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Our latest foray into the world of kitchen knives and knife makers is Dalstrong Knives. This is a newer company and I’m really excited to share with your our Dalstrong Knives review.

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About Dalstrong Knives

In the history of knife making, Dalstrong would be considered a newer entrance to the industry. They started in 2012 and claim to be pushing the boundaries with their innovative kitchen tool designs.

A quick glance of their website and you can see that they are taking aesthetics to a new level.

They seem to be taking a customer centric approach to their product and with over 75,000 chefs buying their products it seems to be working.


What is Dalstrong Knives Warranty and Guarantee?

Dalstrong offers a 120-day full money back guarantee, this is greater than many other knife makers and shows their conviction in their product.

They offer a 100% money back lifetime warranty against defects.


Dalstrong Knives Product Lines

Dalstrong has created 6 knife series to date, each with their own unique style.

Their 6 knife product lines are:

  • Shogun
  • Gladiator
  • Phantom
  • Omega
  • Crusader
  • Shadow Black

All of these are sold individually or as a set, with the exception of the Omega series which you can only buy as individual knives.


Where are Dalstrong headquarters?

Their headquarters are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Where is Dalstrong manufactured?

Dalstrong knives are manufactured in Yangjiang, China.

Did you know all Wusthof knives are made in Germany. read about them in our Wusthof Knives review

Are Dalstrong knives any good?

While Dalstrong is a newer knife maker there are a lot of people who are enjoying their knife sets. There will always  be higher end chefs that will stick to more establish traditional brands (like Wusthof, Henckels and Shun) but if you are a home check looking to invest in a knife set that is a step above entry level knives (see our Chicago Cutlery review) then this may be the brand for you.


Is Dalstrong NSF certified?

Yes, Dalstrong has knives that are National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified.


Top 5 Dalstrong Knife Sets

Dalstrong Gladiator Knives Series Colossal 18 Piece Knife Set Review

Knives Included:

    • 9″ Carving/Slicer
    • 9″ Bread Knife
    • 8.5″ Kiritsuke Chef Knife
    • 8″ Chef Knife
    • 7″ Santoku Knife
    • 7″ Nakiri Knife
    • 6″ Boning Knife
    • 6.5″ Utility Knife
    • 6.5″ Serrated Utility Knife
    • 6 x 5″ Straight Edge Steak Knives
  • 3.5″ Paring Knife
  • 2.75″ Bird’s Beak Paring Knife
  • 10″ Gladiator Series Honing Steel
  • Handmade Walnut Wood Block

Block Material: Walnut Wood

Knife Material: German steel


  • Full tang for extra strength
  • Razor sharp edge
  • Beautiful knife block display
  • Pakkawood handles
  • 56+ Rockwell hardness
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • Ultra sharp, hand sharpened blades



  • Higher price point than other knife sets (such as the ones we cover in our Cangshan Knives review)
  • The knife block can consume a lot of counter space in a smaller kitchen.
  • 2 more steak knives would go a long way to rounding out this set.


Overal Review of Gladiator Knives Series:

With a full 5 star rating and a beautiful look this is the knife set that you buy when you are ready to settle down and get to business. This is a beautiful knife set and has a lot of features that make it worth considering adding to your kitchen. Since they also offer a money-back guarantee this is the set you can try and see if it first your needs. This Chef knife makes the cut in our Best Chef Knife Under $100.

Click here to buy the Gladiator Series 


Dalstrong Crusader Series Review: 18pc Knife Block Set

Knives Included:

  • 9″ Carving Knife
  • 8″ Bread Knife
  • 8.5″ Kiritsuke Chef Knife
  • 8″ Chef Knife
  • 7″ Santoku Knife
  • 7″ Nakiri Knife
  • 6.5″ Boning Knife
  • 6″ Filet Knife
  • 5.5″ Serrated Utility Knife
  • 6 x 5″ Straight Edge Steak Knives
  • 4.5″ Paring Knife
  • 3″ Tourne Peeling Knife
  • 9″ Crusader Series Honing Steel
  • Handmade Walnut Wood Block

Block Material: Acacia Wood

Knife Material: German Stainless Steel

See the video of this knife set here.


  • NSF Certified
  • Magnetic Sheath
  • 56+ Rockwell hardness rating
  • Full Tang
  • High-chromium stainless steel handle
  • Very unique looking knife set
  • All steel design
  • Space saving design on the wood block to take up less counter space
  • 4.7 out of 5 stars



  • Hand wash and quickly dry to prevent rust spots
  • 2 more steak knives would be nice
  • Higher price point than the Gladiator set


Overal Review of Crusader Series 18pc Knife Block Set:

This knife set is just beautiful, but it’s not for everyone’s taste. The price point on these knifes signals that you want to make sure you are ready for such a purchase. Still it is hard to beat the look of these. If you are considering the Gladiator knife set and want something truly unique it’s hard to beat these handles and look of the knives.

Click here to buy the Crusader Series 


Other Crusader Knife Set Options

If this knife set is more than you need Dalstrong does offer individual knives in this series and a 8 piece block set.

This one doesn’t come with steak knives but it is still a stunning design and the case is truly one of a kind.

