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As I mentioned in our Cangshan Knives Reviews, I am trying to find the best knife set. Chicago Cutlery is the latest brand to fall under our microscope to see if it’s worthwhile. Here is our in-depth Chicago Cutlery Knives Review.


✅   After reviewing all of the Chicago Cutlery knife sets this is the one that we would buy based on all of its qualities.

The Background of Chicago Cutlery

Chicago Cutlery is made by Corelle Brands, the makers of Corningware, Pyrex, and Snapware. Their website claims Chicago Cutlery to be “Precise cuts. Ergonomic handles. Just the right weight and balance. Chicago Cutlery makes professional-grade knives for the home. Comfortable and engineered to make cutting effortless, it’s the #1 brand in forged cutlery. Chicago Cutlery makes the art of chopping, slicing, and carving easy for the at-home chef.”

Chicago Cutlery manufactures a wide range of knives from entry-level to higher-range home chefs. If there is a knife set and style you like, you will likely find it in one of these product lines.

They favor forged knives over stamped knives but manufacture both styles of knives and knife sets. They are a great knife for home chefs and people just starting into the home cooking world.

Check out this parts of a knife anatomy to sharpen your knife knowledge.


Is Chicago Cutlery a good brand?

Chicago Cutlery gets decent online reviews; the majority of people who buy them seem to enjoy the product. They are best suited for home chefs. They make a great product and stand behind it with a lifetime warranty.

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Chicago Cutlery Reviews: Top 5 Knife Sets

Chicago Cutlery Insignia Series Review: 18 Piece Knife Set with Block and In-Block Sharpener

Knives Included:

  • 3″ peeler
  • 3-1/4″ parer
  • 6″ boning
  • 5″ utility
  • 8″ serrated bread
  • 7″ Santoku
  • 8″ slicer
  • 8″ chef
  • Shears,
  • 8 4-1/2″ steak knives

Block Material: Acacia wood
Knife Material: High-carbon stainless steel

Durability: the high-carbon stainless steel creates stronger, harder blades to resist stains, rust, and pitting.
Sharpness:  Signature 26-degree taper Grind edge for the best sharpness and precise cutting.


  • Sleek modern look
  • Lightweight
  • This knife set has pretty much all you need and looks amazing.
  • The full metal tang provides strength and control
  • Patented Guilded Grip Control for more precision
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 4.8 Stars on Amazon


  • Might be more knives than you need
  • Knives should be hand washed and quickly dried to keep in the best condition


Overall Insignia Series Knife Set Review

This is a great-looking knife set that covers all the bases when it comes to your cutting needs. IT takes only a few minutes to read all of the reviews on Amazon to see that people love this knife set. Both the sharpness and the design. The lifetime warranty is just icing on an already great product.


.Click here to buy this set 


Chicago Cutlery Fusion Series Review: Forged Knife Block Set

Knives Included:

  • 7-3/4″ Chef knife
  • 7-3/4″ Serrated bread knife
  • 7″ Santoku knife
  • 5″ Santoku knife
  • 5″ Utility knife
  • 3-1/4″ Paring knife
  • 4.5″ Steak (8) knives
  • sharpening steel
  • chop assist
  • Chestnut-stain wood block.

Block Material: Chestnut stained wood

Knife Material: High-carbon steel


  • A nice set of knives at a great price.
  • Chop assist tool to help provide stability with chopping.
  • 8 Steak knives, so you have all you will need
  • Nice looking knife block
  • In testing, these knives kept their sharpness longer than other market-leading knives
  • Cushion grip that proves a non-slip grip
  • Over 2000 review on amazon with a 4+ star rating
  • An Amazon Choice product.


  • May be too many knives for what you need.
  • Can be susceptible to rust if not properly cared for
  • There have been a few reports of the smaller blades snapping. But they do cover manufacturer defects, which I would hope is covered under that.


Overall Chicago Cutlery Fusion Series Review

If the 17 piece seems like too much, they also offer a 12 piece set that you can purchase. This set of knives has everything that you would need in a knife set. The breaking of some knives is slightly bothersome, but as long as they are acknowledging that they are a factory defect, it should be fine. That said, for the price point, it’s hard to find a knife set that will beat what they offer.


