieces of regular sized bread side by side on it and keep an eye on it with the visible glass window.

It’s earned 4.4 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon thus far, and people seem to really like the stainless steel appearance and the fact that it’s completely free from plastic. The food grade tempered glass body and automatic lifting lever makes the toaster feel very high end even though it’s usually less than $100.

The quartz tubing evenly toasts bread, and you can choose from 7 different levels of toasting from light to dark brown. You can also use it to defrost bagels, which is a nice perk. Lastly, there is a removable tray where you can pull out bread crumbs and dispose of them. There is also an 18-month free replacement policy.


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Russell Hobbs 2-Slice Glass Accent Long Toaster




  • Has a lift and look function, where you can peek at your toast to see if it’s ready without stopping the heating function
  • Space saving toaster
  • Warming rack for bread, croissants, and more
  • Automatic lifting lever
  • Typically has a good mid-range price point



  • It’s not transparent like other toasters on this list
  • You can only fit two pieces of toast in it.


Review of the Russell Hobbs Glass Toaster


This is not a transparent glass toaster, but it is a toaster with glass elements, so I wanted to include it on this list. Plus, it’s a company many people are interested in so I wanted to review it. The Russell Hobbs glass accent toaster earned 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and is a great space saving toaster.

This toaster has a warming rack that you can remove and use as needed, which is great for longer pieces of bread, croissants, rolls, and other pastries. And, even though it doesn’t have transparent glass on it, it does have a function called “lift and look” which means you can lift up the toast and take a peek at it without turning off the heating elements. If it’s ready, take it out. If it needs more toasting, put it back down without having to start the heating cycle over again.


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Buying a Glass Toaster: Are Transparent Toasters Better?

When it comes to glass toasters, I think purchasing one depends on your design aesthetic and personal style. Based on the reviews, glass toasters seem to work similarly to regular toasters with the primary difference that you can see your bread as it’s toasting. However, they look way better out on your kitchen counters than regular bulky toasters. Many of the glass toasters above are sleek and modern with many different design attributes and features. So, if you want to elevate the look of your kitchen in a simple way, try upgrading your toaster to one of the transparent toasters reviewed above.

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