Click here to buy the 8 piece set here 


Dalstrong Phantom Review 6 Piece Set

Knives Included:

  • 9″ Bread Knife
  • 9.5″ Kiritsuke Chef Knife
  • 8″ Chef’s Knife
  • 7″ Santoku
  • 5″ Utility Knife
  • 4″ Paring Knife

Block Material: Walnut Wood

Knife Material: Japanese High-Carbon AUS8 Steel


  • Knife block holds up to 12 knives
  • Dragon Spire Double Magnetic Sided Block Set
  • Over 4.7 our of 5 stars with 2000 reviews
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Rich black Spanish pakkawood handle
  • Japanese AUS-8 steel at 58+ Rockwell hardness


  • Higher priced in the Dalstrong series
  • Steak knives are extra
  • Magnetic holders for knives can be dangerous for families with young kids


Overall Review of Dalstrong Phantom 6 Piece Set :

This knife set is a very knife looking design and they appear to have spared no details when it comes to creating an elegant looking knife set. The Dragon Spire knife holder is a beautiful place to display these knives. This fall in the premium priced knife sets for Dalstrong just remember if you are wanting the matching steak knives it will cost you more.

Click here to buy this Phantom Set of Knives 


Dalstrong Shadow Black Series Review 5 Piece Knife Set

Knives Included:

  • 8″ Chef Knife
  • 7″ Santoku Knife
  • 6.5″ Serrated Utility Knife
  • 5.5″ Utility Knife
  • 3.75″ Paring Knife


Block Material:

Knife Material: High-carbon German 7CR17MOV-X super-steel


  • Titanium Coated
  • A midnight black ergonomic
  • Fiber-resin and military grade G10 handle is nearly impervious to heat, cold and moisture.
  • Very distinct looking knife set that  will have your guest “ooh”ing at the site of them
  • 55+ Rockwell hardness
  • Knife block easily fits on a countertop



  • Potential for black to discolor or flake
  • No steak knives


Overal Review of Dalstrong Shadow Black Series:

Personally I’m not a fan of the black knife set. IT’s nothing against it, just not my preference. Perhaps it’s from the Tomodachi knife set (review here) that began flaking almost immediately that has turned me off of non-stainless steel knives. Either way, this set is a nice looking set and more affordable than the Shogun and Phantom series of knives.

Click here to buy the Shadow set 


Dalstrong Shogun Series Review: 5 Piece Series

Knives Included:

  • 8” Chef Knife
  • 7″ Santoku
  • 6″ Utility Knife
  • 8″ Bread Knife
  • 3.75” Paring Knife
  • Wood Block

Block Material: Acacia Wood

Knife Material: Japanese Super Steel


  • Honbazuke hand sharpened edge
  • Aus-10V Japanese super steel blades
  • Beautiful design
  • 62+ Rockwell hardness
  • Full Tang
  • Hand polished
  • Impervious fiberglass resin handles
  • Very cool looking knife block


  • Look isn’t to everyone’s liking
  • Looking around there seemed to be some that questioned the quality of the knives
  • Japanese steel, made in China. Feel weird.
  • Higher priced knife set but you get less knives. Only for discerning chefs who know their knives.


Overall Review of Dalstrong Shogun 5 Piece Series

These knives come at a premium. I’m not a knife guru, but I do know what I like, these knives have me thinking pass. As cool as the hammered edge looks on these it’s just not to my liking. Add in that you can the 18 piece Gladiator set for roughly $50 more and I would go that route if I was choosing between the two. Still the offer 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you are wondering about this set it looks like you can try it risk free. If you like the look but don’t need all of the knives the Dalstrong chef knife makes our top 10  rated Best Chef Knife under $200.

Click here to buy the Shogun set


Dalstrong Steak Knives

Dalstrong makes a variety of steak knives in their different series. Each set has it’s own unique style and you are bound to find something you like. Each of the steak knives comes with their own sheath so you can safely store them in a drawer without damaging the knife (or the drawer, these things are sharp!)

Here are some of Dalstrongs steak knife sets, from lowest to highest price to help you with your selection.

DALSTRONG Steak Knives – Set of 4 – Gladiator Series – Forged German ThyssenKrupp HC Steel w/Sheaths


Click here to buy this set 

DALSTRONG Steak Knife Set (4 Pieces) – 5″ Blade – Shadow Black Series – Black Titanium Nitride

Click here to buy this set 


DALSTRONG – Crusader Series – Steak Knives Set Of 4 – Forged Thyssenkrupp High-Carbon German Stainless Steel – w/Magnetic Sheath – NSF Certified

Click here to buy this set 


DALSTRONG Steak Knife Set with Folding Block – Gladiator Series – Set of 8 – Forged German ThyssenKrupp HC Steel – w/Modular Storage Block


Click here to buy this set 


DALSTRONG – 5″ Steak Knife Set (4 Piece) – Omega Series – BD1N-V – Hyper Steel – w/Sheath

Click here to buy this set 


Does Dalstrong Make Cutting Boards?

Yes, Dalstrong offers a teak cutting and serving board, they come in two sizes, you can see them both here. Along with their 4 piece grilling set.

Does Dalstrong make cookware?

Yes, dalstrong currently sells some cookware. They currently offer frypans, skillets and sauce pots. You can see them all here. 

Are Dalstrong Knives dishwasher safe?

To best preserve your Dalstrong knives it is recommended that you hand wash them and immediately hand dry them to prevent any rusting. This is the same for all quality knife sets and knife makers.

What is the best Dalstrong Knife Series?

Looking at all of the sets Dalstrong offers, each one has a different price offering so it depends on your needs and your budget.

I would say the Gladiator 18 piece knife set offers the best amount of knives at a price that is still decent.

Click here to buy this set 

Final Thoughts On Our Dalstrong Knives Review

While Dalstrong Knives are a newer company they do offer a few different selections of knives at relatively decent prices for the quality of knife you are getting. If you are looking for an entry level knife, these are not them. But if you are looking to upgrade your knives, or just starting out, these knives are a great place to start and with their money-back, satisfaction guarantee it looks like you are in good hands.

Click here to see the Dalstrong store on Amazon 


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