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Chicago Cutlery Essentials Stainless 15 Piece Steel Knife Block Set


Knives Included:

  • 3-inch peeling
  • 3-1/2-inch paring
  • 4-1/2-inch serrated fruit
  • 4-3/4-inch serrated utility
  • 5-inch Santoku
  • 7-inch Santoku
  • 8-inch scalloped bread knives
  • kitchen shears
  • 6 serrated steak knives,
  • Wood block

Block Material: Wood

Knife Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel


  • A good collection of knives, including 6 steak knives
  • Triple rivet stainless steel on the handle to keep them secure
  • Full metal tang on the knives
  • Exclusive 25 Degree Taper Grind edge ensures optimum sharpness for precise cutting
  • Amazon Choice product


  • The lower price point naturally points to a lower quality series of knives.
  • Stamped blades could lead to easy snapping.


Overall Chicago Cutlery Essentials Review

Here’s the deal, this knife set at this price is hard to beat. If you are in a rush and want an entry-level knife set that looks good and does the trick but at the same time doesn’t break the bank. This is the knife set for you. The knives look great, and you will be hard-pressed to find a highly rated knife set at this price (it has over 1400 reviews on Amazon). My only issue with this is that you usually get what you paid for, and this price point is pretty low.


Click here to buy this set 


Chicago Cutlery ProHold Dual Knife Block Set with Non-Stick Coating (14-Piece)

Knives Included:

  • 8-inch chef knife
  • 8-inch bread knife
  • 5-inch serrated utility knife
  • 5-inch Santoku knife
  • 3-1/2-inch paring knife
  • 3-1/4-inch peeler knife
  • 6, 4-1/2-inch steak knives

Block Material: Dual Wooden Blocks

Knife Material: Stainless Steel with Black Non-Stick Coating


  • A unique offering at a great entry-level price
  • Enough steak knives for most households
  • Easy to hold handles
  • Very nice looking knife block
  • 4.5 stars (out of 5) on Amazon



  • Stamped blades
  • A lower price point often means lower quality.
  • How will the coating and color hold up over time (will they be like the Tomodachi knife review and start to peel)?


Overall Knife set Review

This 14 piece set comes with a two-toned knife block set and non-stick coating.  If you are looking for a unique-looking knife set at a perfect price, this is it. But I would question the durability and lifetime of these knives as you should with any lower-priced knife. If you are looking for a unique knife set that won’t cost you much, this is the one.

Click here to buy this set 



Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 Review 18-Piece Knife Block Set with In-Block Knife Sharpener


Knives Included:

  • 3-inch parer
  • 3-1/2-inch pairer
  • 5-inch boning
  • 5-1/2-inch utility
  • 7-inch serrated bread
  • 7-inch Santoku knife
  • 8-inch chef’s
  • 8-inch slicer
  • 8 4-1/2-inch forged steak knives
  • Shears
  • Block with sharpener

Block Material: Wood

Knife Material: Stainless Steel


  • High-carbon stainless-steel full-tang blades
  • Heavy-duty forged bolsters
  • Triple stainless-steel rivets on the handle
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 4.7 of 5 stars on Amazon


  • A large knife set means you may be buying more than you need
  • Hand washed


Overall Thoughts on the Insignia2 Knife Set Review

This is a slightly more expensive version of some knife sets, but you do get more with it. The extra steak knives, block knife sharpener, and triple rivets all show why this is a little bit more expensive than other knife sets but is still very affordable. This one is definitely worth taking a strong look at.


Click here to buy this set 


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What is the best Chicago Cutlery knife set?


After studying all of the different knives and sets that Chicago Cutlery makes. The best knife set is the Fusion 18 piece block set. This is one of their premium knife sets, but it is still coming in at a reasonable price, and with good care, this knife set should complete most home chefs’ needs if you are looking for a good knife set at a fair price. This is the one for you.

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List of Chicago Cutlery Knife Series:

Chicago Cutlery makes multiple lines of knife sets. Their products are chiefly targeted towards homeowners.


One of Chicago Cutlery knife’s more popular brands with over 1400 reviews and 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. This is a well-priced knife set that is a great start for any new homeowner.

Click here to buy this set 



This 14 piece set comes with a two-toned knife block set and non-stick coating. This is one of Chicago Cutlery’s entry priced items and to get this many knives for under 100 is a solid find. Plus, it has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. If you are looking for a unique-looking knife set at an excellent price, this is it.

Click here to buy this set 



Based on the reviews, this is a lesser purchased item but still has everything a home chef like you would need. The handles are soft grip, and the espresso stained woodblock would look at home on many countertops.

