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What’s the first thing you think when you pull up to a house for the first time? There’s almost always an impression you get. Good, bad, WOW, or maybe nothing at all which says something too. We all want our home to be the one that gives the WOW impression. Even if we don’t care what other people think, there’s something special about pulling up to your own home after a long day of work and feeling great about how your yard looks.

Landscaping is all about being creative. It’s about putting our own personal touch on something. So you can let your imagination run wild on this one. We’ve outlined a few ideas to help get the wheels turning:



This is a great way to define spaces in your yard. You can use mulch around plants and trees so that you don’t have to get so close with the mower. You can create a whole section of plants and shrubs surrounded and defined by mulch to add colour and texture to your yard. The best part is that mulch is light to shovel (a pitchfork actually works best), and many places sell mulch in multiple different colours now so you have even more options.

Check out all the different kinds of mulch here. 



Rock can be used like mulch to outline planting beds or surround trees to add texture and making mowing easier. Large rocks or boulders can also be strategically placed in the yard or in planter beds to add a dynamic look.

You can also get decorative rocks to hide things in your yard that you don’t want visible like a septic lid like this one here.


Plant Some Trees

Everyone loves trees, and it’s good for the environment too. As long as the tree you’re planting is appropriate for the climate, be as creative as you want. You don’t need to stick to the standard spruce tree that everyone else plants. Do something unique. Just consider future growing size when deciding on location.


Lay New Sod

Old brown uneven grass looks terrible. Don’t be scared to get some top soil to re-level it and lay new sod. As long as you water it often for the first bit until it takes, you’ll be happy you did this. The look of perfect green grass with no weeds is hard to beat. If you are looking to create a budget for your backyard renovation you can get our free Renovation Budget Template here


Put Down Pavers

This might be something that’s out of your comfort zone, if that’s the case,check with a landscaping company to get a quote. If you’re doing it yourself, be sure to rent a packer and put down a proper base of crushed, packed stone so your pavers don’t sink and settle over time. There are so many options to choose from now with paving stones, there’s even one out there that looks like barn board. Again, here’s another chance to be creative and add a really nice feature to your yard.


Create Raised Planters

This is a great way to add some height variations to your property. Raised planter beds can be done alongside a house, or as stand alones in the yard. You can use treated lumber to build them up or simply an assortment of boulders and rock.


I know what you’re thinking, all this sounds great, but it also sounds expensive! Don’t worry, there are ways to save and ensure this doesn’t break the bank. The first thing that’s worked well for me, is to complete landscaping projects in the fall. Greenhouses and other stores often put all of their landscaping products on sale later in the season, especially plants and trees. Take advantage of these seasonal shifts. Landscaping is also something that you can do in multiple stages to spread out the costs. Keep in mind, landscaping adds value and equity to your property, so if done properly and cost effectively, this money isn’t wasted, it’s invested.


Landscaping is really only limited by your imagination. Most landscapers I’ve met are like artists and the good ones create a basic plan and then use their own creativity to bring it all to life. So get out there and let your imagination run wild! There’s no reason why your yard shouldn’t be the nicest one on the block.

How To Create The Nicest Curb Appeal On The Block With DIY Landscaping #diylandscaping


You + Sharing This = Us as Best Friends