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Water damage is no fun. We just got our basement renovation finished, and as we were showing it to our first friends (to see the house, we had friends before this), they are looking around and immediately point to the drop ceiling and say.

“Looks like you have a leak here.”

The brown spot in the newly placed tile made me feel all sorts of emotions, it was then and there I decided we needed to get some water sensors around the house. We chose the D-Link Wifi Water Sensor after researching a bunch of them. Here is our D-Link DCH-S161 Wifi Water Sensor Review.

Pros of D-Link DCH-S161 Wifi Water Sensor

  • Works with Google Home Assistant
  • Quick installation (under 5 minutes)
  • Quick app set up
  • Batteries make it able to be placed anywhere you want
  • App shows battery levels
  • Batteries last up to a year and half
  • Works with IFTTT
  • Easy to add more to your home
  • Super affordable


Cons D-Link DCH-S161 Wifi Water Sensor

  • In app functionality only, this means that if you are wanting an Alexa notification or Home Kit
  • No other features besides water detection (no humidity/moisture or temperature)

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Details of the D-Link DCH-S161 Wifi Water Sensor

This water sensor is a smart and simple design by D’Link. It has an audible notification as well as

The water sensor is cordless (battery powered), has a cable that can extend up to 6 feet and can be silenced buy the app or pressing the button on the device unit.

Connectivity through the app is great, when your internet (or power) goes down you receive a notification on your phone indicating that the device is unreachable.

It’s also integratable with Google home making it a compliment to other smart home devices and can connect through IFTTT to trigger other devices if you want to do so.

The only disappointment is in the product itself. After you set up the wifi water sensor you don’t really have any other reason to go back to it (except for when the battery dies which is every year and a half). So it’s a great product but not the flashiest of the smart home devices you can buy.

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Why do you need a water sensor?

If my situation doesn’t seem so bad (you just swap out the tile and voila! It’s fixed), consider if it had been a drywall ceiling, then the spot would need to be cut out, re-patched and then fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again.

Water is one of the most damaging things to a house. It’s nature is that when it happens you won’t know until it’s too late. Unless you have a sensor. That is why these D-Link DCH-S161 Wifi Water Sensors make so much sense. They are low cost and can save you big time!

Having a water detector in key areas can be the difference between a quick clean up and a home renovation that costs you thousands of dollars.

When you consider that the average water damage costs a family $2000-5000, these water sensors can save you a lot of money.

Compare that to its $49.99 price point and it’s a great deal.


What is a wifi water sensor?

A wifi water sensor, like the D-Link Wifi Water Sensor, is a sensor you can install anywhere you want to detect water leaking out. The sensor connects via app and wifi (took less than 5 minutes) to notify you of water in the future.

The D-Link Wifi Water Sensor will notify you with sound and via app that there is a water leak (meaning water has come in contact with the sensor).

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Where should water sensors be placed?

Depending on your house some of the best places to install a water sensor are:

  • Under the sink
  • By your sump pump
  • By your hot water tank
  • Under the fridge
  • Near the dishwasher
  • Near a shower
  • Around Bathtub
  • Behind toilet
  • By the washing machine


Does the D-Link Wifi Water Sensor need to be plugged in?

No. It runs on AA batteries, they advertise that the batteries should last roughly a year and a half.

D-Link Wifi Water Sensor

How does a water leak sensor work?

When the water sensor detects water you will receive a notice via the D-link app on your smartphone. You will also hear a loud ringing from the D-link water sensor which continues until the sensor is removed from the water.


Is this a water heater leak detector?

Yes I put my sensor by our waters heaters to ensure any leaking would be picked up by the  water leakage detector.


D-Link Wifi Water Sensor FAQ

How do you install a D-Link DCH-S161 Wifi Water Sensor?

D-Link Wifi Water Sensor comes with two screws that you can install at the rear of the item. Personally we used the same velcro strips we used to when we hung our picture frames quickly. You can get these velcro strips hereon Amazon. 

From there you download the app on your phone and scan the QR code on the back of the device (it’s easy and the set up was about 1 minute). Then you install the water sensor wherever you want it to go and you are set!

If you want to see the set up video, you can see it here. 


Do I need to pay for monitoring?

No, the app notifies you of the water issues free of charge. There is no on-going or initial set up costs of this device besides the purchase of the device itself.


Is the D-Link Wifi Water Sensor reusable?

Yes. The D-Link Wifi Water Sensor is reusable.

The first thing I did when I brought it home was put some water on it. It sounded immediately and then I removed the water and tried it again. It is completely reusable and movable.


Final Thoughts on the D-Link Wifi Water Sensor Review

This is a cost friendly device that can save you a lot of money in water damage. Depending on your insurance company you may even get a break on your premiums (ask your insurance agent).

Best of all it’s easy to set up. Simple to install and requires no upgrades.

If you are looking for an easy to use, and quick install that can notify you through an app and an audible sound this is the wifi water sensor for you. I’m very happy with this purchase, it’s provided me with a huge piece of mind.

My only regret is that I didn’t buy this sooner to save my ceiling.

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