Click here to buy this set 



This 3-piece set includes a 7-3/4 inch chef, 4-1/2 inch utility, and 3-1/2 inch paring knives. If you want to see how good the Chicago Cutlery company knives are, this is a nice way to get in at a very low price point. They also have a series of 4 piece set of Damen steak knives for a similar price.  This sets Chef Knife is in our Best Chef Knife Under $50!

Click here to buy this set 



This 15 piece set is another lower-priced item but is reminiscent of a steak house vibe with the walnut wood grain-looking handles.

Click here to buy this set 




These knives use high-carbon stainless steel blades. Which helps them resist rust, stains, and pitting. They also have Chicago Cutlery’s exclusive 25-degree Taper Grind edge providing optimum sharpness.

Click here to buy this set 



As we make our way down the list, this knife set is the first one to grab my attention, I love the espresso-colored wood knife block, and the design of the knives is a much nicer aesthetic than previously mentioned models.

Click here to buy this set 



This is a nice balance of knives with everything a home cook would need. Plus, it has 8 steak knives which is a good amount to have when you are hosting an evening. The handles on the knives are beautiful, and the knives are made from high-carbon stainless steel.

Click here to buy this set 



While there is likely all the knives you need to get started, this one isn’t to my taste, but maybe it’s yours? Either way, we’re still friends.

Click here to buy this set 


This all stainless steel knife set is stunning. Add on that it has 8 steak knives an ebony-stained woodblock, and I’m hooked. If you can find this under $100, you have found a deal.

Click here to buy this set 



This full-tang stainless steel knife set includes an in-block sharpener that would have most people saying Yes! to this knife set.

Click here to buy this set 



Another beautiful-looking knife set at a fair and reasonable price.

Click here to buy this set 



I’m not a fan of lighter woods lately, but the full stainless steel of the knives paired with the lighter woodblock is a nice look. I may have to rethink my life choices…

Click here to buy this set 




This is a slightly more expensive version of some earlier knife sets, but you do get more with it. The extra steak knives, in block knife sharpener, and the triple rivets all show why this is a little bit more expensive than earlier blocks but is still very affordable.

Click here to buy this set 


Insignia Guided Grip 

This knife set has a “Patented Guided Grip design that naturally encourages pinch grip used by professional chefs. Contoured stainless-steel handles are sleek and contemporary, and fit comfortably in hand.”
This is one of Chicago Cutlery’s higher-end brands, but you can still find it for under $200 online. With a 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon, it is definitely one of the more beloved knife sets that Chicago Cutlery makes.

Click here to buy this set 



This is a nice-looking knife set that has everything you would need in your house. It’s functional and elegant, and would the woodblock would look at home on anyone’s countertop.

Click here to buy this set 



This is a very unique-looking set of knives, and the price demonstrates that over the previous models of knives we mentioned above. They use Japanese stainless steel blades for the knives and have a nice grip for better control and cutting.

Click here to buy this set 


Chicago Cutlery FAQ


What is Chicago Cutlery’s Warranty?

Chicago Cutlery knife sets have a lifetime warranty for items under normal household use, and they will replace or repair an item of equal or greater value.

To me, it shows that they are willing to stand up for the performance of their products, which is a huge plus.

Are Chicago Cutlery knives made in the USA?

No Chicago Cutlery knives are made in China.

Are Chicago Cutlery blades stamped or forged?

They use both stamped and forged processes for blades when it comes to making their knives. It depends on the model.

Are Chicago Cutlery knives dishwasher safe?

They are dishwasher safe; however, to best maintain any type of metal hand-washing and then immediately drying will prevent the knives from developing rust spots.

Where are Chicago Cutlery knives made?

The company manufactures and produces its knives in China.

What are Chicago Cutlery knives made of?

The blades of their knives are made from stainless steel. The handles are made from a variety of materials, and their wood blocks are made from different woods.


Final Thoughts on our Review of Chicago Cutlery Knives

For a brand that offers a lot of lower-priced options, this will be a good amount of selection, and the real challenge will end up being how much you are willing to spend to get a better quality knife set.  Personally, as we wrap up our Chicago Cutlery reviews there are many nice sets but I’m a fan of buying better quality knives (my Cutco knives are still sharp 15 years later, and I love them).

But if I was to buy a set of knives from this knife maker, I should go with the Fusion 18-piece set; it has everything you will need (including enough Chicago Cutlery steak knives) and a sharpener too.

Click here to buy this set 


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