Buying Your First House is Overwhelming

But It’s Easier When You Know How Much You Can Afford.

The Time Has Finally Arrived!


You’re want to buy your first house…

But you don’t know if you can actually food it.

Online calculators are telling you that you can spend a lot

But it doesn’t fell quite right does it?

You’re worried you’ll making a mistake.

Because buying a house is a BIG deal!

Here’s the BIG Problem:


Everyone else you know is buying a house without thinking.

But can you really trust the amounts the lenders are telling you? 

…And you’re expected to just trust these people?

Does that seem right to you?


You Need Someone In Your Corner You Can Trust

We're here to help you understand home buying.


Best part?

We don’t make a commission and we only want what is best for you.

We give you guides that help you build confidence with home buying.


(without all the stories from your parents that begin with “Back in our day…”)


We simplify things for you

We give you:

Easy to Use Budget Template

Video Tutorials and Walkthroughs

Peace of mind knowing you’ve done the prep work before you buy.

We’ve been where you are… and we want to help.

We know you’re getting advice from everyone you know and that you could use some impartial advice. 

We care that you buy the right home for you.

To us that means buying a house you love and can safely afford.

Our Helpful Guides are Easy to Use

(and full of Vitamin D)

Affording Your

First Home


affording first home guide and workbook
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This guide will walk you through your finances for your first home and help you get on track knowing how much of a place you can afford. 

Home Buying 


3 Modules


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These 3 modules cover what you need to know about buying your first home.

Module 1: Affording Your First Home will walk you through the finances of buying a house and what to look for.

Module 2:  Choosing Your Homebuying Team will help you discover what you should be asking realtors, lawyers and other professionals before you hire them.

Module 3: Buying Your First Home with Unshakeable Confidence Gives you what to look for in a house and gives you easy to use templates and worksheets to help you make home buying a lot more fun (yes fun!)




The Whole Enchilada

 All 4 Guides and 4 Workbooks



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Get the Home Buying Mastery Bundle and the Down Payment Accelerator Bundle for one low price. When you buy more you save BIG. 

Here’s what you get:

  • Down Payment Accelerator Guide and Workbook
  • Affording Your First Home Guide and Workbook
  • Choosing Your Homebuying Team Guide and Workbook
  • Buying Your First Home With Unshakeable Confidence Guide and Workbook


Home Buying Mastery in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1:

Find out how much money you need and what you can afford

The first guide focuses on you and your budget.

That way you can find out how much of a home you can afford without living on ramen.

Step 2:

Find the right people to help you find your house

Use the easy-to-use templates, forms and worksheets in the guides.

Find the right people, that can help you find the house that’s right for you.

Step 3:

Become a Millennial Homeowner

Get your offer accepted

Buy the house.

Move in.

Congratulations you bought a house

Some great questions you’re probably wondering

Will this help me find a more expensive home?

No, these guides are meant to help you find a home that you can safely afford. If you do want to be able to buy a more expensive house this will give you some tips on what you can do to get there. 

Can you find a house for me?

We would love to be best friends IRL, but our families wouldn’t be too happy if we never got to be home. 

Are the guides worth it?

Great question! Look at it like this, you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home. It will take you up to 30 years to pay off, don’t you think that’s worth the price of these guides?

You will literally pay that much in interest on your first day in the house. But it could save you thousands. 

What is your return policy

Because it’s in digital form, and you receive it immediately, we are unable to offer refunds. 

Will this work in my area?

Every housing sector is different, this one focuses on the US and the details surrounding buying a home. We don’t go into details about specific markets and is meant as an overall view to help any new home buyer get started with more confidence. 

How do I know I can trust you?

This is the first question you should ask us. We are strangers on the internet and that can raise some questions to say the least. But the truth is we want to help you find a house. Of course we also need to pay our bills so we put a price ( a small one) on these guides to help you. Whether you think it’s worth the price or not is up to you.

The truth is we’re the only ones in the whole home buying process who don’t care if you buy a more expensive house. Everyone (current owner, real estate agent, bank) all make more money with the more expensive house you spend. We don’t. We’ve priced our guides to help as many people as possible, because we’ve been where you are and we want to help.

Do I need both guides?

The first guide is all about figuring out how much home you can afford. It goes into your budget and helps you to start thinking about being a home owner. If you feel you already know how much you can afford without being house poor you should be ok without it. But most people get both as the guides refer to each other. 

Never Buy a House Without Knowing You Need These Things!

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